ACI & Sonera

ACI Worldwide, a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment solutions, announces a partnership agreement with Sonera SmartTrust, Ltd., a leading developer of infrastructure solutions designed to enable secure mobile e-services. Under the agreement, the two will jointly market and promote their software to telecom and financial institutions.

SmartTrust’s solutions enable secure m-commerce services. The solutions provide service and device management tools and allow consumers to store their digital identity on a mobile phone to generate binding digital signatures from their handsets–public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. As a result, the solutions help mobile operators and financial institutions respond to recent legislation in the U.S. and European Union that makes digital signatures as legally binding as written signatures. SmartTrust solutions allow consumers to authenticate purchases and transactions utilizing digital signature technology, while ACI solutions acquire those transactions and route them for authorization to complete purchases. Using the combined solutions, network operators and financial institutions can open new payment channels that give consumers the ability to initiate purchases and transactions on open networks such as the Internet and mobile networks without compromising security. With SmartTrust and ACI solutions in place, a network operator or financial institution can offer m-commerce services to mobile phone users. A consumer using such a service can initiate a payment or purchase via their mobile phone. SmartTrust software on the SIM card in the mobile phone will generate a financial transaction signed by the consumer’s private key and send the transaction to the network operator or financial institution. SmartTrust software at the receiving end will then validate the signature and pass the transaction to ACI software for authorization and payment. Once authorized, ACI software will generate a message that is sent back through the same security process to confirm completion of the purchase. The entire process is fast, secure and transparent to the consumer. “We are always on the lookout for products and partnerships that allow us to couple our strengths with those of other proven providers to offer more complete solutions,” said Jim Tomaney, marketing director of ACI Worldwide’s Europe/Middle East/Africa operation. “In this case, we are able to partner with a provider of solutions that we believe are critical to the future success of mobile e-services. SmartTrust’s expertise in deploying solutions for secure mobile e-services, coupled with ACI’s e-payments experience, supports our goal to help our customers adopt new economy technologies that expand their business opportunities.”

“The Global Partnership signed with ACI delivers strong expertise in the e-payments market, further promoting our efforts to build secure payment networks for transactions conducted in a mobile environment,” said Matti Heikkila, director of Finance Industry segment for Sonera SmartTrust Ltd. “Co-operation with specialized solution and channel partners to develop, offer and implement secure wireless solutions is one of the cornerstones of SmartTrust’s strategy. With every partnership we take a further step towards fulfilling the growing demand for mobile e-services and secure wireless transactions.”

About Smart Trust

SmartTrust is a leading developer of infrastructure solutions designed to enable secure mobile e-services. Through the development of solutions SmartTrust allows organizations within the mobile ecosystem to deliver mobile e-services that inspire confidence and convenience in the sharing and trading of online information, products and services.

By supporting multiple generations of networks and mobile devices, SmartTrust is able to offer the best end-user reach possible to 160 corporate customers and nearly 60 mobile operator customers. SmartTrust is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sonera Corporation (HEX:SRA, NASDAQ:SNRA), an international leader in mobile communications as well as mobile and Internet-based services and applications ([][1]). For more information, please visit [][2]

About ACI Worldwide

Every second of every day, consumers are initiating electronic payment transactions–getting cash at ATMs, using debit and credit cards to make purchases in stores and on the Internet, banking by phone and PC, paying bills online. Twenty billion times a year, ACI software is used to process these transactions, powering the world’s online payment systems. ACI was founded in 1975 and pioneered the development of applications and networking software for online transaction processing. Today more than 2,000 customers in 78 countries use ACI supplied software. Visit ACI Worldwide on the Internet at [][3].



Dialpad Card

Dialpad Communications, Inc., the market leader in IP telephony, now makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology with the recently announced Dialpad Prepaid Phone Card. By routing calls using IP telephony, Dialpad’s phone card allows customers to contact family and friends worldwide using any phone and pay long distance rates that are just a fraction of the per minute charges listed by traditional phone companies.

Dialpad recognizes that many Americans have an increased need to stay in touch with family and friends in countries of origin. Now, Dialpad is offering a low-cost alternative to an exorbitant long distance phone bill.

“Everyone has a strong interest in low cost-calling alternatives,” said Martina Ehlers, Senior Director and General Manager, Premium Products for Dialpad. “We are pleased that we can offer a solution to consumers with our prepaid phone card to help alleviate some of the expenses they incur contacting their family and friends outside of the United States.”

The Dialpad Prepaid Phone Card is available in increments of $10, $25 and $50, and costs just 6.7 cents per minute for calls within the U.S., with low cost international rates to telephones and mobile phones in over 200 countries. The card offers great value because there are no monthly fees, connection charges or minimum call lengths, just the same great low rates with every call. For example, when calling Mexico City, customers pay just 10 cents per minute, compared to listed rate charges of up to 39 cents per minute with other phone cards, and calls to Spain through Dialpad’s card are just 11 cents a minute compared to 80-92 cents with other cards. For a limited time, Dialpad is also giving up to a 20% bonus for first-time buyers.

Dialpad also offers Dialpad World, its international PC-to-phone calling service that enables customers to make calls from their PCs to standard telephones in over 200 countries and to mobile telephones in over 100 countries, for a fraction of the cost of traditional long distance calls. Consumers can purchase the Dialpad Prepaid Phone Card or Dialpad World by going to [][1].

About Dialpad Communications, Inc.

Dialpad Communications, Inc. is the leading global provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for carriers, businesses and consumers. Leveraging its patent-pending Vega technology, Dialpad enables any IP addressable device to become a phone. Dialpad licenses its platform VoIP technology to a number of partners to bring high quality, reliable and low-cost VoIP dial tone directly to the phones that businesses and consumers use today. Current partners include leading technology companies such as Cisco Systems, Genuity and Level 3, and investors include Serome Technology, Inc., CMGI @ Ventures, Sterling Payot, Mokwon Assets Management Co., LTD and Citizen’s Capital. The company is based in Santa Clara, CA and can be reached at 408/588-4688 or at [][2].



Hypercom EMV

Hypercom Corp. Thursday announced that its entire point-of-sale product line is now smart card capable and certified, and that its new ICE family of consumer-activated, tamper-resistant, touch-screen card payment terminals has been EMVCo certified.

“The movement toward smart cards is clearly accelerating. Card issuers, most notably Visa U.S.A. member banks taking advantage of the card association’s `smart Visa’ initiative, are planning large-scale rollouts of smart card-based credit and debit cards.

“In addition to the major card issuers, large national retailers like Target are embracing the technology, and to comply with new card association regulations, processors have begun upgrading their systems to support smart cards,” said George Wallner, chairman of the board and chief strategist, Hypercom Corp. “And Hypercom is proud to be a member of the Visa International Smart Partners 2000 program.” “The conversion to smart cards is being driven by the need to make e-commerce transactions secure, reduce fraud at the point-of-sale, and support new services such as loyalty,” Wallner said. “Furthermore, as U.S. consumers recognize the improved security inherent in smart card-based credit and debit cards, they will very soon demand the ability to use their new cards on the Web and at the point-of-sale in order to protect their transactions, their money and their identities.” “Hypercom’s unique global expertise with smart cards puts us in a very strong position to assist and support this migration,” Wallner stated. “We have been installing smart card systems around the world for over six years — and we now are focusing this expertise squarely on the U.S. market. Our entire family of card payment terminals — including all of our U.S. models — is now smart card capable. “This together with our experience substantially reduces the risks and costs associated with the deployment of a smart card-capable POS environment, which for some time has been cited as a major barrier to smart card adoption. There are more than 9 million terminals in the U.S. that need to be upgraded. There is much work to be done. We are ready to begin.”

Hypercom’s ICE terminals are EMVCo certified at both Level 1 and Level 2 layers. Indeed, Hypercom was the first supplier in the world to pass all of these complex EMVCo Level 2 tests. Hypercom has already rolled out several large smart card programs in Europe, Asia and Latin America. These include smart card-based credit, debit, stored value, loyalty, ticketing and e-coupon applications.

More recently, shipments of smart card-capable ICE terminals have started to accelerate in the United States, where savvy processors have begun preparing for the inevitable arrival of smart cards. Additionally, the company last year remotely upgraded its installed base of card payment terminals in the United Kingdom with the latest EMV-certified software applications.

This remote upgrade was done from Hypercom’s sophisticated and centrally located Term-Master Suite terminal management system — further demonstrating the company’s ability to keep terminals apace with evolving smart card standards — without having to upgrade hardware. Hypercom has also assisted the major acquirers in Brazil with their nationwide conversion to a smart card-based credit/debit card acceptance environment.

In addition to being smart card-ready, Hypercom’s high-performance, high security ICE card payment terminals are web-enabled and incorporate a standard HTML/HTTP web browser and multi-application open-standard operating system with firewalls.

“The issue of smart card adoption in the United States is no longer a question of `if,’ but rather a question of `when.’ The conversion to smart cards is mainly driven by the need for improved security and additional functionality.

“Just as importantly, however, there has been an overall simplification of smart card applications — namely the focus on credit and debit, as well as the decreasing cost of smart cards, and the increasing availability of cost effective smart card terminals,” Wallner said. “It is important to make smart card acceptance straightforward and simple, and we are doing just that.

“We want our customers, and the merchants using our products to know that we are a global leader in the implementation of smart card applications — including the very important EMV standards — and that we can assist them to make the transition to smart cards both smooth and risk free.”

About Hypercom ([][1])

Hypercom Corp. is the leading global provider of electronic payment solutions that add value at the point-of-sale for consumers, merchants and acquirers, and yield increased profitability for its customers.

Hypercom’s products include secure web-enabled transaction terminals that work seamlessly with its networking equipment and software applications for e-commerce, m-commerce, smart cards and traditional payment applications.

The company’s widely accepted ePOS-infocommerce(TM) (epic) framework of consumer-activated, EMV-certified, touch-screen ICE (Interactive Consumer Environment) terminals enable acquirers and merchants to decrease costs, increase revenues and improve customer retention. Headquartered in Phoenix, Hypercom is independently acknowledged as the leading provider of point-of-sale card payment terminals worldwide. Demand for Hypercom’s terminals surpassed 1 million units last year alone. Hypercom today maintains an installed base of more than 4 million terminals in over 100 countries which conduct over 10 billion transactions annually.



BankServ Check Services

Miami-based Insta-Check, the largest independently owned check guarantee company in the U.S., and San Francisco-based BankServ announced the formation of a new joint venture company, BankServ Check Services, Inc., with headquarters in Miami.

“The new firm will combine the world-class point-of-sale electronic check conversion technology that BankServ pioneered over the past five years with Insta-Check’s successful retail check guarantee and check collection services,” said Anil Gajwani, who is president and CEO of both Insta-Check and of the new firm, BankServ Check Services, Inc., in which Insta-Check holds the majority stake.

The two firms previously announced a strategic partnership to market their combined services on October 12, 2000. Insta-Check provides check guarantee services to about 30,000 U.S. retail companies. BankServ provides POS electronic check conversion services to customers of several major U.S. banks for one of the largest U.S. credit card associations. The firm also developed POS check conversion pilot programs for Price Chopper and Wakefern stores.

Gajwani further stated that the operations, technology development and support for BankServ Check Services, Inc. will continue from the San Francisco office, “with people who have been there and have been doing it, and have extensive expertise and talent in the ACH and conversion space.” Marketing and customer service for the new check services firm will be provided from offices in Miami, according to Gajwani.

“The developers who created and managed the automated clearing house processing systems for BankServ will continue to manage these systems for the new combined company,” confirmed Kvederis. “The new BankServ Check Services firm intends to provide a seamlessly integrated, complete electronic check services product line directly to retailers and to the financial institutions who have contracted with BankServ to provide these services to their customers.”

Kvederis added that San Francisco-based BankServ would continue as a provider of Internet payment services for Web-based businesses and of wire transfer services for financial firms.

Gajwani said he believes the point-of-sale market is ready for an integrated offering of check conversion with guarantee and verification, and RCK with collections capability and reporting solutions, that BankServ Check Services will be able to offer.

“BankServ’s unique digital imaging software — which converts checks into linked digital images and ACH-ready transaction code — has made an impression on large retailers around the U.S.,” said Gajwani. “Working together in this new joint venture, we believe Insta-Check and BankServ are uniquely positioned to help large retailers, lockbox operations and other firms that batch process ACH transactions to manage the rising tide of paper checks and reduce their overhead. We will combine our joint technologies with new low-cost point-of-sale hardware and excellent customer service to offer a unique set of services no one else can match.”

About BankServ

Founded in 1996, BankServ is one of the leading U.S. providers of payment solutions for financial services companies and online businesses. The company processes nearly $3 billion a day in wire transfers on behalf of more than 100 U.S. financial firms. BankServ is considered a market leader in straight-through online electronic payment solutions for Internet businesses. Its suite of payment services includes Internet checks, ACH funds transfers, direct online account funding for financial firms, Internet global wire transfers, online credit card processing and numerous authentication and security capabilities. BankServ is headquartered in San Francisco. More information about BankServ can be found online at .

About Insta-Check

Insta-Check, Inc., based in Miami, Fla., provides check guarantee services for more than 30,000 businesses in the U.S. Privately held, the company was founded in 1978 by president and CEO Anil Gajwani. It has been the fastest growing check guarantee company in the U.S. during the last five years, and is the largest independently owned check guarantee company in the country. Insta-Check’s senior management team represents more than 75 years of experience in the check guarantee business. The company prides itself for its position as an innovator in providing leading-edge and customized solutions to the merchant community. More information about Insta-Check can be found online at .



Affiliated Computer Services has signed a deal to acquire the Business Process Outsourcing services unit of National Processing Company. NPC’s BPO services unit represents approximately 65% of NPC’s Corporate Outsourcing Solutions division or approximately $60 million in annual revenue, and is comprised of healthcare claim processing, credit card application processing and airline lift ticket processing. As part of the transaction, ACS will acquire all of NPC’s offshore operations in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Barbados and approximately 75% of NPC’s Mexican operations. The transaction, valued at $43 million cash, is expected to close by the end of this month.


PULSE Milestone

PULSE EFT Association has crowned the network’s 20th Anniversary by processing its 3 billionth electronic funds transaction and recent acquisitions that have created a national electronic payments system that stretches from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. As part of a strategic growth plan mapped by its Board of Directors in 2000, PULSE already has carried out one network acquisition and is working on a second one. Earlier this year, it acquired OH-based Money Station, and it recently announced an agreement to merge with the Wisconsin-based pioneer network TYME. On June 24, PULSE processed its 3 billionth transaction, just 24 months after its 2 billionth transaction. It took the network 15 years to reach the 1 billion mark. In 1980, seven of the largest bank holding companies in Texas came together to create a shared system. To facilitate the creation of PULSE, the founding members tendered a $75,000 non-interest bearing loan to the program.


TU Analytic

TransUnion has introduced two new analytic products for online credit decisioning and collections scoring. ‘TransUnion Links’ streamlines the use of credit bureau based scoring systems while ‘TransRecovery’ is the latest addition to TU’s product offerings of risk and collection tools. ‘TransUnion Links’ permits lenders to automatically coordinate their use of multiple credit scoring systems to improve risk assessment and gain processing efficiencies. With ‘TransUnion Links’, credit grantors can incorporate their own sophisticated screening logic, cascading applicants through a series of customized credit score screens. ‘TransRecovery’ is a new model developed by TransUnion to predict the likelihood of collecting $50 or more from severely delinquent accounts within 12 months of scoring. Based upon information within a consumer’s credit file ‘TransRecovery’ scores more credit files returning a reliable score even when a credit file contains minimal or `stale’ credit information.


Avis Into Upromise

Avis Rent A Car, Inc. announced it will contribute five percent of rental charges into college savings accounts with tax advantages for Avis customers who enroll in Upromise, the company that makes college more affordable.

Avis is the only car rental company affiliated with the Upromise network. “A college education is one of the most important promises we make to our children,” said F. Robert Salerno, president and chief operating officer of Avis. “We view our five percent contributions towards college education as an investment in the future as well as another way we seek to customize our service. Now, renting from Avis becomes a way to save for college.”

Avis customers may enroll in Upromise by going to the Upromise Web site, Once enrolled, Avis renters can receive a five percent rebate on all qualifying rentals, made through a special Avis/Upromise discount number and using one of their designated credit cards. These customers will receive a contribution in their Upromise account approximately 45 days after the completion of each rental, as well as other great rates and discount opportunities.

“Avis has made an important commitment to its customers in helping them realize their dream of a college education for their children,” said June Blocklin, president of partner services, Upromise. “Together with Avis, we will change the way America’s families save for college.”

The five percent contribution is based upon rental charges before taxes, fuel, insurance charges, discounts, or other incidental charges. Avis contributions are available on all classes of Avis cars. All U.S. residents who rent from Avis in the United States or Canada are eligible to take advantage of Upromise, but the program is not applicable to customers residing elsewhere in the world.

To be eligible for Upromise contributions from Avis, reservations must be made directly through Avis, either on the company’s Web Site, or through the toll-free reservation number, 1-800-331-1212. Also, customers using the Upromise discount cannot receive a rebate on any other rate, including any corporate affiliation.

Hundreds of top companies in various consumer segments now participate in Upromise, all contributing a portion of their customers’ spending to their Upromise accounts. Avis’ parent company, Cendant Corporation, already participates in Upromise through its CENTURY 21(R), COLDWELL BANKER(R) and ERA(R) real estate brands.

Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. and its subsidiaries operate the world’s second largest general-use car rental business, providing business and leisure customers with a wide range of services at more than 1,650 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Latin/American Caribbean region. Avis is recognized as one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty and as the industry leader in applying new technologies to grow its business. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cendant Corporation (NYSE: CD), a diversified global provider of business and consumer services primarily within the real estate and travel sectors.

For additional information and news about Avis, please log onto the Avis Web Site at .

To enroll in the free Upromise service, please visit . Brokerage services are provided through Upromise Investments, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Upromise, Inc. and member NASD/SIPC.



Hong Kong’s Legislative Council gave the green light Thursday to The Bank of China Group’s Hong Kong expedited mergers which includes BOC Credit Card International. If all goes according to plan, Bank of China should complete its merger of ten affiliate banks, and affiliates in Hong Kong and Macau by the end of this year. The bank wants to merge its Hong Kong bank with nine of its eleven Hong Kong banking subsidiaries while Nanyang Commercial Bank, Chiyu Banking Corp, and BOC Credit Card-International will become subsidiaries of The Bank of China Group.


MBNA 2Q/01

The nation’ second largest bank credit card issuer reported this morning it added 2.2 million accounts or 2.6 million new cardholders during the second quarter, a 12% decline from new account activity generated during the first three months of 2001. Last year, MBNA signed up 3.4 million new customers, representing 2.6 million new accounts during the second quarter. Meanwhile delinquency and charge-offs were sharply higher than last year. Delinquency (30+ days) on total managed loans stood at 4.57% at mid-year compared to 4.44% for 2Q/00. Managed loan losses for the first six months of 2001 were 4.59% compared to 4.01% for the first half of 2000. However MBNA’s net interest margin soared to 8.33% for the second quarter compared to 7.12% one year ago. Total managed loans at June 30, were $90.4 billion, a $2.5 billion increase over first quarter 2001 and a $14.1 billion increase over second quarter 2000. During the quarter MBNA signed up 106 new affinity programs compared to 113 programs for 2Q/00. The company also renewed 270 group contracts during the second quarter. Charge volume for 2Q/01 was $35.3 billion compared to $31.1 billion for second quarter 2000. For complete details on MBNA’s second quarter performance and past performance visit CardData ([][1]).



Concord Synapse

U. S. Wireless Data, Inc., a leader in wireless transaction processing today announced an agreement in which Concord EFS, Inc., a leading payment processor, will market USWD’s Synapse wireless payment services for point of sale and ATM processing.

Concord, which processes transactions for more than 300,000 merchant locations and drives over 48,000 ATMs nationwide, will offer Synapse-enabled wireless transaction services through its direct and ISO sales channels. In addition, Concord will use U.S. Wireless Data’s proprietary technology to convert current dial-up devices, including traditional credit card terminals and ATM’s, to the speed and cost-savings of wireless technology.

“Our goal at Concord is to meet the current and anticipated needs of our retailers and resellers while looking to emerging technologies,” said Steve Lynch, Chief Information Officer at Concord. “With Synapse, we will be able to enhance our turn-key payment solution with a wireless alternative that is fast, reliable, and state-of-the-art.”

“Concord is a great business partner and one of the driving forces in delivering emerging solutions to the transaction processing industry. We are proud of Concord’s endorsement of our technology for both point of sale and ATM processing,” said Dean M. Leavitt, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Wireless Data.


U.S. Wireless Data, Inc. ([][1]), founded in 1991, markets Synapse(SM), its proprietary technology for wireless point of sale (POS) and ATM transactions. By providing a seamless interface among all parties including terminal manufacturers, wireless carriers, and payment processors, Synapse enables payment card and ATM transactions to be processed extremely fast, without the cost and inconvenience of a telephone line. Synapse’s Internet-based tools offer on-line, real-time transaction monitoring, remote diagnostics and automated terminal activation. NXT, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, provides landline transaction and data transport solutions to the transaction industry, and processes more than 500 million transactions each year. U.S. Wireless Data is headquartered in New York City.


Concord EFS, Inc. is a leading, vertically-integrated electronic transaction processor, providing transaction authorization, data capture, settlement and funds transfer services to financial institutions, supermarkets, petroleum retailers, convenience stores, and other independent retailers. Concord’s primary activities include Network Services, providing ATM driving, online and signature debit card processing, and network access to the financial services industry under the STAR(SM), MAC(R), and Cash Station(R) brands; and Payment Services, providing credit, debit, check authorization, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) processing services to selected retail segments. Concord news releases, links to SEC filings, and other information are available on its corporate web site at [][2].



DataNavigator in DPS

eFunds Corporation , a leading provider of electronic payment, risk management, and related professional services, announced an agreement to license its DataNavigator software to Visa U.S.A.’s Debit Processing Service. As part of the agreement, Visa DPS will also add its fifth copy of eFunds’ award-winning CONNEX Advantage software to enable DPS to accommodate its expected growth in debit processing transaction volume.

“DataNavigator and CONNEX represent a powerful combination that puts Visa DPS at the forefront of debit processing technology,” said Jerry Lester, president of eFunds’ Financial Institutions and Networks division. “Visa DPS has positioned itself to be a significant provider of reliable processing services featuring eFunds’ 99.99 percent availability, great scalability, state-of-the-art settlement plus increased customer support and service.”

DataNavigator is user-friendly software that helps financial services companies, retailers, processors and networks manage their increasing volume of electronic funds transfer transactions coming from automated teller machines (ATMs), point-of-sale devices and Internet transactions. DataNavigator enables real-time EFT data management and customer support. It helps cut costs and increase network member satisfaction by speeding up settlement and reporting, streamlining transaction research and automating exceptions management. DataNavigator also features continuous settlement, which replaces batch processing for settlement of debit transactions at end of day.

CONNEX features continuous processing, available as an optional service that enables eFunds’ EFT network customers to distribute transaction workloads across multiple sites or “nodes.” Continuous processing provides non- interrupted service while one node is taken down, usually for scheduled maintenance. eFunds is the only processor providing a continuous EFT availability option, which can save its customers the cost of implementing more expensive back-up systems.

“eFunds’ software helps Visa DPS be an integral part of Visa’s integrated debit strategy and enables Visa to fully support its member financial institutions’ back-office needs for debit processing,” said Kevin Schultz, executive vice president, Visa U.S.A. “Given the growth of the debit card category, Visa DPS enhances Visa’s total commitment to debit as a platform for the future of the payment industry.”

DataNavigator has five components:

— Transaction Research – DataNavigator provides a single online access point to all transaction details on any EFT platform. It allows the user to see all information about any transaction within minutes after it has taken place.

— Continuous Settlement – DataNavigator replaces batch processing for settlement. By providing continuous settlement, DataNavigator eliminates the end-of-day crunch and provides almost immediate final settlement at the end of day. More accurate and timely information translates into better customer service.

— Report Writer – DataNavigator streamlines report production by providing fast access to transaction information and allowing the user to create reports based on specific criteria. The online and near real-time access to transaction data is available 24 hours a day, so reports can be generated whenever they’re needed — not just during overnight hours.

— Exceptions Management – DataNavigator makes exceptions management virtually routine. With online and near real-time access to data, transaction queries can be made minutes after processing. This supports better customer service with faster dispute resolution.

— Device Management – DataNavigator can help make every ATM more profitable through features such as device inquiry, cash manager, cash forecaster, courier manager, auto balance, deposit verification and profit manager.

eFunds has been a provider of software to Visa for five years and is a two-time winner of the Visa Service Quality Performance Award. eFunds’ CONNEX software is used around the world to process billions of transactions each year and has received the International Tandem Users Group award five of the last six years.

About eFunds

eFunds delivers innovative, reliable and cost-effective technology solutions to meet its customers’ payment and risk management, e-commerce and business process improvement needs. eFunds provides its services to financial institutions, financial services companies, electronic funds networks, retailers, government agencies, e-commerce providers and other companies around the world. For more information, visit .

About Visa DPS

As an integral part of Visa’s debit strategy, Visa DPS enables Member financial institutions to access superior, customized processing services; including: state of the art check card processing services, ATM terminal driving, gateways to regional and national networks, comprehensive fraud detection and call center services, as well as single-point connectivity for Visa deposit access products and new Visa initiatives, including Visa Buxx, Visa POS Check, and Visa ePay. The industry’s premier debit processor, Visa DPS provides processing support for one-fourth of all Visa check cards and for four of the top five Visa check card issuers. Additional information can be found at .

About Visa U.S.A.

Visa is the world’s leading payment brand and largest payment system, enabling banks to provide their consumer and merchant customers with the best way to pay and be paid. More than 14,000 U.S. financial institutions rely on Visa’s processing system, VisaNet, to facilitate over $810 billion in annual transaction volume-including more than half of all Internet payments-with virtual 100 percent reliability. U.S. consumers carry more than 353 million Visa-branded smart, credit, commercial, stored value and check cards, accepted at approximately 22 million locations worldwide. Visa has long led the industry in developing payment security standards, and has been named the most trusted payment brand online. Visa’s people, partnerships, brand and payment technology are helping create universal commerce — the ability to safely conduct transactions anytime, anywhere and by any device. Please visit for additional information.