Gemplus and SLP InfoWare announced yesterday their joint development of SIM card-based CRM applications. The technology extends SLP InfoWare’s ‘P-CRM’ platform to the SIM card whereby subscriber profiles are captured in real time on the mobile device. As thresholds are reached, the ‘P-CRM’ application sends alerts over the air to the operator, triggering the selection of an optimized offer to be sent back to the SIM card and displayed on the mobile device. Inherent within this framework is the ability for the user to deactivate the service. SLP InfoWare’s ‘P-CRM’ solution also uses real-time subscriber data to proactively identify end-users likely to churn, or opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell, then promotes targeted offers that have a high propensity to be accepted.


Credit Store I-Access

InteliData Technologies Corp. announced that The Credit Store has selected InteliData Card Solutions to support its family of consumer-specific credit card products. The Credit Store, which provides credit cards to consumers who may otherwise fail to qualify for a traditional unsecured bank credit card, is implementing Card Solutions’ Internet Self Service product. With the Internet Self Service product, The Credit Store cardholders will be able to securely view account data, track current and previous account activity, and sort account activity over the Internet. This deal is structured on a transaction-based, recurring revenue stream, further enhancing the rapidly expanding Card Solutions division of InteliData.

Using InteliData’s Card Solutions, The Credit Store will be able to quickly and efficiently implement a completely branded, secure and cost effective solution, providing their cardholders with the technology to review, maintain and manage their accounts using the Internet. The modular structure of the Internet Self Service product also allows card issuers to choose the functionality they want and to easily add on services as needed. Additional services available with the Card Solutions(TM) Internet Self Service product include secure communication with a customer service representative, and the ability to make payments, activate cards and change account profiles online in a real-time environment.

“The credit card industry is constantly changing, and a company like ours needs to provide marketable products in the form of competitive rates, attractive product features and economical servicing capabilities,” said Kevin T. Riordan, President and CEO of The Credit Store. “InteliData Card Solutions gives us this ability, and the product offers the quick time to market and flexibility we need to change as the market changes.”

“By implementing InteliData’s secure, cost effective Internet solutions, The Credit Store will be able to reduce expenses and increase cardholder satisfaction,” said Charles A. White, Vice Chairman of InteliData. “Not only will The Credit Store abate its reliance on traditional customer service processes like call centers, but it will offer customers increased control over managing their credit card accounts.”

About InteliData

InteliData provides Internet banking and Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) technology and services to banks, credit unions, and financial institution processors. InteliData’s EBPP products offer banks and other financial institutions an end-to-end solution for creating e-bills for billers, distributing e-bills and e-payments through multiple delivery channels, delivering e-bills to consumers, and enabling payment of bills through multiple payment processors utilizing the OFX and IFX messaging standards. InteliData’s Internet banking products provide large financial institutions throughout the U.S. with unsurpassed scalability, flexibility and security. InteliData’s Card Solutions(TM) is an innovative program for credit card issuers that enables Internet account management. For more information about InteliData, visit the company’s Web site at [][1] .

About The Credit Store

The Credit Store is a credit card company that offers creditworthy consumers a chance to return to the financial mainstream. It seeks motivated customers who understand and value the advantages of solid credit, but may have lost access to unsecured credit through short-term difficulties, such as illness or job loss. The company obtains customers by acquiring portfolios of non-performing consumer accounts from banks and finance companies. Using sophisticated technology, The Credit Store identifies customers who meet underwriting criteria, providing them with a unique opportunity to settle their accounts by transferring balances onto The Credit Store Visa and MasterCard products. For additional information, please visit [][2].



WU Cash Card

FDC’s Western Union and Metris have teamed to offer co-branded MasterCards. Under terms of yesterday’s five-year agreement, the two companies will promote and distribute the ‘Western Union MasterCard’ cards to 20 million consumers beginning in the second quarter. Card applications will also be available at participating Western Union agent locations throughout the USA and on the company’s Web site, later this year.



First Data Corp confirmed Wednesday it has acquired a majority equity interest in TASQ Technology. Under this agreement, FDC will combine TASQ with First Data Merchant Services’ POS deployment operations. TASQ’s current senior management team will oversee the operations of the new entity that will be headquartered in Sacramento, CA, and will retain the TASQ name. Ron Chaisson is the founder and CEO of TASQ. The deal should close by the end of March. The new combined entity will provide POS enablement services through geographically dispersed service centers on both the east and west coasts. Revenues for TASQ in 2000 were approximately $92 million.


Hart at Orbiscom

Orbiscom Inc., the leading provider of Controlled Payment Number technology, announces the appointment of Alex W. “Pete” Hart to the Orbiscom Advisory Board.

Mr. Hart will work with Orbiscom’s management team to help meet the company’s corporate objectives and ensure it’s continued market leadership. Formerly, Mr. Hart was President and Chief Executive Officer of MasterCard International.

“Pete brings a priceless level of expertise and guidance to our team,” said Ray Sheridan, Orbiscom’s chief operating officer. “His keen insight will prove invaluable in ensuring Orbiscom’s continued success and proven market leadership.”

Mr. Hart is a financial services veteran with more than 30 years of banking and technology services experience. He serves on the Board of Directors of HNC Software, Sanchez Computer Associates, Destiny Solutions, Ethentica Inc and Global Payments Inc and is an advisor to the Internet Capital Group. Currently, he is engaged in a number of new technology ventures including eHarmony,, Qpass, Solspark and Zone28. As such, his present focus is the Internet and e-commerce, and their impact on the consumer banking industry, with a specialization in emerging payment and distribution systems.

“My acceptance of this position is a clear indication of my enthusiasm for Controlled Payment Number technology, “said Pete Hart. “I was attracted to Orbiscom as they are the only secure payment company currently supporting live implementations of Controlled Payment Number technology and as such have proven their stability, ingenuity and market leadership.”

Most recently, Mr. Hart served as the chief executive officer of Advanta Corporation, a diversified financial services company. Prior to Advanta, Mr. Hart was president and chief executive officer of MasterCard International from 1988 to 1994. Concurrently, he also served as Chairman of the Board of Maestro International, the worldwide debit system, and he was a member of the board of Europay International.

Before joining MasterCard, Mr. Hart spent 10 years at First Interstate Bancorp. While there, he became the founding Chairman of the Board of the CIRRUS System, the global network of shared automated teller machines now owned by MasterCard International.

About Orbiscom Inc.

Orbiscom Incorporated ([][1]) is a software technology service provider that is setting a new standard for controlled, protected on-line payments. The Orbiscom technology, O-power, enables consumers to generate a Controlled Payment Number (CPN) with an established dollar limit valid for all on-line purchases. O-power is compatible with all current payment initiatives – credit, debit, checks – and allows consumers to shop at any e-tailer with confidence. Orbiscom, as the first to develop and successfully implement a Controlled Payment Number Technology, has installed O-power in the United States with MBNA and Discover and in Ireland with Allied Irish Bank. Founded in 1998, Orbiscom Incorporated is headquartered in New York with a development center in Dublin, Ireland, and operation centers in London, Brussels, Sydney and Toronto.



Utility I-Payments

Dallas-based BillMatrix Corp. and the STAR network have launched a full-scale pilot to test the processing of utility bill payments made over the Internet. The pilot test represents the first time the convenience of using an ATM/debit card to pay utility bills has been extended to the Internet. Arizona Public Service is the first utility customer providing this convenience to its customers through this pilot, which is expected to be expanded to customers of other utilities in the West later this year. From a participating utility company’s Web site, a customer chooses the online bill payment function, and selects the STAR debit option to make a payment. BillMatrix then routes the transaction to STAR for processing and settlement. The STAR pilot test is an extension of the telephone payment services offered by BillMatrix to utilities and processed by STAR for the past three years.


HFT 117 Terminals

Hypercom announced that Sweden’s nationalized pharmacy chain, Apoteket, has purchased 3600 Hypercom ‘HFT 117’ card payment terminals to be installed throughout this country. The new devices allow consumers for the first time to pay for medical supplies using either their credit or debit cards. Hypercom’s ‘HFT 117’ is a combined POS terminal and PIN pad. Designed for cardholder operation, it addresses the consumer’s increasing desire to control handling of their payment card. Customers can enter their PIN numbers to verify transactions. Accepting all local and international credit and debit cards, the HFT 117 connects to in-store cash register systems, allowing transaction details to be sent automatically to the payment terminal and eliminating dual keying of details. Apoteket controls, distributes and sells medicine and drugs through 900 shops all over Sweden, serving 60 million customers, and generating revenues of US$2.6 billion.


VeriSign Wireless

VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of Internet trust services, announced the introduction of a new range of Wireless Payment Services, allowing mobile users, merchants, carriers, financial institutions and enterprises to conduct payment transactions over the wireless Internet. VeriSign’s new Wireless Payment Services include a managed payment gateway for WAP servers; network-based profile management to simplify the user purchase experience and facilitate authenticated payments; and wireless point-of-sale solutions which transform a wireless handset into a virtual payment terminal.

“Advances in mobile commerce provide merchants and enterprises with the ability to deliver high-value services to their customers in an ‘anytime, anywhere’ manner,” said Stratton Sclavos, President and CEO of VeriSign. “Now, the 15,000 merchants, buyers and suppliers currently using our “wired” Internet payment services-along with new customers looking to payment-enable their mobile sales forces-will be able to leverage our utility-like infrastructure to process transactions seamlessly over mobile networks.”

VeriSign’s new Wireless Payment Services leverage a highly scalable and reliable Internet payment platform and connect into every major payment network, providing the ability to process a wide variety of payment types, including credit, debit and purchase cards, Internet checks, and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions over mobile networks. The new services include:

— Managed Wireless Payments Gateway — allowing online merchants to process payments from a WAP server in the same manner as from a Web server through the wireless version of VeriSign’s Payflow Pro software development tool kit (SDK). Payflow Pro will be extended to provide wireless markup language (WML) integration. The Managed Wireless Payments gateway will provide retail merchants, portals and content providers with a payment service that seamlessly transfers payment details securely from wireless devices through to the payment processor for settlement;

— Network-based Profile Management — enabling end users to manage their account and payment details, including name, bill-to address, ship-to address, payment types, account numbers, and other personalized attributes — all securely stored by VeriSign on behalf of a wireless operator, merchant, service provider, or individual user. The profile management solution can also be tied to merchants’ existing account management solutions. Both deployment models allow users to make purchases without having to re-enter personal information onto small mobile keypads and also utilize digital certificates and digital signatures for secure and trusted wireless transactions. VeriSign’s Network-based Profile Management service will be available via a fully managed outsourced solution for a wireless operator, merchant, service provider, or individual user, enabling them to leverage VeriSign’s highly scalable, robust and fully-redundant secure databases. VeriSign will provide an XML-based application programming interface (API) to integrate with these services; and

— Wireless Point of Sale (WPOS) services — transforming handsets carried by mobile sales forces, delivery persons and other field personnel into virtual payment terminals. These services will enable virtually any service-oriented company to equip their employees or representatives to accept payment when and where they deliver a service. For example, with a WAP-enabled terminal in hand, a repair person can submit a customer’s payment information for authorization right from the customer’s home, providing convenience for the customer and greater operating efficiencies and profit for the repair company.

Capitalizing on the company’s Internet-based payment infrastructure, VeriSign’s new Wireless Payment services enable merchants to leverage their existing bank and processor relationships, user account management procedures and electronic check processing, thus extending their reach into wireless commerce. VeriSign connects to all major processing networks including First Data (FDMS), Nova, Vital, EDS, Paymentech and Telecheck and has a direct connection in to American Express. In fact, 15,000 merchants, buyers and suppliers use VeriSign to process credit cards and online checks today and will now be able to leverage the wireless version to process transactions seamlessly over mobile networks.

Other key benefits of VeriSign’s Wireless Payment Services will include:

— Unlimited credit card and Internet check transactions;

— The ability to accept multiple payment types including credit cards, purchase cards, debit cards, ACH, and Internet checks;

— Connectivity with more payment processors than any other solution in the industry;

— Real-time credit card and check authorization in less than 3 seconds;

— Easy installation and integration, requiring no complicated code or configuration;

— A high-security, fully redundant, data center;

— Customizable back office reporting tools for efficiently managing and tracking online payments; and

— Customer service 24 hours a day, every day.

Pricing and Availability

VeriSign’s Wireless Payflow Pro software development kit (SDK) for merchants will be available in Q2, 2001 and will be priced based on monthly transaction volumes. VeriSign’s Wireless point-of-sale solutions will be available in Q2, 2001 on a subscription basis for enterprises. Pilots of the profile management solutions begin in Q2, 2001.

About VeriSign

VeriSign, Inc. is the leading provider of trusted infrastructure services to Web sites, enterprises, electronic commerce service providers and individuals. The Company’s domain name, digital certificate and payment services provide the critical web identity, authentication and transaction infrastructure that online businesses require to conduct secure e-commerce and communications. VeriSign’s services are available through its website ([][1]) or through its direct sales force and reseller partners around the world.



FDC Japan

First Data Corp has formed Nihon Card Processing Co. Ltd., the first company in Japan to provide third-party credit card processing outsourcing services to the world’s second largest credit card market. The new company was formed by First Data and its joint venture partners, NTT DATA, DC Card, the fourth largest bankcard issuer and acquirer in Japan and an affiliate of the Mitsubishi-Bank of Tokyo; and Diamond Computer Service Co. Nihon’s first customer, DC Card, has a credit card portfolio of more than 8 million VISA and MasterCard credit cards and initially provided the processing infrastructure for the joint venture. The Nihon Card Processing platform will use First Data’s U.S. credit card processing expertise, and the credit card processing systems and information systems developed by DC Card and DCS combined with NTT Data’s information technology.



MasterCard has formed an alliance with MobileWay to develop and market an authentication scheme that will verify cardholders to merchants and confirm transactions using their wireless devices. MasterCard and MobileWay also intend to collaborate on development projects to ensure interoperability between MasterCard’s electronic payment systems and MobileWay’s global data network hub. Both firms also plan to develop next-generation m-commerce technologies. The alliance also includes cooperation on a number of key initiatives with the intent to leverage MasterCard’s global payment system and MobileWay’s global network by building upon the efforts of the Global Mobile Commerce Interoperability Group.


Proton Prisma

The multi-application ‘Proton R4’ smart card is out of the bag and it is ‘Proton Prisma’. Proton World unveiled the new line of smart cards yesterday and also announced that Gemplus will supply the first ‘Proton Prisma’ cards. The new Gemplus card is called ‘GemProton Prisma’. It uses JavaCard technology and is the first smart card to integrate CALC (Card Application & Life Cycle manager) which allows issuers to manage multiple applications on a card, support mass personalization, and dynamically download applications as well as support multi-vendor card sourcing. It will also enable issuers in the banking sector to migrate to the new global standards such as EMV and CEPS which will enable international interoperability. The first batch of ‘GemProton Prisma’ cards will be supplied to Banksys in Belgium and Interpay in the Netherlands for use in the pilot implementation of internationally-interoperable CEPS-compliant e-purses in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain. In the six years since the launch of the first Proton e-purse smart cards in Belgium, the product has been sold to licensees in 25 countries who have issued over 34.5 million cards that have been used to perform over 226 million purchase transactions.


Juniper Tax Access

Juniper Bank ( an online and wireless consumer financial services company and division of Columbus Bank and Trust Company, announced that it has partnered with the world’s leader in tax preparation, H&R Block, to help take the hassle out of this year’s tax preparation process.

Starting today through April 15, Juniper customers and visitors can access H&R Block’s easy-to-use online tax preparation products and services, and a wide range of up-to-date information and tools, from a co-branded Website hosted by Juniper. H&R Block’s new online tax services provide innovative, comprehensive choices for all taxpayers, eliminating the guesswork and stress from tax preparation no matter how complex the return.

‘H&R Block is a brand that consumers know and trust, and their decades of experience in tax preparation makes them the leader in their field,’ said Jim Stewart, president of Juniper Financial Corporation. ‘H&R Block’s services simplify the often daunting task of tax preparation, and they perfectly complement Juniper’s mission to make our customers’ financial lives easier.’

Juniper customers and visitors will have access to the following H&R Block tax products and services:

· Online Tax Program A straightforward, secure, do-it-yourself online tax preparation and filing program for U.S. federal and state tax returns. The Online Tax Program performs calculations automatically, checks for errors, identifies deductions and fills out all of the appropriate IRS approved forms. (Cost: $19.95; includes electronic filing fee and one resident state return)

· TaxCut® Deluxe H&R Block’s award winning tax preparation software is now available for download from the Juniper site. TaxCut Deluxe includes multimedia tax help videos and imports data directly from many popular financial planning software packages. (Cost: $19.95; includes electronic filing fee and one resident state return)

· Professional Review Users who prepare their taxes online can have them reviewed by an H&R Block tax specialist prior to filing. H&R Block will review the return for missing information, errors and IRS ‘red flags.’ (Cost: 29.95; includes review of federal and resident state returns, and H&R Block’s error-free guarantee)

· Professional Tax Service A comprehensive review and filing service that allows users to have their taxes prepared online by an H&R Block specialist from the comforts of home. Users need only submit their tax information, answer simple questions, and an H&R Block specialist prepares the return. Once the return is complete, H&R Block will sign and submit the return.

In addition, Juniper customers will have a wide array of tax content available to them including tax tips, calculators, calendars, message boards and selected state tax information.

About H&R Block

H&R Block Inc. is a diversified company with subsidiaries providing a wide range of financial products and services. This year, H&R Block served 19.2 million taxpayers more than any other company – through its more than 10,000 offices located primarily in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. H&R Block served another 1.8 million tax clients through its award-winning software program, Kiplinger TaxCut®, and through its new online tax preparation services. H&R Block Financial Advisors member NYSE, SIPC, offers investment services and securities products. H&R Block Mortgage Corporation and Option One Mortgage Corporation offer a full range of home mortgage products. RSM McGladrey Inc. is a national accounting, tax and consulting firm with 100 offices nationwide, as well as an affiliation with 550 offices in 75 countries as the U.S. member of RSM International. Quarterly results and other information are available on the company’s Web site at [][1].

About Juniper Bank

Juniper Financial Corporation, a privately held company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, operates Juniper Bank as a division of Columbus Bank and Trust Company of Columbus, Georgia. With the aim of creating a bank that empowers consumers with greater flexibility and control over their finances, Juniper offers a wide array of financial products and services and the ability for consumers to access account information, transfer funds and pay bills via the Internet, phone or wireless devices. The company has received more than $114 million in funding from such investors as Benchmark Capital, J&W Seligman, Sonera Corporation, Total Technology Ventures, Aether Systems, Fifth Third Bancorp and others. Additional information about the company, its products and services, and employment opportunities can be found online at [][2] or send email to