Delta Air Lines and Corp
Banca introduced the Delta SkyMiles Corp Banca Visa Card last month in
Chile. The credit card, which is available in Classic and Gold levels, will
feature a variety of ways to earn mileage and will include many additional in-
country cardmember services.

All SkyMiles members and international travelers residing in Chile may
apply for the card. There is no application fee and the annual fee is waived
for the first year.

Card membership features a 5,000-mile bonus upon activation for the Gold
Card and a 2,000-mile bonus upon activation of the Classic Card. Cardmembers
will earn one mile for the equivalent of each U.S. dollar spent both in Chile
and abroad. Additionally, a 6,000-mile bonus is offered for both levels after
the cardmember reaches a spending threshold of $6,000 in the first year.
“Delta, Corp Banca and Visa are strong brands that have combined to
provide expanded benefits and service to SkyMiles members in Chile,” said
Christine Pierce, Delta’s director of Relationship Marketing.

Additionally, Continental Corp Banca cardholders are invited to enjoy the
benefits of the Delta Corp Banca SkyMiles card. Upon card activation, Delta
will credit accounts with SkyMiles equivalent to the total OnePass miles
earned through card spending.

“Visa International is excited about this newest Delta co-branded card
product, ” said Tom Shepard, executive vice president, Global Marketing
Partnerships and Sponsorships, Visa International. “Delta is an important
airline partner with an expanding route network to Latin America. This
partnership will continue to grow internationally with more program launches
through 2001.”

This SkyMiles Corp Banca Visa Card is the first Delta co-branded credit
card offered in Latin America and the second card offered outside of the
United States. The SkyMiles Asahi Visa Card was launched in Japan last year.
Delta will continue to launch a series of credit cards in countries within its
international route system in 2001.

SkyMiles members may apply for the card at
http// or by calling
800 22 00 22 toll-free in Chile.

Corp Banca is part of CORP GROUP, an international financial holding
company founded by Chilean entrepreneurs to make investments in the Latin
American banking and financial sectors. Corp Banca aims at providing its
customers with the best financial products and excellent customer service. In
the past two years, Corp Banca has expanded its branch network from 52 to 128
branches and has relaunched mortgage and insurance businesses. Chilean
customers recognize Corp Banca as a leader in innovation. It brought the
first financial in-store branches to supermarkets in Chile, introduced the
current account which features automatic cancellation of credit lines, along
with several other major innovations.

Visa is the world’s leading payments brand and the largest payments system
worldwide. Visa-branded cards generate more than US$1.6 trillion in annual
volume and are accepted at nearly 20 million locations around the world. The
Visa organization plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and
technologies to benefit its 21,000-member financial institutions and their
cardholders. Visa is a leader in Internet based payments and is pioneering
the creation of u-commerce, or universal commerce — the ability to conduct
commerce anytime, anywhere, over any type of device. Visit Visa at

http// .

Delta SkyMiles members earn mileage by flying Delta, the Delta Connection
carriers, Delta Express, Delta Shuttle and Delta’s airline partners. The
Delta SkyMiles program offers many other mileage-building opportunities,
including MCI WorldCom services, participating hotels, car purchases, car
rental companies, cruise lines, restaurants, mortgages with North American
Mortgage Company and Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate.

Delta’s goal is to become the #1 airline in the eyes of its customers,
flying passengers and cargo from anywhere to everywhere. Passengers already
choose to fly Delta more often than any other airline in the world on 5,196
flights each day to 353 cities in 59 countries on Delta, Delta Express, Delta
Shuttle, the Delta Connection carriers, and Delta’s Worldwide Partners. Delta
is a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance which provides
customers with extensive worldwide destinations, flights and services.


Membership Rewards

American Express named sixteen new partners to its ‘Membership Rewards Program’. Among the new partners are two online partners, and ShopAmex. The enrollees are able to convert their points to cash that can be applied toward the purchase of merchandise from more than a hundred online merchants. ShopAmex is an Internet shopping service that allows customers to compare and purchase products online across a wide range of retail categories and then use ‘Membership Rewards’ points to make purchases. Among other new retail partners:, Bose, Citarella, Crate and Barrel, Dell,,,, Lands’ End, SONY MUSIC and The Sports Authority. In the travel category, the new ‘Membership Rewards’ partners include: Air France, Air Jamaica and All Nippon Airways. Membership Rewards, launched in June 1991, has 3.8 million U.S. enrollees.



Actinic Software, a provider of e-commerce software solutions for small to
medium-sized businesses, announced an
agreement to integrate InternetSecure Inc., the leading Canadian Internet
credit card processor, into its e-commerce solution.
This agreement allows Canadian merchants the ability to quickly set up an
online store and process all transactions through a
single, centralized source that offers leading-edge protection against credit
card fraud.

According to Statistics Canada, in 1999 the Canadian e-commerce industry
was valued at $4.4 billion and is expected to
increase to $151.5 billion by 2004. Despite this growth, costly complications
exist for small and mid-sized Canadian online
merchants. For example, Canadian merchants are typically required to obtain
merchant status from various banks (which often
require substantial security deposits) in order to process e-commerce
transactions. The agreement with InternetSecure eliminates
this step for Actinic merchants since they can now execute all payment
processing exclusively through InternetSecure.

InternetSecure is the only Canadian processor that provides merchant status
for all popular credit cards. In addition,
InternetSecure’s sophisticated fraud detection software provides Actinic’s
Canadian merchants with an exceptionally secure
payment offering.

“InternetSecure is the leading payment provider in Canada,” said Adrian
Horsfield, vice president of sales & marketing of
InternetSecure. “We offer online merchants the technology to process all
transactions safely and efficiently. This agreement with
Actinic enables a small to medium-sized e-business owner to now have access to
a premiere banking system that increases their
competitiveness, lowers costs and improves customer service.”

“This agreement with InternetSecure propels Actinic even more aggressively
into the Canadian market,” said Brian Johnson,
vice president of sales of Actinic Software. “Unlike the United States, where
there is a wealth of resources, Canadian merchants
are currently struggling to find the necessary tools they need to create an
online business. By integrating Actinic’s easy-to-use
desktop e-commerce software with InternetSecure, we can now provide Canadian
merchants with the most sophisticated
e-commerce solution in the marketplace.”

About InternetSecure

Operating in 84 countries, InternetSecure is the world’s premier Internet
credit card processor. Founded in 1995, the
Company provides merchant status for all popular card brands, and its
proprietary fraud detection software allows merchants to
enjoy the lowest chargeback rate in the industry.

About Actinic Software

Founded in 1996, Actinic Software is a provider of e-commerce software
solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
Actinic’s full range of software products provides cost-effective ways to
design, build, manage and grow online businesses,
supporting business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce
initiatives. The company has more than
10,000 licenses sold in over 20 countries worldwide.


Ukrop Gift Card

ACI Worldwide, a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment solutions, has been selected to provide the software infrastructure for Ukrop’s gift card program. Ukrop’s is the largest grocery chain in Richmond, Va., with 27 stores located throughout central Virginia.

Ukrop’s will use ACI’s WinStoredValue authorization software to power its Valued Customer gift card program. Features of the WinStoredValue system include:

— Batch- or single-card activation to reduce fraud

— Full or partial redemption of value

— Fixed-value, variable-value and one-time-use card support

— Fund transfer from one card to another

— Issuance, redemption, replenishment and balance inquiry transaction processing

“Since 1937, Ukrop’s mission has been to serve our customers effectively while treating them the way we’d like to treated. ACI’s software helps us fulfill our mission by providing a flexible, user-friendly platform for our gift card program,” said Scott Ukrop, vice president of marketing for Ukrop’s. Ukrop added that ACI’s proven capabilities were also a factor in the decision. Ukrop’s chain uses ACI’s WinPayment(TM) solution to manage debit card, credit card and check transactions, and returned-check processing.

ACI’s WinStoredValue and WinPayment operate on the Windows NT(R) operating system.

“Ukrop’s helped us beta test our WinStoredValue solution, and we are extremely pleased they’ve chosen to put it into full production,” said Mark Vipond, president of ACI Worldwide. “We rely on our customer’s market experience and input as we build the products they need to meet their business objectives. Ukrop’s was instrumental in helping us determine the additional functionality needed to make WinStoredValue the solution to power their gift card program.”

About ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq:TSAI) helps the world move money. Every minute of every day, financial institutions, retailers and networking industries rely on ACI solutions to manage e-payments and information. As a leading international provider of e-commerce and e-payment solutions, ACI maintains operations in the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific. More than 2,400 customers in 80 countries use ACI distributed solutions. Visit ACI Worldwide on the Internet at [][1].




Moneybox Corporation Limited, operator of
the UK’s largest independent network of convenience ATMs, today announced a
deal with NCR Corporation for 1,250 ATMs, associated software and
maintenance services for deployment at locations such as convenience stores,
leisure centers, gas stations, pubs and nightclubs.

The multi-million dollar agreement includes new software that will enable
Moneybox to centrally manage multi-media advertising through ATMs. For the
first time campaigns can be designed and distributed with ease, either by
geography or type of location, offering extra revenue opportunities to ATM
deployers. For instance, Moneybox will be able to target customers at specific
times in stores, nightclubs or pubs, linking promotions to products or
services at the location.

“We are delighted to extend our relationship with NCR through the purchase
of an additional 1,250 ATMs,” said Paul Stanley, Managing Director of
Moneybox. “With over 1,000 already installed and plans for further growth this
shows that the demand for convenience ATMs is soaring.”

Moneybox’s success heralds the likely expansion of convenience located
ATMs cross Europe in 2001, believes Tony Grandidge, vice president for NCR’s
Financial Solutions Division in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We have
seen the UK’s total installed base of convenience ATMs increase to around
3,000 during 2000, and this year we are likely to see other European countries
follow the example.

“New technology means ATMs are becoming self-service touchpoints,
delivering not only convenient cash but also other valuable items such as
coupons, tickets and tailored promotions. These ATMs, installed at convenient
locations, will increasingly appeal to consumers as more Europeans shift to a
24/7 lifestyle.”

Under terms of the deal announced today NCR supplies the ATM hardware and
software and provides ongoing software support and maintenance. Moneybox
manages the ATM remotely and provides support services such as cash delivery,
leaving the site owner free to manage its business.

About Moneybox

Moneybox, is the operator of the UK’s largest independent network of
convenience cash machines or Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Moneybox
deploys, owns and manages these ATMs which will also dispense other services
together with cash in the future. Moneybox has been targeting certain sites
like convenience stores, petrol forecourts and leisure areas around the UK
since June 1998 prior to its official launch in June 1999. A convenience
charge of 1 pound sterling per transaction is levied to enable these ATMs to
be installed in places that would not attract enough cardholders to support a
traditional ATM site. Moneybox has installed over 1,000 ATMs and is now one of
the top 10 largest ATM networks in the UK — with more ATMs available than
many banks and building societies. Moneybox is a subsidiary of Ambient plc.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE NCR) is a leader in providing Relationship
Technology(TM) solutions to customers worldwide in the retail, financial,
communications, manufacturing, travel and transportation, and insurance
markets. NCR’s Relationship Technology solutions include privacy-enabled
Teradata(R) warehouses and customer relationship management (CRM)
applications, store automation and automated teller machines (ATMs). The
company’s business solutions are built on the foundation of its long-
established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding
software, global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and
media products, and leading edge hardware technology. NCR employs 32,900 in
more than 100 countries, and is a component stock of the Standard & Poor’s 500


Boardman Retiring

Bank One Corporation announced that William P. Boardman will retire March 1 as vice chairman and board member.

“Over his 17 years at the company, Bill has helped acquire Bank One’s enviable franchises across the country,” said James Dimon, chairman and chief executive officer. “Over the last 16 months, he has shouldered the difficult task of stabilizing our First USA credit card business, reducing expenses and setting the stage for its return to growth. He took on the company’s biggest challenge and handled it very well.”

In November, 2000, Bank One announced that Philip G. Heasley was succeeding Boardman as head of the company’s credit card business and that Boardman would be retiring in 2001.

“I can begin my long-planned early retirement with great confidence that First USA and Bank One — and their customers — are in good hands,” said Boardman, who will turn 60 in June.

Boardman became chairman and chief executive officer of First USA in October of 1999, after serving in several senior executive positions since joining Bank One in 1984. He was named Bank One’s vice chairman and a board member in December, 1999. For a number of years, he headed the acquisition team as Bank One grew to the nation’s fifth-largest bank holding company, with strong commercial and retail positions in key markets around the country.

BANK ONE CORPORATION is the nation’s fifth-largest bank holding company, with assets of more than $265 billion. Bank One offers a full range of financial services to commercial and business customers and consumers. It can be found on the Internet at [][1].




Oberthur Card Systems, a global leader and the innovator in the
smart card industry, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding
(MOU) with Tokyo-based Kyodo Printing
to work together at expanding the Integrated Circuit card (IC) market in Japan.

The first project together will start following the completion of the
Japanese Debit specification set to be issued later this year.

“This partnership marks our first step in moving into the growing Japanese
smart card market,” said Didier Serodon, director
of the Payment Division at Oberthur Card Systems. “Kyodo is a strong and
respected local leader in Japan at a time when the
market is ripe for expansion.”

Kyodo Printing, one of the largest printers and magnetic stripe card
manufacturers in Japan, is already active in the
microprocessor card market. By combining forces with Oberthur Card Systems,
Kyodo will help adapt Oberthur’s extensive
product portfolio to reach compliance with Japanese specifications for the
payment industry and address the growing demand for
smart cards in the E-Business and Mobile Communications arenas.

Having long advocated the importance of maintaining a “Think Global, Act
Local” philosophy, Oberthur welcomes this first
step into the Japanese market, where the need for local manufacturing and
personalization is even more vital.

The market potential in Japan is 675 million smart cards by 2005. Oberthur
Card Systems’ global and proven smart card
expertise, together with Kyodo Printing’s local presence and expertise, will
ensure a strong and lucrative entry into the Japanese
smart card market.

The initial joint project to produce an IC payment card will start in
March, with the first pilots scheduled in August prior to the
volume rollout at the beginning of 2002.

About Oberthur Card Systems

Oberthur Card Systems (Paris Stock Exchange – Code SICOVAM 12413), a global
leader and the innovator in the smart
card industry, is shaping the future by offering the ultimate in SIM, WAP, 3G
(UMTS), e-wallet technologies & Internet-based
card management services coupled with a firm commitment to open standards.

Championing EMV migration, Oberthur is the world’s No. 1 supplier of
MasterCard and Visa cards; No. 1 in banking,
e-commerce, m-commerce and pay-TV; and also the No. 1 in Java(TM) and GSM

Employing 3,000 people worldwide, Oberthur Card Systems has an
international reach ensured by 30 sales offices and 17
manufacturing sites across the five continents. Oberthur Card Systems had sales
of 185.8 million Euros in 1999.

About Kyodo Printing Co.

Kyodo Printing produces IC cards that have been employed across a wide
variety of sectors.

Kyodo Printing seeks to provide customers with a total end-to-end solution
to maximize the value and use of the IC Card.

This end-to-end solution consists not only of the production and
personalization systems for the IC cards but also three components of production support

Pre-printing and printing processes including planning, design and
production of the printing materials and the card handled by the SPC (Sales Promotion Center)

Personalization processes including data base construction and customer
base analysis provided by the DCC (Digital Communication Center)


Entergy Bill Pay

CheckFree i-Solutions, the leading provider of interactive e-billing and e-statement applications, and Entergy Corporation announced that electronic billing and payment is now available to Entergy’s residential customers in Louisiana.

Entergy plans to roll out the service to its customers in Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas over the next 12 months.

![][1] With the new service, customers can pay their energy bills electronically, faster and more easily than with conventional payments. Entergy customers can view their bill on demand, review current and outstanding account balances and access full bill detail from the convenience of their personal computer. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, consumers can approve their bill payment with the specified payment amount deducted electronically from the customer’s designated bank, credit union or brokerage account. Customers who pay bills electronically through this service are protected from unauthorized transactions or processing delays by the CheckFree Guarantee.

Today Entergy’s Louisiana customers can enroll through Entergy’s web site or their choice of financial services sites. Entergy will deliver electronic bills through CheckFree i-Processing, a service that includes bill distribution, payment and customer care through nearly 275 financial services sites. For customers who enroll for the service directly at the Entergy web site, payments are handled using the CheckFree Hosted Payment service. This solution enables Entergy to accept electronic payments from its customers over the Web via a user interface that is hosted on CheckFree’s secure Web server. This service not only reduces overall operating costs for Entergy, but it also provides a high level of payment functionality and convenience to Entergy customers. In addition to bill payment, Entergy’s website offers other online customer service options, including the ability to request turning on electric or gas service and to change the billing address.

“Entergy strives to offer the best possible customer service solutions, both online and off line. With electronic billing and payment, we’re offering our customers a way to save time by streamlining the monthly chore of paying bills,” said Johnny Ervin, Entergy’s vice president of customer service support. “We’re also offering them the flexibility of choosing from a large number of CheckFree-powered financial sites and Internet portals.” “Companies such as Entergy understand that consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to help simplify various aspects of their lives,” said Tom Stampiglia, president of CheckFree Software Division. “Not only does electronic billing and payment offer consumers an easier and more convenient way to manage their finances, but it also allows them to interact with the monthly bill for analysis of their energy use.” Consumers can receive bills at sites powered by CheckFree from a growing number of telephone, cable, mortgage, insurance and credit card companies. Consumers can also use “pay everyone” services to make payments from their computers to anyone to whom they would write a check. This includes all bills, even day care centers or lawn maintenance providers, and individuals, such as children in college. A sample of current online consumer service providers making the Entergy bill available electronically include:

— at [][2]

— Charles Schwab at

— Citizens Bank at [][3]

— First Union at

— Merrill Lynch at

— Morgan Stanley Dean Witter at [][4]

— Navy Federal Credit Union at [ yFederalWebBillPay][5]

— NetBank at [][6]

— Prudential Securities at [ /WBP][7]

— Quicken 98/99 software and at [ and_credit][8]

— Summit Bank at

— US Postal Service at

— WingspanBank at [][9]

— Yahoo! at [][10]

[1]: /graphic/entergy/entergy.gif



OTI announced that it has acquired the
remaining 49 percent of leading European smart card system integrator
InterCard Kartensysteme GmbH and electronic smart card hardware manufacturer
InterCard System Electronic GmbH, operating from Villingen and Bad Durrheim in
Germany. Subject to closing, OTI will finally own 100 percent of each

OTI acquired 51 percent of InterCard Kartensysteme GmbH and InterCard
System Electronic GmbH when the agreement was signed on 15 June 200. Under
the terms of the agreement, the remaining shares in the companies will be
acquired by swapping shares. To secure the deal OTI has allocated 785,000 new
shares to be held with a trustee for the balance of the acquisition. The new
OTI shares will be distributed to InterCard owners over the next 6 months.

About InterCard Kartensysteme GmbH

InterCard Kartensysteme is a worldwide supplier of innovative and
multi-usage card solutions. The diversified use of custom-tailored card
technologies and applications “made by InterCard” such as copy cards;
students cards; company and customer cards are InterCard’s domain.

Card systems like UniCard(R), TeamCard, ClubCard and ClinicCard have made
InterCard popular in many individual market places. A single card is managing
multiple applications incl. identification, access control, cashfree payment
functions and digital signature. The range of card technologies includes
applications of a single memory chip card to proximity (contactless) cards up
to crypto processor smart cards for secure data communication and digital

About InterCard System electronic GmbH

InterCard System electronic is a part of the InterCard group and has
focused on the development and manufacturing of electro-mechanic and
electronic hardware including smart card readers. This business unit offers
customers the know-how and competence in mechanic and electronic component

About OTI

Established in 1990, OTI (On Track Innovations) designs and develops
contactless microprocessor-based smart card technology to address the needs of
a wide variety of markets. Applications developed by OTI include product
solutions for mass transit, parking, gas management systems, loyalty schemes,
ID and secure campuses. OTI has regional offices in the US, Europe, Asia
Pacific, and Africa to market and support its products. The company was
awarded the prestigious ESCAT Award for smart card innovation in both 1998 and


ClearCommerce Engine 4.0

ClearCommerce Corporation, a provider of transaction management solutions for e-commerce infrastructure, announced support of business-to-business (B2B) corporate purchase cards. The ClearCommerce(R) Engine 4.0 will give merchants and suppliers the ability to accept corporate purchase card payments online.

Traditionally, companies’ purchasing departments receive purchase requests from employees and initiate the paper-intensive purchase order process based on those requests. Using corporate purchase cards, companies can streamline this process, enabling purchasing departments and company employees to significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and time spent on transactions. In addition, suppliers will receive payment faster via the corporate purchase card system than with traditional purchase order processing methods.

Most credit card statements provide Level II information (the card number, merchant name and location, purchase price and sales tax). ClearCommerce’s relationships with major card processors such as Paymentech, the nation’s largest acquirer and processor of credit card transactions, provide customers with Level III data that includes full line-item detail in each statement, including product codes, cost and quantity, in addition to the traditional Level II data. Providing Level III data also gives suppliers a price break from the card processor.

“Corporate purchase cards have become a viable payment vehicle for B2B payments,” said Robert Lynch, president and chief executive officer of ClearCommerce. “Rather than having to track down receipts for each purchase, a company’s purchasing department can now receive a detailed statement that includes full line-item detail for all purchases.”

As the largest credit card processor for non-face-to-face transactions in the United States, Paymentech’s direct response unit handles a significant amount of B2B credit card volume. ClearCommerce has certified version 4.0 for Paymentech’s card-not-present transaction processing.

“This move will expand our support level for a large segment of clients who accept Visa and MasterCard corporate and purchasing cards,” said George Wilcox, group executive for product management at Paymentech. “Version 4.0 of the ClearCommerce Engine will greatly simplify account reconciliation, helping businesses maximize the effectiveness of their online procurement processes.”

The ClearCommerce Engine capabilities include: real-time transaction processing with credit card processors, fraud analysis and protection, business reports for merchants, storefront integration, APIs to businesses’ existing ERP or inventory systems and shipping and tax calculation.

About Paymentech

Dallas-based Paymentech ([][1]), founded in 1985, delivers electronic payment services in merchant acquiring and point-of-sale transaction processing. Paymentech, the payment solutions company, processed approximately 3.4 billion total transactions and $109 billion in bankcard sales volume in 2000. The nation’s largest processor and acquirer of bankcard transactions is also the Internet payment processing leader.

About ClearCommerce

Austin, Texas-based ClearCommerce is a provider of e-commerce transaction software and services for enterprises and Commerce Service Providers, including Apple Computer, Chase Merchant Services, PETsMART and EDS. ClearCommerce provides transaction management technology directly and indirectly through Commerce Service Providers for more than 35,000 merchants worldwide. Features of ClearCommerce software include real-time credit card processing and Internet fraud protection, as well as online reports, storefront integration, back-end integration, shipping/tax calculation and delivery of digital merchandise. For more information, please visit [][2].




The South Korean government is reportedly considering lifting the long-held ban
on conglomerates issuing credit cards. The restriction on new credit card
business licenses went into effect in 1988. Since then the control of the South
Korean credit card market has been in the hands of only three issuers. The
Financial Supervisory Service said three domestic business groups, namely SK,
Lotte and Hyundai have indicated an interest in issuing cards. Japan’s
Mitsubishi and the U.K.’s HSBC have also reportedly shown interest in credit
card licenses. Twenty-six companies are in the credit card business, including
seven exclusive credit card operators BC, LG Capital, Samsung, Kookmin, Korea
Exchange, Diners and Tongyang Amex.


NCR Deal with CCC

NCR Corporation and Credit Card Center have joined forces in a three-and-a-half year global deal making NCR the “preferred provider” for Credit Card Center of ATMs to serve the booming convenience sector.

The first deal under the Credit Card Center agreement is for 50,000 NCR ATMs, representing a commitment in ATM hardware and software for convenience stores and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.

“NCR is an excellent strategic long-term fit with Credit Card Center as NCR and its worldwide presence will enable us to serve global markets as well,” said Andrew Kallok, president of Credit Card Center, the Philadelphia- headquartered distributor of ATMs. “NCR has a growing formidable range of software and hardware for the entry level market, which will enable the introduction of web-based services and increased revenues for ATM deployers worldwide.”

Pat Cronin, senior vice president of the Financial Solutions Division of NCR, said the strategic alliance is another prime example of NCR’s strong commitment to the provision of ATMs to the convenience market.

“Credit Card Center’s superior distribution capabilities, NCR’s global service organization and our worldwide leadership as an ATM provider make for a powerful self-service solution for owners of retail ATMs,” Cronin said.

About Credit Card Center

Credit Card Center is an independent sales organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with offices throughout the United States and Canada. Credit Card Center is one of the fastest growing ATM distributors in North America having sold or leased over 5,000 ATMs in 1999.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a US$6.2 billion leader in providing Relationship Technology(TM) solutions to customers worldwide in the retail, financial, communications, manufacturing, travel and transportation, and insurance markets. NCR’s Relationship Technology solutions include privacy- enabled Teradata(R) warehouses and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, store automation and automated teller machines (ATMs). The company’s business solutions are built on the foundation of its long- established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and media products, and leading edge hardware technology. NCR employs 32,500 in 130 countries, and is a component stock of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. More information about NCR and its solutions may be found at [][1] .