ORR Offers iPlace Services

Online Resources & Communications Corp. announced it now offers a credit monitoring service through a new alliance with iPlace, Inc. (formerly ConsumerInfo.Com). The alliance is the latest in a series of Online Resources’ Internet partnerships that expand the range of services financial institutions can offer their customers while providing another source of online revenue for the company and its client institutions.

iPlace’s CreditCheck Monitoring Service enables institutions to offer their online customers a free copy of their credit report with a free trial membership. Customers are invited to purchase a membership to receive continued benefits beyond the trial period. Regular members receive unlimited free credit reports along with ongoing monitoring of their credit files so that they can check their credit status at any time during the paid membership period. Online Monthly Monitoring Alerts, a highlight of the service, inform members of important changes to their credit files, including new derogatory information, recent inquiries and several indicators of possible credit fraud. (For those customers who prefer to receive their reports through U.S. mail, Monitoring Alerts are provided on a quarterly basis.)

The CreditCheck Monitoring Service also offers many additional features and benefits. Members receive the quarterly CreditCheck Newsletter, either online or through the mail, with helpful information about managing credit. Knowledgeable customer service representatives provide assistance via a toll-free number. For members who wish to dispute inaccurate information on their credit reports, the service gives online guidelines on how to do this. Membership also includes access to Members-Only extra tools and features such as neighborhood and home sales’ reports.

‘This CreditCheck Monitoring Service empowers online customers who want to make sure their credit status is always up to date and correct, and at the same time, generates a new revenue opportunity for institutions, which will receive a percentage of the membership fee paid by their customers,’ said Ron Bergamesca, Online Resources’ senior vice president of marketing. ‘We will seamlessly integrate the service into an institution’s Web site, providing their customers with yet another reason to use the institution’s site as their online financial hub.’

‘Because of Online Resources’ leadership in the community bank market, we’re very excited to have our service offered through its clients Web sites,’ said Ed Ojdana, president of the credit division of iPlace, Inc. ‘We believe our CreditCheck Monitoring Service is an important ‘value-add’ for institutions looking to leverage the power of the Internet.’

Over the past few months, Online Resources has signed agreements with the industry’s leading Internet companies to provide services such as personalized consumer start pages bearing a financial institution’s brand, brokerage services, Web-based data mining to improve customer service and marketing, and sophisticated cash management solutions for institutions’ commercial clients.

Online Resources & Communications Corporation ([http://www.orcc.com][1]) is a leading outsourcer of privately-branded Internet financial services for regional and community banking institutions. The McLean, Virginia-based company has more than 400 institutional clients nationwide. It provides consumer bill paying and banking services and aggregates lending, insurance, securities trading and investment services. Online Resources performs real-time processing through its patented EFT gateway and full customer service for client institutions, giving them a comprehensive ‘hub’ solution from a single vendor. Client consumer marketing programs are conducted under the bankonline.com co-brand.

iPlace,Inc., ([http://www.iplace.com][2]) created by the merger of eNeighborhoods and ConsumerInfo.com, provides consumers with access to recent home sales, neighborhood information, credit education & services, and information on maintaining protecting and improving the value of consumer’s homes. Within its auspices are eNeighborhoods, a provider of timely neighborhood and home value information software for real estate professionals. [http://www.freecreditreport.com][3], a site offering users online delivery of their credit report and a credit monitoring service. [http://www.creditmatters.com][4] , site offering expert information on consumer credit reporting.

[1]: http://www.orcc.com/
[2]: http://www.iplace.com/
[3]: http://www.freecreditreport.com/
[4]: http://www.creditmatters.com/


UPP Deploys ePic ICE 5500

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE:HYC) — Universal Payment Processing is deploying Hypercom(R) ePic ICE(tm) 5500 touch-screen based payment terminals to enhance its Universal Total Check(tm) and Universal Connect(tm) products. The number of terminals initially planned is 3,500. Universal Payment Processing is a vertically integrated electronic transaction processor.

“Hypercom’s ePic ICE 5500 card payment terminals are extremely user-friendly devices that allow us to support the many new value-added services that we are taking to our merchant base, which translates into more revenue and profit opportunities for the company,” said Florian DeVitis, senior vice president of Sales, Universal Payment Processing. “We are partnering with Hypercom to differentiate ourselves in the industry with the first touch screen point-of-sale solution that along with ePic applications and solutions, will change the course of payment processing completely.”

Packed with value-added features, Hypercom’s ePic applications and ICE 5500 terminal platforms form a powerful, multi-function payment system incorporating high-speed communications using Hypercom’s FastPOS modem technology and screen-based operations, an absolute requirement in supporting Internet browser access. This browser capability will allow the management of Hypercom’s or any other vendor’s e-commerce web storefront, cost-effectively bridging the merchant’s physical retail payments needs and the merchant’s web-based e-commerce storefront management needs. ePic (ePOS-infocommerce(tm)) will also enable merchants to access a range of Internet-based services via their in-store ICE terminals, including e-mail, on-screen advertising, interactive electronic coupons, electronic receipt capture, access to DDA account information and cash management reporting — in addition to traditional secure payment processing functions.

“We are pleased that Universal has chosen the ePic ICE 5500 terminal platforms for its merchant customers,” said John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, Hypercom North America POS.

“Touch screens are the new medium in point-of-sale transaction technology, and form the minimum basis to move forward with all of the new value-added services that Universal’s customers are demanding from their point-of-sale platform in the 21st century,” Marshall said.

Universal Payment Processing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Savings Bank, F.A., a federally chartered savings bank, is a vertically integrated electronic transaction processor. Universal provides transaction authorization, data capture, settlement and funds transfer services to over 45,000 business clients nationwide. Universal offers credit and debit card processing, electronic check processing, time/attendance and payroll processing, pre-paid phone products, electronic gift cards, and e-commerce solutions. Visit Universal online at http://www.usb.com.

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE:HYC) is a global provider of end-to-end electronic payment solutions, including card payment systems, peripherals, network products, software and e-commerce payment solutions that add value at the point-of-sale for consumers, merchants and acquirers.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Hypercom markets its products in more than 70 countries through a global network of affiliates and offices in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. Hypercom’s Internet address is www.hypercom.com.


CFN Funding

The Consumer Financial Network announced this morning it has received investments totaling $130.5 million. This is one of the largest rounds of equity funding for an Internet company. New CFN investors include: Capital Research and Management Company; Chase Capital Partners; Royal Bank of Canada; First Union; Hearst-Argyle Television; J. & W. Seligman & Co.; Equifax Communications, Westway Capital; and several private investors. These companies join original CFN investors GE Capital Equity Investments Group and iXL Enterprises.


VISA Smart Cards

Smart VISA cards are finally coming to the U.S. Yesterday, First Data Resources announced it has become the first processor in the industry to be registered to personalize all VISA chip card products. FDR’s secure embossing facility in Omaha was audited in November and was recently granted the registration by VISA. First Data has the capability to encode the VISA chip with information such as credit limit, maximum dollar amount, and expiration date, depending on the card issuer’s needs and the type of card. First Data, one of the first 30 members of the VISA-led Global Platform consortium launched last year to create cross industry standards for multi-application smart cards, has been providing smart card personalization services since 1997. Internationally, the company provides smart card processing services for more than eight clients in the United Kingdom representing 2.8 million smart cards on file.


MasterCard US Board

MasterCard International announced this morning that its U.S. Region Board of Directors has elected Michael Rhodes as its new chairman. MasterCard also announced that John Klein, Richard Srednicki, and Patrick Swanick were named to the U.S. Board. Rhodes is a vice chairman of MBNA America Bank. He was named vice chairman and a member of the Board of Directors for the U.S. Region of MasterCard International in 1998. Rhodes will succeed Ronald Zebeck of Metris Companies, as chairman. John Klein is chairman of the Board, President and CEO of People’s Bank. Richard Srednicki is EVP of The Chase Manhattan Bank. Patrick Swanick is president and CEO of Key Electronic Services, the electronic commerce subsidiary of KeyCorp.



First USA announced that it has been selected as the new credit card provider for the American Business Women’s Association.

The program offers no-fee, low-interest Platinum Visa credit cards to ABWA members. The ABWA provides leadership, education, networking support and national recognition opportunities for businesswomen of diverse occupations. Revenue from the credit card program will be used to support the efforts of the non-profit organization.

Current ABWA cardholders are encouraged to make the switch to the new First USA program. Only the ABWA Visa credit cards issued by First USA will provide revenue to support the organization’s programs.

First USA serves the needs of some of America’s most prestigious professional associations including: the American Medical Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the National Association of Realtors.

First USA ([http://www.firstusa.com][1]), a subsidiary of Bank One Corporation (NYSE: ONE), is the world’s largest issuer of Visa credit cards. First USA offers credit cards for consumers and businesses under the First USA, First Card and Bank One names and on behalf of its marketing partners. Bank One is the nation’s fourth-largest bank holding company with assets of more than $265 billion.

[1]: http://www.firstusa.com/


Welcome Real-Time & Bull

Smart marketing software leader Welcome Real-time and secured smart card provider Bull Smart Cards & Terminals announced they have joined forces to accelerate EMV (Europay – MasterCard – VISA) migration. By integrating Welcome Real-time’s XLS(TM) software with Bull’s SmartEMV payment card family, the companies provide banks and retailers with a complete smart marketing solution based on today’s smart payment devices.

“EMV migration by banks, retailers and telcos will be accelerated,” said Jean-Yves Grall, Welcome Real-time’s COO. “Welcome Real-time’s smart marketing software allows merchants to boost their business through personalized loyalty and electronic couponing programs. This helps banks because it strengthens the business case for merchant acceptance of smart EMV devices.”

“The SmartEMV range is a ready-to-use multi-functional card designed to host several payment applications while offering an optimum flexibility in risk management. By definition multi-application, SmartEMV can house additional services, such as home banking application through authentication processes, loyalty, health file, administrative data. SmartEMV is based on a complete file system architecture and enables secure update of any kind of data, even after card delivery,” said Philippe David, marketing and sales development director for the banking sector, Bull Smart Cards & Terminals.

Welcome Real-time supplies the underlying software that makes chip cards really smart and allows chip payment devices to deliver targeted coupons and incentives.

XLS(TM) offers card issuers a new opportunity for differentiation through the ability to leverage emerging chip based payment instruments – smart cards and smart card equipped consumer devices like mobile phones – for instant delivery of behavior driven coupons and incentives.

By automatically storing the customer’s purchase history within the payment instrument itself, the company’s patented technology uniquely provides merchants the ability to use a simple, inexpensive payment terminal to deliver targeted coupons, messages and incentives directly at the point of sale, at very low cost. Transactions are very fast, since they require no connection to a central data base. Merchants do not have to issue their own loyalty cards as their frequent buyer promotions run on general purpose bank cards or mobile phones. In addition, the software allows increased security over traditional paper incentives like coupons and frequent buyer cards punched or stamped at each visit.

As the leader in secure smart cards, Bull has included in the SmartEMV range its Bull’s unique know-how in security. In addition to the internal data protection mechanisms ensuring the inviolability of the secrets stored in the card, a set of systems provides flawless security, fully configurable PIN management, active anti-withdrawal systems, use of the triple-DES algorithm, external authentication, validation of writing in memory, access to parameter files, secure messaging and generation of cryptograms in compliance with EMV specifications.

About Welcome Real-time

Welcome Real-time is a leading supplier of software and marketing strategies that boost the use of smart payment devices. The company’s software leverages emerging chip based payment instruments – smart cards and smart card equipped consumer devices like mobile phones – for instant delivery of behavior driven coupons and incentives.

Welcome Real-time is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France. Management includes smart card marketing pioneers who have been running electronic cash programs since 1987 and smart card based electronic couponing applications as early as 1993. The company has delivered its software on close to 4 million smart loyalty cards used by specialty retailers, airlines, movie theaters, quick service restaurants and supermarkets. Welcome Real-time has been granted several patents covering smart card based electronic couponing and electronic punch cards.

The company’s core product is XLS(TM) (eXtended Loyalty System(TM)), a multi-platform promotional marketing system for smart cards, merchant payment terminals, web sites and mobile phones. The software uses the customer’s smart payment instrument to seamlessly move incentives between the offline, online and mobile worlds.

Welcome Real-time is a charter member of VISA USA’s workgroup integrating loyalty and payment onto one card and a member of the MULTOS supplier network. Welcome Real-time also supports Microsoft’s Smart Cards for Windows.

For more information, visit the company’s website at [www.welcome-rt.com][1]

About Bull Smart Cards

Since 1998, under the direction of fourty year-old CEO David Levy, Bull Smart Cards has been focusing its strategy on the development and marketing of software for microprocessor cards, more popularly known as smart cards(1), integrating a high level of security.

The history of Bull Smart Cards goes back to 1977, the year in which the company filed its first patent. Since then, Bull has been the undisputed leader in smart card technology. Today, 20% of all microprocessor cards in circulation worldwide operate with software developed by Bull. Bull is the world leader in the field of software for bank cards, and has a 30% share of the world electronic purse market. In 1999, the company ventured into the GSM market and is now at the leading edge in the development of UMTS, the third generation of SIM cards. It is also promoting the world’s first “Internet” smart card.

With its ongoing technological development, supported by an aggressive marketing and sales policy, Bull Smart Cards wishes to maintain, each year, a 20% share of the world market in software for microprocessor cards.

(1) There are in fact two types of smart card: microprocessor cards, which have nothing less than an embedded microcomputer; and memory cards (e.g. the telephone card) which are used simply to store data. The microprocessor card was invented in 1977 by Michel Ugon, a researcher at Bull, who produced the first working model two years later.

More information on these activities can be found on the World Wide Web at: [http://www.cp8.bull.net][2], on Groupe Bull at: [http://www.bull.com][3]

[1]: http://www.welcome-rt.com/
[2]: http://www.cp8.bull.net/
[3]: http://www.bull.com/


Wireless Paytrust

Paytrust announced Tuesday it has taken its bill payment service to wireless access using the ‘PalmPilot VII’. To help promote the launch of its wireless application, Paytrust is giving away a ‘Palm VII’ each week before April 16. All new subscribers before March 31 also qualify for the Grand Prize drawing of $5,000 to help pay their bills. Paytrust.com has partnered with Everypath to enable their customers to access their ‘Paytrust Bill Center’ anywhere and at anytime from their ‘Palm VII’. Paytrust’s ‘SmartBalance’ information is also available through the wireless interface, allowing consumers to easily check their account balance information.


PayPal.com Traffic

Media Metrix released the top 50 Web and Digital Media properties for February 2000. AOL, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Lycos continue to occupy the top four slots, with fifth-place Excite@Home showing the greatest gain. The Excite@Home audience increased from 25.4 million unique visitors in January to 30.2 million in February, largely driven by heavy usage of its Bluemountainarts.com greeting-card Web site, a popular Valentine’s Day destination.

As a new feature, Media Metrix also released top newcomers among the 21,000 Web sites and properties reported in February. To make this list, sites must have passed the 500,000 unique-visitors threshold for the first time. These new sites are as varied as dating services, business-to-business sites and direct marketers reflecting the diversity of content and unique interests of the Internet audience:


Domain Visitors
(000) Description
This site allows users to
send money to anyone with an
email address on the
internet, utilizing a credit
card. The recipient must
also visit the site to
retrieve the cash, so
audiences will be
PAYPAL.COM 1,287 driven higher.

This and a similar site
(XpertSite.com) connect
advice givers and advice
seekers, relying on an
internet pattern of having
KEEN.COM 1,270 the audience develop the content.

Animated humorous cartoons delivered via
email daily to registered
BITMAGIC.COM 1,025 users to be played in a macromedia player.

Mattel developed this site for kids
(and grownups!) to develop
EXPRESSIT.COM 917 online greeting cards and other art projects.

Like KEEN.com, this site connects
self-appointed experts with those
seeking advice. Site has been renamed to
XPERTSITE.COM 907 askme.com

SELFCARE.COM 851 Health oriented site.

This is a promotional site featuring
sweepstakes and prizes, in
exchange for email registration and
MAILBONUS.COM 782 promotional message delivery.

A site to host intranets for groups and
organizations out on the
INTRANETS.COM 771 internet under password protection.

This Microsoft site provides updates on the
Windows operating
systems. It presently redirects visitors
WINDOWSUPDATE.COM 756 to Microsoft.com

Seattle based ISP for personal and business
use, featuring DSL
SEANET.COM 750 support.

Design a survey, pick a
target market, launch the
field work and retrieve the
results in just a few hours
on this do-it-yourself
INSIGHTXPRESS.COM 741 survey site.

GRAMMY.COM 730 Home site for the Grammy Awards.

Users can post photos and
artwork, including animated
gifs, to trade with other
users. A point system is
used to buy and sell
artwork. Points are earned
for providing art and can be
SAYIT.COM 683 as well.

HOTSOCKET.COM 634 Direct marketing company.

EW.COM 611 Entertainment Weekly magazine online.

SOCIALNET.COM 576 Dating and introduction service.

Groupware site, designed for users to
coordinate group events, send
MYEVENTS.COM 576 party invitations, share photo albums, etc.

In response to clients’ needs and the goal of remaining in synch with the ever-changing digital media landscape, Media Metrix has begun phasing in several important enhancements to its syndicated reports and reporting nomenclature, as part of its Client Focus 2000 initiatives.

One of the Client Focus 2000 changes within Media Metrix’ syndicated reports is reflected in the merging of its top 50 properties and top 50 domain rankings, below. The newly formatted top 50 property report now lists each property’s leading components. Leading components are single domains or Web sites that qualify by having a reach/unique visitors count high enough to be included among the top 50. Many of the top properties contain additional components that are not listed here, as they do not fall within the top 50 threshold. Client Focus 2000 initiatives will continue to unfold in the months ahead.

Media Metrix – Top 50 U.S. Digital Media Properties
and Their Leading Components

February 2000 Measurement Period Unique
(1/1/00 through 1/29/00) Visitors
Combined At Home and At Work

Rank All Digital Media 74,629
All WWW 70,359

1 AOL Network – Proprietary & WWW 57,601
AOL.COM 31,628
AOL Instant Messenger (Application)20,462
ICQ (Application) 9,001
ICQ.COM 4,317
2 Yahoo Sites 45,488
YAHOO.COM* 44,698
3 Microsoft Sites 44,007
MSN.COM* 36,184
4 Lycos 31,572
LYCOS.COM* 27,121
5 Excite@Home 30,191
EXCITE 15,552
6 Go Network 21,297
GO.COM* 19,487
ESPN 4,745
7 NBC Internet 16,464
XOOM.COM 7,859
8 Amazon 14,463
9 Time Warner Online 13,798
CNN.COM 4,957
10 About.com Sites 12,966
11 Go2Net Network 12,874
GO2NET.COM 5,301
12 Real.com Network 12,754
REAL.COM 10,744
13 AltaVista Network 12,316
14 Ebay 11,826
EBAY.COM 11,791
15 Ask Jeeves 11,168
16 LookSmart 10,464
17 ZDNet Sites 9,847
ZDNET 9,535
18 CNET 9,231
CNET.COM 8,280
19 JUNO / JUNO.COM 8,518
20 Infospace Impressions 8,121
21 Viacom Online 7,856
MTV Networks Music Sites, The 4,179
22 Weather Channel, The 7,552
23 GoTo 7,248
GOTO.COM 7,208
24 AT&T Web Sites 7,136
ATT.NET 4,316
25 American Greetings 7,062
26 CitySearch-TicketMaster Online 6,922
27 IWON.COM 6,480
28 eUniverse Network 6,350
29 Snowball 6,302
31 iVillage.com:The Womens Network 5,718
32 CDNow, Inc. 5,703
33 Fortunecity Global Community 5,654
34 Macromedia 5,357
38 Women.com Networks, The 5,081
40 OnHealth 4,942
41 MarketWatch.com Sites 4,926
43 Theglobe.com Network 4,790
44 BONZI.COM 4,722
45 Uproar Network, The 4,713
48 News Corp. Online 4,434
49 SONY ONLINE 4,413
50 Quicken.com Sites 4,408

Chart Definitions:

Digital Media: Digital Media include users of the World Wide Web, proprietary online services, and/or other ad-supported digital applications such as e-mail services and CD ROM.

Top 50 Digital Media & Web Properties: The top 50 Digital Media & Web properties are based on unduplicated audience reach, also known as unique visitors. “Digital Media & Web Properties” include the largest single brands as well as consolidations of multiple domains that fall under one brand or common ownership.

Unique Visitors: The actual number of total users who visited the reported Web site or online property at least once in the given month. All Unique Visitors are unduplicated (only counted once) and are in thousands.

About Media Metrix

Media Metrix, Inc., with over 600 clients, is the leader and pioneer in Internet and Digital Media measurement and the industry’s source for the most comprehensive, reliable, and timely audience ratings, e-commerce, advertising and technology measurement services. Through its acquisition of AdRelevance, an innovator in Internet advertising measurement, Media Metrix has expanded its product offering to include comprehensive data on where, when, how and how much Web marketers and their competition are advertising online. Media Metrix provides leading advertising agencies, new and traditional media companies, e-commerce marketers, financial services companies and technology companies with comprehensive coverage of all Digital Media (including more than 21,000 Web sites and online properties). Media Metrix utilizes its patented metering methodology to measure actual Internet and Digital Media audience usage behavior in real-time – click by click, page by page, minute by minute. Media Metrix offers monthly, weekly, and daily data collection and reporting, and a sample of more than 50,000 people under measurement in the United States. Media Metrix has worldwide operations in the U.K, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Australia. For more information about Media Metrix, please visit: [www.mediametrix.com][1].

[1]: http://www.mediametrix.com/


Card Patent

A Fort Lauderdale, FL attorney has been issued a patent that allows for real time point of purchase allocation of expenditures, on a single credit card account. Under the patent, each credit card will have either a built in keypad and display or slip into a pocket sized device for entry of a billing code prior to an expenditure. The code may be an account number or name. When the card is swiped, the code is transmitted along with the customary charge information to the credit card issuer for processing. The credit card statement will break down all expenditures and any attendant finance charges based on the codes. The breakdown of expenditures and finance charges will also permit the substitution of one credit card for the typical wallet full carried by consumers for personal, business and other special purposes. A second patent application has been filed covering every conceivable device that could be utilized to input billing codes at the time of purchase, including a personal computer for Internet transactions.


Virtual Korean VISA

Trintech Group announced that Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service, Korea’s largest Visa card issuer, is launching the first virtual credit card payment solution in Asia-Pacific, utilizing Trintech’s PayWare eIssuer (formerly known as PayGate NetIssuer) technology.

KEBCS plans to roll out the eIssuer technology across the country in the coming months. Trintech’s eIssuer solution allows the company to authorize and distribute secure virtual credit cards to their 5.4 million cardholder base, expanding KEBCS’s brand presence on the Internet, while reducing the fraud associated with eCommerce transactions.

Trintech’s PayWare eIssuer provides consumers with a convenient and secure “drag and drop” payment mechanism for Internet transactions, with the potential to link to a host of e-banking services. PayWare eIssuer can allow issuers to increase card transaction volume, create and extend relationships with cardholders and improve brand reach.

“We are delighted to take the lead in the Korean market with the launch of the region’s first virtual credit card offering,” says Sang-Chul Kim, President of Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service. “The eIssuer payment technology provided by Trintech leads the industry in terms of ease of use and flexibility. We believe the Trintech solution provides a distinct advantage over the existing method of payment by combining credit, debit and prepaid capabilities in one package, as well as identifying the user during each transaction.”

“Asia-Pacific is playing a leading role in the deployment of leading-edge Internet technology,” says John McGuire, Chief Executive Officer of Trintech. “KEBCS is providing its customers with a Web-centric payment tool that cuts down on the tedious business of filling out multiple payment forms, while reducing the fraud associated with misuse of credit card information when shopping on the Internet.”

About Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service

Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service Co., Ltd. (KEBCS), first principal member of Visa and first Issuer in Korea, was established as a fully independent credit card company in 1988, when it separated from KEB to specialize in the credit card business. To keep pace with Korea’s booming economic growth in the ’90s, the company has expanded and has diversified its business activities by developing a wide range of innovative products and services, built up a strong customer base, and established an extensive branch network.

Today KEBCS has 5.4 million cardholders and 820,000 merchant relationships. KEBCS can be contacted in South Korea at 935-34 Pangbae-dong Seoco-ku Seoul 137-716 (Tel 82-2-524-8000), and reached on the Web at [http://www.kebcard.co.kr][1].

A Joint venture with Olympus Capital as American direct investment group, was successfully established in December 1999. Olympus Capital invested approximately $90 million in KEBCS.

About Trintech

Founded in 1987, Trintech Group PLC is a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions for card-based transactions in the physical world and over the Internet. The company offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications, as well as being a world leader in the deployment of payment solutions for Internet commerce that are fully SSL and SET(tm) compliant.

Trintech’s range of scalable open systems architecture solutions for UNIX(R) and Windows NT(tm) platforms covers consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for physical payments and the emerging world of electronic commerce.

Trintech can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94003 (Tel: 650/227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel: 353-1-207-4000). Trintech can be reached on the Web at [http://www.trintech.com][2].

[1]: http://www.kebcard.co.kr/
[2]: http://www.trintech.com/