Entrust & Authorize.Net

Entrust Technologies Inc., the global leader for solutions that bring trust to e-business, and Authorize.Net Corporation, ([http://www.authorize.net][1]), a part of the Go2Net Network, ([http://www.go2net.com][2]), and a leading payment authorization service for online businesses, have entered into an agreement to deliver secure and trusted payment solutions to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce merchants.

The convergence of Entrust’s trust technology and Authorize.Net’s real-time payment processing is a natural evolution in the effort to further secure e-commerce. The combination of the two technologies enables customers to obtain both payment gateway and trust services in one package. This will allow customers to deploy their e-commerce Web sites more quickly, reliably and securely. Additionally, this partnership enables Entrust Technologies to extend the benefits of its trust solutions to Authorize.Net’s broad base of more than 65,200 online merchants.

Both Entrust Technologies and Authorize.Net are committed to developing innovative solutions that provide both financial institutions and consumers with the ability to conduct trusted and secure e-business in the B2B and B2C environments. This will help organizations build, maintain and increase loyal and trusted e-business relationships over the Web, wired and wireless networks.

As the first of many initiatives between the two companies, Authorize.Net will extend its range of products and services to include Entrust.net Web Server certificates, which provide increased security and trust for online transactions. The two e-business leaders will also develop a co-branded Web site, to be accessed from Authorize.Net’s Web site, for the resale of Entrust.net Web Server certificates through Authorize.Net’s partner and reseller channels. Since the partnership provides coverage of a transaction all the way from the user’s browser to the back-end payment authentication, Authorize.Net and Entrust are uniquely positioned to deliver future products and services to enhance the reliability and trust of Internet transactions.

“Entrust has established itself as a leader in providing secure global e-business trust solutions, and we are excited about this partnership as we continue to provide comprehensive payment solutions to our customers,” said David O. Heaps, Authorize.Net president and CEO.

“Both Authorize.Net and Entrust recognize that trust and the ability to secure online transactions, communications and relationships are crucial ingredients in building a successful e-business,” said John Ryan, Entrust Technologies president and CEO. “In delivering these important tools to growing e-businesses, this partnership reinforces Entrust Technologies’ position as the leading provider of trust solutions.”

About Entrust Technologies

Entrust Technologies Inc. is the global leader in providing products and services that allow e-businesses to manage trusted, secure electronic transactions and communications over today’s advanced networks, including the Internet, extranets and intranets. Since 1994, Entrust Technologies has been providing award-winning solutions to global enterprises, government entities, small to mid-sized businesses and individuals. Entrust Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas with offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. For additional company information please visit [http://www.entrust.com][3].

About Authorize.Net Corporation

Founded in 1996 and acquired by Go2Net, Inc. in July 1999, Authorize.Net Corporation is the preferred payment-processing service for e-commerce, providing secure, reliable and easy-to-use payment solutions that make the Internet a new revenue opportunity for businesses of all sizes. These tools also provide a smarter, faster, more economical method of transaction processing for retail-based storefronts and the services industry. Authorize.Net is the market leader and has grown to include more than 65,200 clients, using a network of more than 1,000 ISOs and acquiring banks to resell its products and services. For more information on Authorize.Net, visit [http://www.authorize.net][4].

About Go2Net, Inc.

Go2Net ([http://www.go2net.com][5]) is one of the Internet’s leading networks, providing consumer services, business services, and enabling services. The company offers through the World Wide Web a network of branded properties and aggregated content in the categories of search and directory, personal finance, multi-player games, small business services and e-commerce solutions. The company also develops Internet technologies for its own network and for license to strategic partners. The Go2Net Network is home to many of the Internet’s leading vertical destinations, including: MetaCrawler, Silicon Investor, the HyperMart Network, PlaySite, Dogpile and 100hot.

[1]: http://www.authorize.net/
[2]: http://www.go2net.com/
[3]: http://www.entrust.com/
[4]: http://www.authorize.net/
[5]: http://www.go2net.com/


Switch Campaign

With the ‘Canada Trust MasterCard’ portfolio currently up for sale, as a result of the takeover of Canada Trust by TD Bank, Bank of Montreal is launching an advertising campaign to convince ‘Canada Trust MasterCard’ holders to switch to the ‘Bank of Montreal MasterCard’. There is wide spread speculation that a US-based bank will acquire the Canada Trust portfolio. BOM’s campaign carries the theme: “Is Your Card About to Split?”, with the message that the ‘Canada Trust MasterCard’ will soon be a thing of the past, but having a Canadian MasterCard doesn’t have to be. Bank of Montreal’s multi-tiered campaign consists of a combination of mail drops, targeted direct mail, Internet and newspaper ads showing a ‘Canada Trust MasterCard’ being cut in two.


ProCard Acquisition

GA-based Synovus Financial Corp. Monday announced an agreement to acquire ProCard. CO-based ProCard specializes in customized, Internet, Intranet and client/Server software solutions for commercial card management programs. Synovus says the acquisition will enable its TSYS subsidiary to expand services for its 1.5 million corporate clients who want to build their commercial card portfolios. The integration of ProCard’s software solutions with TSYS’ processing systems is expected to enhance TSYS’ transition to a totally electronic reporting environment for its commercial clients. TSYS will deliver detailed ‘Level III’ transaction data through ProCard’s systems, which will provide corporations with intelligent data over the Internet. TSYS currently processes approximately 86% of the domestic VISA and MasterCard commercial cards and 100% of all bankcards issued to federal government agencies participating in the General Services Administration’s ‘Smart Pay’ program. When Synovus completes this acquisition, ProCard will continue to operate in Golden, CO, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Synovus.


Alexandar Joins TSA

Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. announced that Roger K. Alexander has joined its Board of Directors, effective as of its recent annual shareholders meeting. Mr. Alexander is a partner with the management consulting firm of Edgar, Dunn & Company, working out of their London office. Prior to joining Edgar, Dunn & Company, Mr. Alexander was a Senior Manager with Barclays Bank, most recently acting as Managing Director of Barclays Emerging Markets Group.

“We’re fortunate to have Roger join us on our Board,” said David C. Russell, President and CEO of Transaction Systems. “His expertise in international banking, e-payments and in emerging payments technology will be invaluable to our efforts going forward. In light of our recently announced strategy to consider ways to more rapidly grow several of our new Internet-centric businesses, Roger is a very timely addition to the team.”

In addition, the company announced that it has extended the duration of its previously announced stock buyback authorization. TSA announced on May 25, 1999 that the Company was authorized to repurchase up to 2 million of its outstanding common shares through February 28, 2000 and that it expected to use any shares purchased for employee stock plans or other corporate purposes. The Company has now extended the time period during which it is authorized to repurchase shares to February 28, 2001. Shares may be purchased from time to time in open market, negotiated, or block transactions.

Since announcing the buyback authorization on May 25, 1999, TSA has repurchased 1 million of its outstanding common shares.

Transaction Systems Architects’ software facilitates electronic commerce and e-payments by providing consumers and companies access to their money. Its products are used to process a wide range of e-payment transactions involving credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, Internet banking services, checks and high-value money transfers, as well as e-payment clearing, settlement and management. Transaction Systems’ solutions are used on more than 3,550 product systems in 79 countries on six continents.


Kluge Joins Prologic

Prologic announced that it has appointed Mr. Holger Kluge to its Board of Directors. Mr. Kluge is one of the most successful and influential senior executives in the global financial services industry. He currently serves on the boards of several high profile corporations in Canada and Asia Pacific, and is the ninth director on Prologic’s board.

Mr. Kluge is recognized as instrumental in CIBC’s success as an innovative leader in the global retail banking and financial services industry. In Mr. Kluge’s distinguished forty-year career with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (before retiring in 1999), he is most widely recognized as the President of Personal and Commercial Banking – a position he held for nine years. Under Mr. Kluge’s direction, CIBC’s retail business grew to exceed one billion dollars in profit, making it one of Canada’s Top Ten Corporate performers. Previous to his role as President, he held the position of Executive Vice President, International Operations and enhanced the profitability of CIBC operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, West Indies and Latin America.

In addition to being on Prologic’s Board of Directors, Mr. Kluge holds board memberships with corporations in a variety of industries. Tom.com Ltd. (Hong Kong), Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Ltd., TAL Global Asset Management Ltd. (Canada), Hong Kong Electric, VLINX.com, Husky Oil Ltd. (Canada) and Covenant House, Toronto are among the corporations on whose board Mr. Kluge is currently appointed.

Fluent in the English, German and French languages, Mr. Kluge has worked and studied around the world. He graduated with an MBA, with Honours, from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

“Prologic has developed a highly specialized software solution for the niche of the financial services marketplace that represents the most strategically important and highly profitable area of the business,” said Mr. Kluge. “Prologic’s focus on wealth management is both timely and astute.” Mr. Kluge continued, “I believe Prologic’s i-Wealthview, which offers an Internet-enabled banking, brokerage and insurance solution for increasing customer profitability, and utilizes new technologies such as wireless, will revolutionize the financial services technology infrastructure of large, progressive institutions.”

Mike Cardiff, President and CEO of Prologic Corporation stated, “Holger has played a vital role in shaping our industry and defining how a successful financial services organization does business. His wealth of experience and leadership expertise will help us grow our organization and enable us to keep up with the overwhelming demand for our extraordinary products.”

Prologic Corporation is the leading developer of software solutions for the global financial services industry. Prologic’s customers include 7 of the top 25 largest banks in the world, with over 20 Internet banks using Prologic solutions. Prologic technology enables financial institutions to quickly deploy solutions for their converging financial services offerings, while also supporting capabilities for increasing profitability, customer acquisition and retention. Prologic has recently announced i-Wealthview(tm), its new enterprise wealth management solution that features e-banking, e-brokerage and e-insurance. Through strategic alliances with Microsoft, Compaq Computer Corporation, and other international partners, Prologic’s banking solutions are in use in over 300 financial institutions globally. Visit Prologic’s home page at [www.PrologicCorp.com][1], or call +1(604)278-6470.

[1]: http://www.prologiccorp.com/


Check Cashing Machine Deployment

Greenland Corporation announced the installation of the first Greenland automated check-cashing machine into the Piggly Wiggly chain of grocery stores in North Carolina. Piggly Wiggly stores provide supermarket services to customers in locations primarily in the Southeastern United States.

Don Johnson, the Company’s sales representative in North Carolina, stated that Greenland machines have been installed in North Carolina and South Carolina and that he is thrilled not only with the performance of the machines but also with the enthusiastic customer response to the services.

Fiber Optic Frame Relay Upgrade

All of the field installed Greenland automated check-cashing machines have been upgraded to Sprint Fiber Optic Frame Relay technology, complete with state of the art Cisco Communication hardware. The reliability of the frame circuits has far surpassed expectations and are operating with 100% up-time.

First Beta Site Installation of Payday Advance Technology

Greenland has installed an automated check-cashing machine in Santee, California which will be the first beta site for Greenland’s newest payday advance technology. The beta site, owned by Credit Solutions Corporation, will be operated on a joint venture basis with Greenland Corporation. The initial installation will include Greenland’s standard financial functions and payday advance services will be added by April 1, 2000.

“Greenland is extremely pleased with the completion of its newest technology,” said Dr. Louis Montulli, CEO of Greenland Corporation. “The technology was one year in the making and will enhance Greenland’s revolutionary automated check-cashing ATM kiosk. Greenland will continue to develop new applications such as bill paying and wire transfer services through its technology development program to maintain its state-of-the-art status.”

Greenland Corporation is a manufacturing corporation with existing product and product under development. The Company is currently introducing an automated payroll check- cashing machine with full ATM functionality, and money order dispensing services. The company’s common stock trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol “GLCP”. Visit Greenland Corporation on the internet at http://www.greenlandcorp.com.


Portfolio Litigation

A nasty battle is brewing between two parties involved in a real estate secured credit card affinity program. CA-based First Alliance Mortgage confirmed this morning that it filed a lawsuit against Fidelity Federal Bank, FSB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Los Angeles-based Bank Plus Corporation. The litigation centers around four agreements that include an agreement requiring First Alliance to purchase, at the expiration of the contract, all of the outstanding accounts and related receivables. The contract expired two weeks ago and is now in arbitration after First Alliance refused to open its books and records as required under the program servicing agreement. First Alliance then filed the lawsuit, seeking to obtain a temporary restraining order against Fidelity in connection with a First Alliance $2.7 million reserve fund held by Fidelity. However the court denied First Alliance’s request after Fidelity promised not to convert the funds to other uses. First Alliance said this morning that it anticipates that a conflict of interest issue involving Bank Plus’s current CEO and his role in the original negotiation of the agreements will significantly impact the arbitration. At the time of the negotiation of the agreements in Feb. 1997, Bank Plus’s current CEO was both on the Board of Directors of Bank Plus, and the CFO of First Alliance Corp., purportedly acting on behalf of First Alliance in the negotiations. As of January 31 total credit card receivables under the program totaled $17.3 million.


MoneyGram Intl Discount

MoneyGram Payment Services has announced a special promotion offering customers a $5 discount when transferring money to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

The offer runs until April 15, and all normal transaction fees to these areas will automatically include this special discount.

According to MoneyGram, one of the world’s leading international money wire transfer services, customers will be able to send $100 to any of these five regions for just a $5 fee. The company says the promotion results in some of the lowest fees in the money wire transfer service industry. Fees differ based on the amount transferred above $100.

In addition to the transfer fees for a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram or its agents will be applied.

“We want to make it easy for customers to save with no coupons or calculations,” said Ann Doelling, senior director of International Marketing. “Now customers who wire money overseas can take advantage of MoneyGram’s worldwide network for fast and reliable service.”

MoneyGram has 15,000 agent locations in the United States and operates in more than 120 countries..


Red Hot e-Connect

CA-based eConnect has emerged as the hottest OTCBB stock, setting new volume records and surpassing price gains, on a percentage basis, of most NASDAQ traded stocks. The San Pedro, CA-based firm is a developer of global Internet ATM and PIN cash payment transactions. The company’s stock soared more than 300% last week. On Friday the firm announced it has structured a licensing arrangement with PalmPilot to enable first-ever wireless hand-held Internet terminal transactions. The PalmPilot deal is part of a joint venture deal with FL-based Pilot Island Publishing’s ‘PocketPay’ solution. The ‘PocketPay’, which will be a hand-held combination ‘Palm VII’, phone and bank card Internet terminal, will send encrypted ATM card with PIN or credit card data to the ‘Palm VII’ proxy server center, which in turn will then send on the data to the ‘eConnect/RGTecq Linux Transaction’ server, which in turn will pass on the transaction to the eConnect host systems for bank card authorization. eConnect also confirmed this morning that the ‘eConnect/RGTecq Linux Transaction’ server successfully sent a full Internet ATM card with PIN message format to eFunds over the weekend. The company is also aiming to bring instant cash payment by ATM card and PIN to Internet commerce. The company further announced this morning a new merchant portal featuring more than 200 paid merchant listings with an additional 1,500 merchants projected to join the site before the end of April. The re-designed PowercClick portal builds on eConnect’s recent acquisition of the Powerclick network.


E.piphany into eCardSMART

CardSystems, Inc., announced that it has signed an agreement with E.piphany, Inc., to offer the E.piphany E.4 system to the financial services industry with focus on the electronic payments segment. E.piphany’s real-time analytics are being integrated as part of CardSystems’ end-to-end eCardSMART electronic payment processing solution. By combining the data warehouse that inherently exists in a payment processing environment provided by CardSystems with the real-time analytic capabilities provided by E.piphany E.4, CardSystems expects to deliver renewed value from the huge volumes of data processed within the electronic payments industry.

CardSystems will provide the E.piphany E.4 Reporting and Analysis solution to financial institutions as licensable software or as an Application Service Provider (ASP). In the ASP model, CardSystems will host E.piphany E.4 in its Tucson, Ariz., processing center. Through the emerging ASP delivery model, CardSystems offers its customers “software rental.” CardSystems’ customers will have access to E.piphany capabilities, including trend analysis and one- to-one customer data analysis, using a standard web browser over the Internet. By embracing E.piphany’s solution along with the ASP model for software delivery, CardSystems expects to immediately enable the Customer Relationship Management component of the eCardSMART(R) Intelligent Processing Suite under the product name eBIS-Merchant(R).

“In keeping with CardSystems’ strategy of incorporating best-of-breed solution components with proprietary eCardSMART(R) functional components delivering complete end-to-end eCardSMART(R) electronic payments solutions, CardSystems has identified E.piphany E.4 as the best-of-breed data mining solution in the marketplace today” said John S. Cramp, chairman and chief executive officer of CardSystems. “By leveraging our full-service processing center with E.piphany’s ASP delivery option, we will be providing the state- of-the-art data analysis tool our customers need in a format that is easy to embrace. And the ASP option significantly reduces the infrastructure barriers cited by many of our customers as an obstacle to adopting a CRM solution.”

“The electronic payments industry, with its huge transaction-based data marts, provides the ideal backdrop for our solution,” said E.piphany’s president and chief executive officer, Roger Siboni. “CardSystems’ eCardSMART(R) solution framework, with its use of flexible, contemporary technologies, provides market differentiation that complements our approach to solutions delivery. CardSystems’ ability to implement our ASP option will provide an even greater number of companies within the electronic payments industry with the ability to quickly establish, maintain and continually improve customer relationships, as merchant acquirers of all sizes are able to quickly begin using E.piphany E.4 for robust, real-time analytics.”

About CardSystems

CardSystems, Inc., is a leading provider of applications to the global electronic payments industry, offering solutions to financial institutions and other transaction-oriented companies. Since its October 1999 merger with Maverick International Processing Services Inc., CardSystems has become the industry’s first Application Service Provider (ASP), evolving its proprietary eCardSMART(R) card processing methodology across a wide spectrum of applications. Additionally, CardSystems has developed intelligent enabling technologies that include an expert system, neural network and software applications optimized for the card processing industry. The eCardSMART(R) suite of intelligent products and Internet solutions give clients control over their proprietary customer data, dramatic productivity gains and compelling return on investment (ROI). CardSystems has deployed payment solutions in more than 30 countries. For more information on CardSystems, visit the company’s web site at [http://www.cardsystems.com][1].

About E.piphany

E.piphany is the provider of real-time analytical applications that create a single enterprise-wide view of the customer enabling insight and personalized action across all touch points. The E.piphany E.4 system is designed to help companies establish, maintain and improve customer relationships for the new customer economy. The E.4 system is an integrated suite of software solutions that enable companies to profile and analyze individual customer characteristics and preferences and then leverage that information to drive marketing campaigns and individually tailored products and services.

E.piphany, E.4 and the E.piphany logo are trademarks of E.piphany, Inc.

[1]: http://www.cardsystems.com/


Bank One 1Q/00

Bank One Corp. warned investors on Friday that analysts’ profit projections for the first quarter will most likely fall short due to continued weakness in the First USA credit card unit. The company said it encouraged analysts to lower their first-quarter estimates to 60 cents a share, down from the current range of 62 cents to 69 cents. Bank One predicted that the first quarter would the weakest quarter of 2000, however, full year net profits were still on track to exceed $3 billion. Bank One continues to revamp its credit card business amidst intense price competition and changing cardholder economics. The bank indicates that cardholder attrition has slowed, re-pricing is in place, and overall efficiencies have improved. Bank One also continues to search for a permanent chief executive to replace John McCoy, who resigned in December as chairman and CEO. Bank One’s stock declined 4.5% on Friday following the 1Q/00 earnings news.