Equifax & Intell-A-Check

Equifax announced that its Check Solutions unit has formed an alliance with Intell-A-Check Corporation that will enable e-tailers to provide their customers the convenience of paying by check securely and efficiently online. This alliance gives the consumer and merchant a complete one-stop check payment solution, including identity verification, a one to three second check approval (equal to credit card approval times) and creation of a check draft or an Automated Clearing House file for final settlement.

“Equifax PayNet Secure along with Intell-A-Check’s check settlement software will enable consumers to pay by check online using secure socket layer technology, never once touching their pen to a check,” says Jeff Carbiener, general manager Equifax Check Solutions. “E-tailers and other direct marketing companies can reach more customers who prefer to pay by check without compromising their security.”

The Intell-A-Check software solution is a powerful, sophisticated check writing program designed to allow a company to create drafts drawn on a client’s account for both business-to-business and consumer-to-business transactions. These drafts can either be printed or output as an ACH file suitable for sending directly to the company’s bank.

In addition to Internet transactions, Equifax and Intell-A-Check will be able to offer mail order companies, telephone order operations and other faceless, signatureless transaction environments a viable solution for accepting checks without the fear of loss. “Intell-A-Check is 100% certified for dial-up and Direct IP for the Internet with multi-transaction or single-transaction capabilities,” said Louis Obssuth, president of Intell-A-Check.

Equifax PayNet Secure gives online shoppers a quick and efficient “shopping cart” experience and offers the online e-tailer the following benefits:

— Industry-leading authentication. Equifax PayNet Secure utilizes Equifax Secure eID Verifier, the most advanced online identity- verification service available.

— Online real-time payment authorization. Transactions will be approved within seconds and orders can be processed and shipped immediately.

— Protection against high-risk check and credit card transactions. Through superior risk models and artificial intelligence technology, fraud is controlled.

“Both Equifax and Intell-A-Check are in the business of providing customer relationship management solutions for their customers and this partnership adds yet another dimension of services and options available to make shopping over any medium a pleasant experience for the consumer,” Carbiener added.

Founded in 1993, Intell-A-Check Corporation is a leader in payment technologies, providing a range of electronic payment solutions to Fortune 1000 organizations, including MCI WorldCom, Comcast Cablevision, Bank of America, Consolidated Edison of New York, Staples Corporation, and GE Capital. Located in Belleville, NJ, the company is a Microsoft Commerce Partner. It’s flagship product, Intell-A-Check!, is a Microsoft BackOffice certified solution that supports a broad range of technology platforms.

Equifax Check Solutions provides check authorization services for over 140,000 merchant locations around the world and last year authorized over $45 billion in checks. Equifax ([http://www.equifax.com][1] ), a worldwide leader in shaping global commerce, brings buyers and sellers together through its information management, transaction processing and knowledge-based businesses. Atlanta-based Equifax serves the financial services, retail, credit card, telecommunications/utilities, transportation, information technology and healthcare industries and government. Equifax adds knowledge, expertise, convenience and security to provide value-added solutions and processes for its customers wherever they do business, including the Internet and other networks. Equifax employs about 13,000 associates in 17 countries with sales in almost 50 and has $1.8 billion in revenue.

[1]: http://www.equifax.com/


MovieFone Expansion

AOL MovieFone and American Express invaded Houston this week with the launch of a moviegoer frequency program backed by both film distributors and theater chains. First launched in New York City last March, moviegoers in the Houston area will earn a complimentary ticket for every ten purchased through MovieFone with an AmEx Card. The MovieFone program was launched last month in Washington, DC (See CF Library 1/5/00) The Houston program will be available at all Loews Cineplex Entertainment and Angelika theaters which already offer advance tickets through AOL MovieFone and comprise over 70 screens in the Houston area. Participating studios include Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Universal Pictures, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, MGM/UA, New Line Cinema, Miramax, and Paramount Pictures.


Equifax UK Contract

Equifax and Claritas have joined up to undertake a three-year project to build a unique marketing database for Marks & Spencer Financial Services. Representing an industry first for its scale and technological innovation, the alliance will create a prospect universe, a unique database comprising 44 million UK adults, profiled using the Equifax ‘Dimensions’ database and data from Claritas’s ‘Lifestyle Universe’ database. The contract is also unique in its blend of risk and marketing data that will be used to build the most accurate picture of the UK customer. By mining a wide range of information from Equifax and Claritas on consumers, distribution channels and products, the two companies aim to help Marks & Spencer Financial Services target the right marketing programs to deliver the products and services their customers want, when they want them.


Atreva Hits Trump Taj Mahal

InnoVentry, developer and distributor of a complete line of advanced cash-management machines, today announced the establishment by its Entertainment Business of a beachhead on the East Coast, with the signing of an agreement to provide cash management services for the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and the Trump Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, N.J.

Initially, seven of InnoVentry’s revolutionary ATREVA Express Cash Management Machines will be deployed at the Trump Taj Mahal, and three at the Trump Marina. The installations are expected to be completed this week.

Designed for small spaces, ATREVA Express takes up less room than a vending machine. It features InnoVentry’s unique Cash Direct service, which provides attendant-less execution of card-based transactions such as ATM withdrawals and ATM debit transactions.

ATREVA Express also incorporates the ATREVA Media second screen, which entertains gaming patrons as their transactions are being processed. In addition, casino management at the Trump properties will use ATREVA Media to market directly to their patrons with customized messaging, public-service announcements and on-screen advertising.

“We’re delighted to partner with InnoVentry in offering our patrons a cash-management solution that’s a perfect fit for two of the world’s most exciting leisure and resort destinations,” said Francis McCarthy Jr., executive vice president of corporate finance and chief financial officer of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.

“We’re eager to see how InnoVentry and its ATREVA line of products can help us reduce our costs and simplify our operations by consolidating in a single device a wide variety of cash-management tasks.”

With their unique design and dynamic user interfaces, ATREVA Cash Management Machines are a dramatic departure from the boxy uniformity of conventional ATM machines. Hornall Anderson Design Works, the Seattle-based firm that formulated the retailing concepts for Starbucks coffee bars, was a key contributor in the development of the ATREVA product line’s unique look and feel.

“We’re extremely pleased that casino patrons at the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Marina will be the first on the East Coast to experience the ATREVA Business. “The Trump name is synonymous with the highest level of style, quality and service, and we’re excited to be associated with it as we enter this extremely important new market.”

The Trump Taj Mahal, on the Boardwalk at Virginia Ave., contains 148,000 square feet of casino space, with more than 4,000 slot machines and 200-plus table games.

The Trump Marina, at Huron Ave. and Brigantine Blvd., encloses 76,000 square feet of casino space, with more than 2,000 slot machines and nearly 100 table games.

About InnoVentry

InnoVentry is a private, San Francisco-based company with two primary investors-the wholesale bank of Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE: WFC) and Cash America International, Inc. (NYSE: PWN). InnoVentry is committed to providing self-service check cashing, ATM, money orders, bill payment and other financial services to the self-banked.

InnoVentry distributes its cash-management machines under the RPM(TM) and ATREVA(TM) brands to leading retail networks and entertainment venues across the nation. Since InnoVentry’s launch, it has installed some 450 cash-management machines, enrolled more than 350,000 customers, cashed over 1.3 million checks and established relationships with leading entertainment establishments such as the Trump Taj Mahal and Marina, Paris Las Vegas, The Venetian, The Resort at Summerlin and the Hard Rock Casino, and leading retailers such as Kroger, Circle K and HEB Pantry.


Mazzilli Returns to Equifax

Equifax Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Chapman has named Phillip Mazzilli as Equifax’s new executive vice president and chief financial officer, bringing back a highly respected Equifax veteran to lead the company’s financial management team. Mazzilli served as Equifax corporate vice president, treasurer and controller from 1992 to 1999.

“Phil Mazzilli is a tremendous asset to Equifax and we are delighted to have him back,” Chapman said. “I am strengthening our financial management team and Phil is critical to helping drive performance and unlock shareholder value. He is an extraordinary talent who is respected in the financial community. And, most importantly, Phil provides our company the kind of leadership that we need to advance our financial management strategies.” “I’m thrilled to be back and excited about the strategies that Tom has articulated,” Mazzilli said. “I want to be a part of what Tom and Lee Kennedy are putting in place to grow the business.”

During his first tenure at Equifax, Mazzilli was responsible for all accounting and treasury functions. Mazzilli also played a key role in integrating numerous acquisitions in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Prior to his position at Equifax, Mazzilli held several executive level positions with Equitable Life Assurance Society, IBM, Amerada Hess and the Lillian Vernon Corporation. Mazzilli earned a bachelor of science in Industrial and Labor Relations and an MBA in Finance both from Cornell University.

Mazzilli is returning to Equifax after a brief stint as executive vice president and chief financial officer at Atlanta-based NOVA Corporation. About Equifax

Equifax ([http://www.equifax.com][1]), a worldwide leader in shaping global commerce, brings buyers and sellers together through its information management, transaction processing and customer relationship management businesses. Atlanta-based Equifax serves the financial services, retail, credit card, telecommunications/utilities, transportation, information technology and healthcare industries and government. Equifax adds knowledge, expertise, convenience and security to provide value-added solutions and processes for its customers wherever they do business, including the Internet and other networks. Equifax employs more than 13,000 associates in 17 countries with sales in almost 50 and has $1.8 billion in revenue.

[1]: http://www.equifax.com/


New Deals

Fleet repriced its online credit card offers and Chase Manhattan has introduced a ‘Prime Rate’ card. Last month Fleet had the distinction of offering one of the lowest no-fee, APR’s in the nation, according to CardTrak ([www.cardtrak.com][1]). At a fixed rate of 7.99%, the Fleet ‘Titanium MasterCard’ was rivaled only by Providian’s ‘Aria Platinum Premium VISA’ 7.99% fixed rate. As of Friday, Fleet’s new ‘Titanium MasterCard’ price is 8.99% fixed. Fleet also made adjustments in its other online offers. Meanwhile Chase Manhattan is running national ads for its new ‘Prime Rate’ card, according to CardWatch ([www.cardwatch.com][2]). Chase is offering the Prime +0% with an annual fee of $49. The new card is only available via telephone applications. The Chase card competes with Wachovia’s ‘Prime For Life’ card which offers Prime +0% for an $88 annual fee.

Card Product Intro APR Go-To APR Annual Fee
Titanium MasterCard None 8.99% Fixed None
Platinum MasterCard 2.99%/6mo. Libor +4.48% None
Gold MasterCard 5.99%/6mo. Libor +7.48% None
Reward MasterCards* None 9.99%
Fixed None

* Reward MasterCards include: Edvance; Home Card; Exquisite Rewards; Art Rewards.
Source: CardTrak (www.cardtrak.com)

[1]: http://www.cardtrak.com
[2]: http://www.cardwatch.com


Q Comm Goes CellEase

Shared Technologies Cellular, Inc. announced that Q Comm International, Inc. has become a CellEase Member, which gives it access to STC’s universal prepaid platform and its array of services, including airtime redemption, transaction processing, IVR and call center services, collection, remittance, and point-of-sale activation. Q Comm will also offer STC’s prepaid cellular services under private label to retail customers at selected drug stores, gas stations, and convenience marts across the United States.

CellEase members enjoy immediate and dramatic expansion of their distribution network, since their customers can replenish wireless devices such as cellular phones and pagers with any airtime card bearing STC’s CellEase-Compatible(R) logo. Currently, CellEase(R)-powered products are available at thousands of retail outlets nationwide.

“This is an exciting opportunity,” said STC chairman and chief executive officer Anthony D. Autorino. “Both Shared Technologies Cellular and Q Comm International are aggressively committed to the prepaid industry, and there are facets of our respective operations that are both complementary and synergistic. Our nationwide network, back-office capabilities, and call centers address Q Comm’s needs, while Q Comm will open up additional retailers to the CellEase(R) product line,” Mr. Autorino added.

Paul Hickey, Q Comm International’s chief executive officer, agreed that the companies should benefit from their new association. “We’re delighted to be teamed up with STC, a company that shares our passion for prepaid telecom excellence. This new relationship helps each company establish a stronger foothold in retail outlets around the country within the rapidly expanding prepaid market. Working with Shared Technologies allows us instantly to access years of experience, technology, and infrastructure as well as a national footprint required to service large national retail accounts that we’ve had to turn away in the past. We are excited to open the floodgates for prepaid wireless on a national scale with Shared’s premium service.”

Shared Technologies Cellular and Q Comm International are two of the ten companies Intele-CardNews magazine named as Companies to Watch in 2000. Intele-CardNews has become the leading prepaid technologies trade publication since its debut in 1995.

Q Comm International Inc., a leading provider of proprietary and prepaid telecom services including phone cards, wireless, and dial tone, sells its products through high-transaction, small to mid-size retail environments throughout the U.S. The company markets direct to retailers as well as through its expanding national network of telecom resellers. At the core of Q Comm’s marketing strategy for its prepaid telephone products and services is Qxpress(TM), the Company’s versatile, revolutionary POSA terminal that dispenses the telephone units at retail locations for all of the Company’s products. The Qxpress terminal virtually eliminates a retailer’s concern with security, theft, inventory and shelf space limitations. Qxpress(TM) is designed to act as a conduit for multiple telecommunications carriers, can be easily programmed to meet a retailer’s pricing needs, and prints out flexible activity reports. The unique pay-as-you-go Qxpress(TM) terminal looks similar to a credit card transaction terminal, is easy to use, does not require a merchant to stock active, prepaid telephone products, eliminates initial start-up costs, and offers additional solutions to the marketplace that traditional services fail to deliver. Q Comm maintains a website at [http://www.qcomm.com][1].

Headquartered in Wethersfield, Connecticut, STC is a national cellular services provider with over ten years of cellular experience, offering rental, prepaid, and activation services across the United States. STC offers its rental services through marketing agreements with car rental companies and various airlines and hotels throughout the United States. STC’s prepaid cellular programs are distributed by various partners, including MCI WorldCom (Nasdaq: WCOM), and U.S. South Communications. These programs all employ CellEase(R), a universal usage card utilizing technology provided under contract by Telemac Corporation, US/Intelicom, and others. As a reseller or agent for most cellular carriers, STC can offer cellular services to approximately 98% of the U.S. population. Visit the Company’s web site at [http://www.CellEase.com][2].

[1]: http://www.qcomm.com/
[2]: http://www.cellease.com/


Better Homes Picks IDT Card

Better Homes and Gardens Vacations has selected IDT’s GlobalCall prepaid calling card as a service provider for its new travel and tourism business.

IDT is a leading multinational carrier and telecommunications company. Better Homes and Gardens Vacations is a joint venture between Global Vacation Group and publisher Meredith Corporation.

“IDT is excited and proud to be a service provider for Better Homes and Gardens Vacations,” said Jim Courter, IDT President and Vice Chairman. “The Better Homes and Gardens brand is synonymous with fine quality and outstanding value.”

The IDT GlobalCall phone card lets people call for up to a 90 % savings from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using any touch tone telephone. It’s price and portability make it the must have phone card for travelers. And when used to make a domestic long distance call, the rate is an incredibly low 6.9 cents per minute.

“Our goal is to give people exciting, yet affordable vacations,” said Bob Mate, Meredith Corporation’s Vice President and Publishing Director, “and IDT’s GlobalCall card is a great value, allows travelers to bypass high hotel telephone rates and not worry about carrying around a cell phone.”

“Vacationers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the IDT GlobalCall card, it’s also great for business travelers,” added Keith Mendelson, Vice President of IDT’s domestic Telecom Division, “since, the GlobalCall card offers enhanced services like VoiceMail and FaxMail. These services are available at the same low rates 24 hours, 7 days a week.”

IDT ‘s GlobalCall prepaid calling card will be the exclusive phone card offered in Better Homes and Gardens Vacations promotional campaign. As part of the promotion, Better Homes and Gardens Vacations will give a 60 minute IDT GlobalCall phone card to everyone who purchases a vacation package from Better Homes and Gardens Vacations. In addition, the Better Homes and Gardens Vacations promotion will include the IDT GlobalCall calling card logo on a 200-thousand piece direct mail campaign and will also be part of a 4-page magazine insert to be included in 5 Meredith publications from January through March, 2000. The magazine titles include Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, Ladies Home Journal, Traditional Home and Golf For Women.

The IDT GlobalCall calling card will be the only prepaid phone card featured on the Better Homes and Gardens Vacations website at [www.bhgvacations.com][1]

For more information about the GlobalCall prepaid calling card, consumers can call 1(800) 346-6664 or visit [www.global-call.net][2].

IDT is a leading multinational carrier that combines its position as an international telecommunications operator with its experience as an Internet service provider to provide a broad range of telecommunications services to its wholesale and retail customers worldwide.

Through its own national telecommunications backbone and network infrastructure IDT provides its customers with integrated and competitively priced international and domestic long distance, pre-paid calling cards, Internet access and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service.

[1]: http://www.bhgvacations.com/
[2]: http://www.global-call.net/


Talk Visual Buys First Debit Corp

Talk Visual Corporation announced that the company has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of the outstanding stock of First Debit Corporation of Toronto Canada. First Debit Corporation specializes in the production, distribution and sales of prepaid telephone cards in the major Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal.

The acquisition will involve a combination of cash and TVCP common stock. The common stock will be issued pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 144, which mandates a minimum one-year restriction on the sale of the securities.

FDC, which has been in business for several years, has over 600 retail client locations to which it sells prepaid telephone cards. A wide range of cards are retailed to these clients’ customers through well-placed locations in Montreal and Toronto. Gross revenues for the year ending December 31, 1999 were excess of four million dollars ($4,000,000) Canadian.

Company Chairman Michael Zwebner stated “This new acquisition is another important step towards the company’s stated goal of becoming a significant force in telecommunications, with a special emphasis on the sale of videocalling, pagers, air time, cellphones and prepaid telephone cards into business and expatriate markets. Because of the intimate relationship between prepaid card purchasers and videocalling – the `away from home’ or expatriate users and the people they call all over the globe – we know that there is excellent crossover between phone cards sales and potential videocalling customer sales.”

Mr. Zwebner continued to explain that “…we at Talk Visual Corporation seek to acquire solid, well-run companies that have market presence, offer strong telecommunications products, are undergoing solid and reasonable growth, and operate within a well-established distribution and/or marketplace framework. With our help, this soon-to-be-acquired Canadian operation will seek to expand its market share, its geographical operating base and where remunerative – its product offerings.”

According to company President and CEO Eugene Rosov, TVCP “…expects to see meaningful revenue growth in the coming fiscal year. We plan to manage FDC for that growth. Furthermore, now that we will soon have a Canadian distribution channel with long-term relationships and presence in over 600 retail locations, it is our intention to utilize this market channel opportunity. Even as we are performing our due diligence, we’re simultaneously planning how to send a variety of new high-margin products – such as pagers and cellular telephones – down the pipeline to these 600 locations.”

A list of the company’s videocalling shops is at [www.talkvisual.com][1].

The site allows visitors to order the 4th edition of the company’s impressive full-color newspaper. Talk Visual sells pagers at [www.beeperforabuck.com][2], and will soon launch prepaid telephone sales from [www.prepaidtelephones.com][3].

Talk Visual Corporation (OTC-BB: TVCP) is a pioneer in the video teleconferencing industry. It is developing global retail facilities to accommodate the growing video-communications needs of two key market segments: businesses and expatriate ethnic populations. Talk Visual can be reached toll-free at 1-877-22VIDEO within the United States, or at 305 572-0575 from abroad.

[1]: http://www.talkvisual.com/
[2]: http://www.beeperforabuck.com/
[3]: http://www.prepaidtelephones.com/


iBelong & MBNA Team

iBelong, Inc. today announced the launch of 13 new portals, or Internet “start pages,” customized for a wide variety of organizations and groups, including Youth Service America and James Madison University. Since January, iBelong has launched new portals at a rate of two to three per week, and now manages 20 such portals, which combine commerce and community features. Together, these portals have the capacity to reach more than 12 million group members.

iBelong portals link to and complement a group’s existing Web site. The company’s proprietary technology allows group members to personalize their portal so they can receive group-centric information, current news, financial data, local weather, and a variety of other services, such as Quicken(R) Turbo Tax(R) for the Web(SM) and MBNA credit card online applications and payments.

“Most portals were designed to reach a mass audience,” says Shikhar Ghosh, iBelong president, CEO and co-founder. “But iBelong portals offer a new choice – an Internet home, developed with a group you care about, that meets your unique interests and allows you to support a group through your everyday activities.”

Ghosh believes, when given a choice, most people will prefer an iBelong portal versus a “one size fits all” service. He points to the popularity of affinity credit cards, proceeds of which benefit organizations, and says, “The same model will succeed on the Internet.”

New Portals

iBelong’s 13 newest portals were developed for professional and alumni associations, special interest and hobby/sporting groups:

Alumni Groups

– James Madison University —


– Northwood University Alumni Association —


– Toledo University Alumni Association —


– University of Central Florida Alumni —


– University of Missouri Alumni Association —


Professional Groups

– Lawyersnet Legal Center —


– National Medical Network —


– The Society for Developmental Education (teacher group) —


Special Interests

– Irish Heritage Society —


– Scottish Rite (a Masonic body) —


– Youth Service America — [http://ysa.ibelong.com][11]

Sports and Hobby

– American Flyers —


– USA Volleyball —


A Total Solution

Peter Pfeiffer, acting director of development for the Scottish Rite, a body of the Masonic fraternal order and a new iBelong client, wanted to create an Internet presence for the group that would compel members to return again and again. He was impressed with iBelong because the company offers a comprehensive program that introduces both tech savvy members to the portal and “newbies” to the Internet.

“iBelong presented so many attractive services which we couldn’t find elsewhere,” says Pfeiffer. “Now, our members are personalizing their iBelong portal and using it as their home page.”

CEO Ghosh says, “We don’t think that `if you build it, they will come.’ That’s why iBelong serves as a group’s e-business partner, helping to build a complete online presence and then market the offering to members.”

iBelong’s solution includes discounted computers, an Internet connection (ISP), a “front door” to the Internet (the portal), an e-commerce marketplace, e-mail, and community features, including Web publishing, chat, discussion, and message boards. iBelong also funds and executes an integrated marketing program to reach group members offline and bring them to the portal.

For members, the portals serve as a credible, comfortable Internet home page. Groups benefit because their iBelong portals:

– Offer an online venue for valuable services,

– Help increase membership, involvement, attention and loyalty, and

– Generate additional, non-dues or donation-related revenue.

Aimee McGrath, from the University of Central Florida Alumni Association, believes the group’s new iBelong portal will help keep graduates interested in their alma mater. “We provide alumni with a variety of services they can enjoy, including secured online job and career advice and volunteer opportunities,” says McGrath. “The portal serves as an ideal way to keep them included and involved in these activities,” she notes.

About iBelong

iBelong, Inc., based in Waltham, Mass., was founded in 1998, by Shikhar Ghosh, recognized as a leading Internet entrepreneur by Fortune, Forbes and Business Week, and Howard Kessler, chairman and CEO of Kessler Financial Services and a pioneer of affinity marketing. The company develops and manages customized portals, or Internet “start pages,” for non-profit and commercial membership groups. The portals serve as a trusted and credible Internet home for group members, and connect them with the activities, interests and people they care about most. For more information, visit [www.ibelong.com][14].

[1]: http://jmu.ibelong.com/
[2]: http://northwood.ibelong.com/
[3]: http://toledo.ibelong.com/
[4]: http://ucfalumni.ibelong.com/
[5]: http://mizzou.ibelong.com/
[6]: http://lawyers.ibelong.com/
[7]: http://doctors.ibelong.com/
[8]: http://sde.ibelong.com/
[9]: http://irishheritage.ibelong.com/
[10]: http://freemason.ibelong.com/
[11]: http://ysa.ibelong.com/
[12]: http://americanflyers.ibelong.com/
[13]: http://usavolleyball.ibelong.com/
[14]: http://www.ibelong.com/



Mag-Tek has introduced the ‘APTM Transaction Terminal’ to assist tellers to quickly identify customers with the swipe of a card and the associated PIN. The new ‘APTM Transaction Terminal’ facilitates seamless integration with popular teller automation software applications. It connects to the teller station or platform PC via a RS-232 port, and includes an additional RS-232 port for connecting other peripherals such as a Mag-Tek check reader. The ATM-style display prompts, with the screen addressable function keys of the APTM, provide a user-friendly customer interface. The APTM’s security processor is independent of its application processor, resulting in a secure and virus-proof design that enables an end-to-end secure link. The design meets industry recognized cryptographic standards.


VISA – elcom.com

MA-based elcom.com and VISA International EU have entered into a ‘Co-Marketing Memorandum of Understanding’. Under the agreement VISA will recommend ‘PECOS Internet Procurement Manager’, elcom.com’s remotely-hosted automated procurement system, to its member banks for internal use, or for a member bank’s commercial customers. The solution combines elcom.com’s flagship product, ‘PECOS Internet Procurement Manager’, with VISA’s commercial electronic payment and data delivery mechanism. The system is a host-based Internet automated procurement system application accessible via a web browser, offering end users e-click purchasing, low cost of entry, rapid ROI, and speedy pilot implementation.