HH Names Retail Card Head

Household International announced a number of appointments in its senior management ranks. In making these changes, William F. Aldinger, Household’s chairman and chief executive officer, said, “1999 has been a year in which Household has continued to make great progress in generating profitable growth, improving customer service, controlling costs and meeting our earnings targets. I see this as a reflection of the exceptionally talented employees that we have, coupled with the strong leadership delivered by our senior management team. The executive appointments we are announcing today will help us maintain our momentum and position the company for continued growth and success.” All of these executives will report to Mr. Aldinger.

Lawrence N. Bangs, 63, formerly Group Executive, has been named Vice Chairman of Household International, with continuing responsibility for the company’s international and insurance operations. In addition, Mr. Bangs will work closely with Mr. Aldinger on business strategy. Mr. Bangs has been with Household since 1959.

Rocco J. Fabiano, 43, has been named Group Executive, with responsibility for Household Retail Services USA, the company’s private label credit card business, as well as Household Automotive Finance and Household Tax Masters, the company’s tax refund anticipation lending program for electronic filers. Mr. Fabiano joined Household in 1997 when the company acquired ACC Consumer Finance, which Mr. Fabiano had co-founded.

David A. Schoenholz, 48, has been appointed Group Executive — Chief Financial Officer. In addition to his responsibilities as chief financial officer, Mr. Schoenholz will assume responsibility for Household Financial Services, which includes the company’s wholesale and correspondent lending activities. Mr. Schoenholz will continue to be responsible for company-wide technology, credit risk management and commercial lending activities. Mr. Schoenholz joined Household in 1985.

Colin P. Kelly, 56, has been named Senior Vice President — Administration, with the company’s government relations function being added to his current responsibilities. Mr. Kelly will continue to oversee the company’s human resources, training and development, properties and facilities, and philanthropic activities. Mr. Kelly has been with Household since 1965.

Household International, through its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of consumer finance, credit card, non-prime auto finance and credit insurance products in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. In the United States, Household operates under the two oldest and most widely recognized names in consumer finance — HFC and Beneficial. Household is also one of the nation’s largest issuers of private-label and general purpose credit cards, including the GM Card and the AFL-CIO’s Union Privilege card. For more information, visit the company’s web site at [http://www.household.com][1].

[1]: http://www.household.com/


Vital & ICI Team

Vital Processing Services and TX-based Integrated Concepts announced an agreement Wednesday to deliver a suite of e-commerce services to acquirers and their merchants. The Vital – ICI agreement gives Vital the right to offer acquirers and their merchants ICI’s ‘Pro’ and ‘EC Packs’, a series of Web site development services that are integrated exclusively with ‘VirtualNet’, Vital’s Internet payment gateway. VirtualNet has a direct connection to authorize, clear and settle payments over the Internet, eliminating third-party pathways. Features of ICI’s services include: online catalogs, shopping carts, site-specific search engines, virtual reality and animation.


VISA & Uniglobe

Online travel leader and cruise vacation specialist Uniglobe.com Inc. announced the implementation of a recently completed strategic online partnership with Visa U.S.A. designed to reach millions of online travel shoppers through specialized co-marketing programs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Uniglobe.com’s Value Added Offers will be featured on the “Travel Partners,” “World’s Best Travel Promotions,” and “Featured Deals & Discounts” sections of Visa.com. Visa also will provide Web advertising, hot links, and statement inserts with Visa member financial institutions to support the partnership and drive traffic to both companies’ Web sites. In return, Uniglobe.com will provide a series of special offers exclusive to Visa cardholders on its site, which must be redeemed using a Visa card and will be promoted extensively on Uniglobe.com.

As a preferred online cruise travel partner for Visa, Uniglobe.com will provide customers with special offers when they purchase travel packages using their Visa cards. The alliance further solidifies Uniglobe.com’s leadership position in the cruise niche of the online travel industry and enables Visa to offer additional value on highly desirable vacations to its cardholders.

The first special offer under this program is a complimentary two-category upgrade when cardholders use their Visa cards to book a cruise on select sailings of Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises. Information on the program can be found at .

“Visa and Uniglobe are both premier brands in their respective industries and are building on decades of experience to provide even more value to consumers using the power of the Web,” said Martin H. Charlwood, President and Chief Executive Officer of Uniglobe.com. “The value we are bringing to each other’s online efforts is in the millions of dollars.”

Travel is the second-largest category of Internet commerce. Online travel sales are projected to rise from $827 million in 1997 to $10 to $15 billion per year by 2002. More than one million households have already booked travel online, and travel is expected to eclipse all other forms of online purchases by the end of this year.

About Uniglobe.com

Uniglobe.com Inc. provides products and services via the Internet to leisure and business travelers as well as operates an Internet travel fulfillment center for home-based agents and online companies. Strategic partners include Yahoo!, Expedia.com, Excite Canada, Galileo International, Lucent Technologies, Autobytel.com, Avenue A, GetThere.com and Leisure Planet. Its largest shareholder, Uniglobe Travel (International) Inc., is the world’s largest single brand travel franchise organization with 1,100 locations recording US$2 billion annually in gross travel bookings. Visit the Company’s Web site at [http://www.uniglobe.com][1].

[1]: http://www.uniglobe.com/


InfoSpace Buys Prio

WA-based InfoSpace.com has agreed to acquire Mountain View,CA-based Prio, Inc. With the acquisition, InfoSpace.com will be able to provide an enhanced e-commerce infrastructure that integrates online promotion technologies with merchants’ existing credit card processing infrastructure. InfoSpace.com will be able to target and deliver online promotions to consumers on their wireless devices or while they are looking for goods and services on Web sites. Prio has established partnerships with American Express, Bank of America, Nova, CardService International and First of Omaha. Current investors in Prio include Microsoft, Intel, American Express, DataCard, Knight Ridder, SOFTBANK and VeriFone. Under the terms of the acquisition,InfoSpace.com will exchange 2,685,000 shares of common stock for all of Prio’s outstanding shares, warrants and options. InfoSpace’s stock trades around $170 per share.


Oasis & IBM

Oasis Technology Ltd. announced Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with IBM to integrate Oasis’ leading line of Internet-enabled e-payment products with IBM’s Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) operating system and transaction processing environment. The result will be the first commercially available e-payment solutions for the TPF platform.

TPF is an S/390-based transaction processing system that was originally developed for use in airline passenger reservation systems. The system is noted for its rock solid availability, high performance and ability to process extremely large transaction volumes. To date, TPF has had relatively limited use in the financial services industry, having been adopted mainly by large institutions that could afford to develop their own e-payment solutions in-house based on the TPF system.

The relationship between Oasis and IBM paves the way for broader usage of both TPF and Oasis’ e-payment solutions by providing financial institutions, retailers, transportation companies, credit card processors and others with an affordable, open alternative for electronically processing payment transactions on TPF applications. The new solutions will combine the flexibility and openness of Oasis’ e-payment solutions with the proven 24×7 capabilities of TPF.

IBM S/390 customers will be able to leverage their existing investment in mainframe systems while driving next-generation e-payment solutions. The flexibility and openness of Oasis’ e-payment products also will provide customers with unprecedented flexibility in their information systems. Because Oasis’ e-payment solutions will run on multiple operating systems, firms can use a combination of underlying operating systems and platforms to meet their needs, without having to alter their e-payment solutions.

“We’re combining Oasis’ open, feature-rich e-payment solutions with the high-volume, high-reliability characteristics of the TPF operating system to deliver to our customers the best attributes of both-all at a very competitive price point,” said Roger Rogers, manager of business development for TPF. “We see this relationship as a way for IBM and Oasis customers to compete in high-growth markets such as ATM, credit and debit card processing.”

“By combining TPF with Oasis’ recognized e-payment solutions, we’re giving customers an ideal opportunity to further exploit their mainframe technology. At the same time, we’re opening the door for them to process transactions from emerging channels such as smart cards and the Internet,” said Matt Elson, vice president, US channel sales, for Oasis Technology. “Today’s announcement is extremely good news for financial institutions using mainframe technology that need to keep pace with the growth of the Internet and other e-commerce payment channels.”

IBM worked with Oasis to develop the first TPF-based e-payment solutions for several reasons. Technically, both Oasis’ e-payment solutions and TPF are “process-oriented.” That is, each transaction runs independently of every other transaction being processed. Should one transaction encounter an error, only that transaction is affected. This approach boosts reliability and decreases errors while benefiting from the high processing speeds of TPF.

Oasis IST/Foundation and IST/Switch are expected to be the first Oasis products available for TPF, followed by the other applications in Oasis’ e-payment product line. The TPF-based solutions are expected to be available in the year 2000.

The agreement broadens an existing relationship between IBM and Oasis. At present, Oasis and IBM are in a non-exclusive cooperative marketing agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, Oasis and IBM will collaborate to promote the use of Oasis’s e-payment and EFT/POS products on IBM’s UNIX AIX operating system. Once the port to TPF is complete, the two companies will jointly market the resulting e-payment solutions.

Oasis Technology is a member of IBM’s worldwide PartnerWorld for Developers program which is designed to help commercial software developers reach broader markets, lower their costs of doing business, and take their products to market faster. The program is focused on leading-edge technologies that enable developers to deliver complete e-business solutions to their customers. For more information on PartnerWorld for Developers or to join the program, visit: [http://www.developer.ibm.com][1]

About Oasis Technology Ltd.

Oasis Technology Ltd. delivers leading e-payment software products to Internet and brick-and-mortar banks, e-tailers, retailers, card associations, and third-party processors in more than 70 countries worldwide. Today, e-payment systems powered by Oasis software process almost four billion annual transactions. Oasis e-payment software products are designed for end-to-end payment processing and drive every major payment channel – the Internet, ATM, POS, and telephone. The company’s international client base includes ABN Amro, American Express, The Bank of Montreal, Citibank, Credicard Brazil, Diners, Europay, Golden Card (China), MasterCard and Visa. With corporate headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the company also operates offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Miami, Florida and California and supports an extensive network of international distributors and sales representatives. Visit Oasis online at [www.oasis-technology.com][2].

AIX is a trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

[1]: http://www.developer.ibm.com/
[2]: http://www.oasis-technology.com/


CyberBills Upgrades

CyberBills announced a next-generation electronic billing service for consumers and channel partners. This e-Billing service, which presents paperless invoices for StatusFactory.com’s bill management services, is also available to CyberBills’ channel partners so that they can present bills for their own service fees online. CyberBills’ e-Billing service has already begun operation on its consumer portal, StatusFactory.com, and is now available to channel partners.



The American Collectors Association (ACA), an international trade association that represents consumer credit and accounts receivable management professionals, announced it has acquired the assets of the International Credit Association (ICA).

Through the acquisition of ICA’s assets, ACA has strengthened its position as the leading national and international association source of information, networking opportunities and solutions for professionals working in the consumer credit and collection industries.

“This is a fantastic opportunity,” says Gary Rippentrop, CAE, chief executive officer of ACA, “not just for ACA, but for the industry as a whole. Credit professionals now have access to a wide array of successful, established educational/training programs and services.

According to outgoing ICA Chairman Charles Brown, vice president of Credit and Consumer Banking for JC Penney, Inc., trained professionals as well as the companies they work for benefit from the acquisition. “Through ACA, professionals now have access to programs that provide them skills that are beneficial at both the front-end and back-end of the credit cycle.”

For many years, credit and collection businesses have been considered two separate and distinct sides of the same industry — one side granting and issuing credit and the other side collecting the unpaid debt. But with the wave of mergers and consolidations within the industry, that perception has faded. With ACA continuing and enhancing many of the programs of ICA, the two sides can be viewed as related pieces of a whole, as partners, states Philip Rosenthal, MCE, ACA president.

“This important partnership has many benefits not just for ACA, but for the industry as a whole. Through strength in numbers, legislatively, we can have a greater impact at both the federal and state levels,” adds Rippentrop.

Former ICA credit professionals are encouraged to join more than 400 of their colleagues who are already part of Creditors International, a new division of ACA specifically for credit professionals. This division is perpetuating former ICA programs: the Train the Trainer Program; the Consumer Trends newsletter; the National Credit Education Week (NCEW); and the nationally recognized four-stage certification program, The Society of Certified Credit Executives (SCCE).

The now dissolved ICA, was an international trade association, headquartered in St. Louis, that served more than 3300 members of the credit industry.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, ACA serves members in the United States, Canada and 55 other countries worldwide. The association has approximately 4200 members from the credit and collections industry, including third-party collection agencies, credit grantors, attorneys and vendor affiliates that agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the standards and guidelines established by the organization.


Dig Pay Standards

A group of technology companies announced its support and plans to develop the Account Authority Digital Signature and proposed Accredited Standards Committee X9 digital payments standard. First Data Corp., Compaq Computer Corp., Transaction Systems Architects Corp., Certicom, InterWorld Corporation and CyberSafe together made the announcement at the Bank Administration Institute Retail Delivery 1999 Conference here.


OrderTrust CFO

OrderTrust, Inc., provider of integrated order management services for e-commerce, today announced the appointment of Robert Aldrich to the position of chief financial officer. Aldrich will direct OrderTrust’s financial and legal operations, including risk management, banking relationships and the development and execution of the organization’s financial strategies. Prior to joining OrderTrust, Aldrich was vice president and corporate controller at The Learning Company of Cambridge, Mass., where he oversaw the acquisition of over 35 public, private and international companies and helped raise over $700 million in offerings.

“Bob’s senior management experience and extensive knowledge of corporate financing will prove invaluable for OrderTrust at this stage of the company’s growth,” said Jim Daniell, CEO of OrderTrust. “Bob’s success in growing both The Learning Company and FOCUS Enhancements (NYSE: FCSE) is clear proof of his abilities, and I’m looking forward to working with him to achieve similar results for OrderTrust.”

“OrderTrust is in an excellent position to capitalize on the exploding popularity of online retail,” said Aldrich. “The technology infrastructure OrderTrust has established, combined with its experience in electronic transaction processing and electronic marketplace development, is unmatched in the industry. I’m excited about working with Jim Daniell and Tim Litle to strategically manage the company’s growth and establish OrderTrust as the industry standard for order management services.”

Prior to joining OrderTrust, Aldrich was vice president corporate controller at The Learning Company, Inc., in Cambridge, Mass. As an executive committee member at The Learning Company, Aldrich was responsible for the company’s growth to $1 billion in annual sales and the identification, evaluation and integration of over 20 corporate acquisitions. Before joining The Learning Company, Aldrich held the position of controller at FOCUS Enhancements, Inc., where he helped to lead the company’s initial public offering. Aldrich began his career with Coopers and Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in Boston, Mass., as an audit supervisor. Aldrich is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting.

About OrderTrust, Inc.

Privately held and based in Lowell, Mass., OrderTrust, Inc., provides integrated order management services for e-commerce. Through its fully redundant and highly scalable 24×7 order processing network, OrderTrust securely and reliably manages information throughout the lifecycle of an order, ensuring 100 percent monitoring and auditing of all transactions. Services include real-time credit card authorization and inventory availability checking, routing of separate fulfillment requests to multiple suppliers, order status notification, and financial settlement. By taking advantage of the OrderTrust network with its established connections to over 650 trading partners, including fulfillers, suppliers, drop shippers and manufacturers, merchants can focus on front-end e-commerce initiatives, such as building brand identity and driving traffic to their sites, while gaining access to critical order information required for superior customer service. For more information, visit our Web site at [www.ordertrust.net][1].

Editor’s Note: OrderTrust is a trademark of OrderTrust, Inc. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

[1]: http://www.ordertrust.net/


Argus 300

Litronic announced the availability of its Argus 300 smart card-based digital signature system for PCI-bus applications. Argus 300 offers split knowledge dual control for the most controlled and secure document signing. This option requires the insertion of two smart cards from two people to digitally sign and authorize electronic communications of high value, offering the highest, most reliable online document and transaction security. The security system additionally offers a Protected PIN.



X/Net Associates, Inc. introduced CrediSphere, the first enterprise-wide credit origination system designed from the outset for both Web and client-server systems. CrediSphere is multi-user, platform-independent, and optimally designed for enterprise-wide credit origination. CrediSphere provides a single, unified environment from which to process all types of credit applications regardless of where the user may be located.



Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems, introduced the ProCash family of ATMs yesterday. ProCash ATMs support the WOSA/XFS standard for application interoperability and portability. The ATM family supports the addition of new services for customers from revenue generating applications like advertising and ticket sales to Internet accessibility. Among the more advanced features supporting this are integrated alphanumeric keyboards and powerful connectivity options.