Accesspoint Agreements

Accesspoint Corp., an e-commerce solutions provider that greatly expedites the processing of credit cards in a more cost effective manner, Wednesday announced a finalized agreement with Retriever Payment Systems Inc. , and Newcourt Financial’s Lease Finance Group.

The agreement enables Accesspoint to offer the first e-commerce/merchant bankcard services through a leasing arrangement via a direct sales force. This will allow a merchant to provide on-line credit card transaction processing on their Web site. Retriever is one of the largest merchant bank card processing service providers in the United States, and Newcourt Financial is one of the world’s largest commercial finance companies. The strategic alliance between the trio of companies represents a milestone in the industry. Accesspoint’s award winning Merchant Manager(TM) and Transaction Manager(TM) systems will become the first e-commerce/merchant bankcard services to be offered through a leasing arrangement via a direct sales force. As a result of this unique alliance, Newcourt Financial is providing the most competitive program in the industry. The agreement follows on the heels of the “Retriever Sales Summit” held in Houston two weeks ago where Accesspoint’s suite of electronic commerce services were received with great enthusiasm by more than 150 sales offices.

Retriever — Sales and Marketing Agent

Retriever, assuming the role of selling agent in the strategic alliance, is one of the largest merchant bank card processing service providers in the United States, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of First National Bank of Omaha. A 12-year-old organization with over 50,000 merchant credit card processing accounts, Retriever occupies a position of leadership in the market, enjoying significant market share in both credit card processing and in merchant bankcard services.

Newcourt Financial — Finance and Leasing Agent

Newcourt Financial’s Lease Finance Group division assumes the financial role in the relationship, making them responsible for structuring and funding the lease agreements. The lease arrangements have been structured to motivate the sales force to aggressively promote the e-commerce/merchant bankcard services. Newcourt Financial, one of the world’s largest commercial finance companies, is a leader in providing highly specialized financing solutions in the commercial and corporate asset-based finance markets. Newcourt is an independent, global financial services company with more than 5,000 employees and an international network of offices in more than 26 countries.

Accesspoint Corp. — E-Commerce Solutions Provider

Accesspoint’s comprehensive systems provide turnkey electronic commerce services to small to midsize businesses and greatly expedites the processing of credit cards in a more cost-effective manner. The company’s strategy is to provide bundled, feature rich, completely Web-based e-commerce solutions at reasonable prices that allow businesses to take advantage of profit opportunities using the Internet. “We are very excited about this strategic alliance,” said Tom Djokovich, chief executive officer of Accesspoint. “Never before have electronic commerce and merchant bank card services been packaged in a lease program by such powerful players. With the financial clout of Newcourt and the sales muscle of Retriever our Merchant Manager(TM) and Transaction Manager(TM) e-commerce solutions will become an even stronger force within this marketplace.”


Triton Expands Marketing Team

Triton Systems, Inc. announced Wednesday at its worldwide distributor conference the addition of five key managers to round out its sales and marketing team and the opening of a Miami office to support its growing business activities in Latin America. The spate of activity reflects the additional focus Triton placed on sales and marketing when it hired former VeriFone general manager Ken Paull as vice president of sales and marketing in August 1998. According to Dr. Ernest Burdette, president of Triton Systems, “These changes are part of an overall strategy aimed at sustaining Triton’s rapid growth in the U.S. and continued drive into international markets.”

Recently appointed to work with Mr. Paull at Triton’s Atlanta, GA sales and marketing headquarters are Anthony Shaw, director of marketing; Russell Harty, retail business development manager; and Michael Brown, national field service manager. Mr. Shaw will be responsible for building Triton’s marketing organization and carrying out marketing plans throughout the world. He brings with him extensive experience in all facets of US and international marketing where he established a reputation for innovation and success.

Mr. Shaw previously held a number of marketing management positions with Texaco, including the role of marketing manager for Star Enterprise, a Texaco joint venture, as well as marketing manager for Texaco Europe. He also helped lead the $45 billion consolidation of US marketing activities for Texaco, Shell, and Saudi Refining Inc. He holds a BA degree in Fine Arts from Augusta State and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Georgia.

Russell Harty is responsible for developing a major retail and hospitality account sales focus, in coordination with Triton’s distributors in the U.S. Mr. Harty comes to Triton from Hewlett-Packard Company, where he was a sales manager for major retail accounts such Blockbuster Video, Tricon Restaurants, JC Penney, Wal-Mart and Tandy.

As Triton’s national field service manager, Michael Brown will focus on establishing a nationwide network of service companies who will become certified to install and maintain Triton’s product line. Mr. Brown previously served in various sales and service management positions with the Wayne division of Dresser Industries.

Working from the company’s new Latin American headquarters in Miami are Jorge Fernandez, managing director of Latin America, and Serafin Fuente, director of technical operations. Mr. Fernandez will be responsible for supporting and further developing Triton’s distributor relationships in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Mr. Fernandez was previously executive vice president for Latin America with IVI-Ingenico, as well as sales director of Deluxe Data. He has a BS degree in Marketing and Computer Science from Seton Hall and an MBA in International Business from the University of Miami.

Further bolstering Triton’s drive into the Latin America market, Mr. Fuente will focus on technical support issues in the region. Mr. Fuente was formerly technical director for IVI-Ingenico, as well as application development manager for VeriFone.

About Triton Systems

As the leading manufacturer of cash-dispensing ATMs for off-premise locations, Triton Systems is committed to redefining and leading the retail market for cash delivery systems. As the third largest manufacturer of ATMs and ATM management software, Triton has been named two years in a row to Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” ranking of fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. Triton was also named one of America’s top 25 most successful small manufacturers by IW Growing Companies in November 1998.

Triton’s product line includes the industry-leading 9600 series cash-dispensing ATMs, with various communication network interfaces such as CDPD. Additional products include the Triton Connect(TM) software package for accessing and controlling ATMs from a centralized location, ATMjr Demonstrators(TM) and ATMjr plus CAS(TM) (Card Activation System) for financial institutions, SuperScrip(TM) terminal, the new Mako Cash Dispenser(TM) and the VendMate(TM) sidecar, which accepts cash and dispenses vending items such as tickets, certificates and phone cards.

Triton ATMs are in use in over 30,000 locations throughout the world. The company is headquartered in Long Beach, Mississippi. For more information, visit the Triton Systems website at or contact Mary Edith Dressel,, 800-367-7191, Ext 3122.


Card Colors

While gold cards have generally lost their luster and platinum cards have begun to tarnish, some issuers are reaching for the new color of plastic money. According to CardWatch ( the new card colors include black, diamond and titanium. American Express recently introduced the ‘American Express Black Centurion’ card in the UK. The card, which is available by personal solicitation only, is targeted at consumers with annual incomes above 150,000 British pounds. The card is positioned as a notch above the AmEx ‘Platinum’ card, however it features many of same benefits such as unlimited access to more than 250 airport lounges, airline upgrades, free companion tickets, and private banking. AmEx is charging 550 British pounds per year for the new card product. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the ‘Diamond Card’ is beginning to take hold. Capital One now offers a ‘Diamond’ credit card that offers an initial credit limit of up to $5,000 compared to Capital One’s ‘Silver Card’ (up to $2,000 credit limit) and Capital One’s ‘Platinum Card’ (up to a $20,000 credit limit). Atlanta-based CompuCredit, a sub-prime specialist, also offers a ‘Diamond VISA’ with initial credit limits up to $10,000 compared to a maximum limit of $7,500 for its ‘VISA Gold”. CompuCredit’s ‘Platinum VISA’ also offers a $10,000 maximum credit line. And finally the ‘Titanium’ card has picked up some competition. First USA introduced the ‘Titanium’ card last year. However Fleet recently introduced its version of ‘Titanium’ with a 9.9% APR and $50,000 credit limit.


Global Commerce Alliance Formed

A powerful lineup of Internet, computing and financial services companies Wednesday announced the creation of the Global Commerce Alliance, a strategic coalition of industry leading companies that will leverage the combined core competencies of the participants to provide globally scalable, turnkey e-commerce solutions to securities and capital markets and other industries worldwide.

The Global Commerce Alliance includes: GE Capital, Global Commerce Systems Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc. and Total System Services Inc..

The Alliance’s business objective is to provide world-class end-to-end electronic commerce capability to global suppliers and buyers of products and services who are seeking to realize the economic benefits of interconnected trade cycle management over the Internet. Additional card issuers, hardware manufacturers, systems integrators and network systems integrators will become Alliance participants as the organization evolves.

Leveraging their combined strengths, the Alliance members will work over the next three years to package and jointly market a co-branded suite of turnkey products aimed at facilitating managed Internet commerce between large companies, their trading allies and customers. The products are expected to address online buying, selling, bill presentment and payment, target marketing and customer self service and to provide a new generation of supporting business information products.

Application products will tap Java(TM) technology’s “Write Once, Run Anywhere”(TM) cross-platform benefits to lower cost of ownership, speed application development and ease maintenance.

“Any $1 billion-plus company looking to ‘dot-com’ their business will be interested in this solution particularly when they are looking to integrate existing legacy business systems, processes and supply chain management programs with Internet commerce solutions,” said Masood Jabbar, president, computer systems, Sun Microsystems. “That is why we have gathered this powerful lineup of companies, each with its own area of expertise.”

GE Capital brings world-class global procurement card services to facilitate payment and settlement transactions, business-to-business procurement and information services to the Alliance. Global Commerce Systems delivers the suite of scalable electronic commerce applications to provide customer self service, leads management, communications campaign management, reporting applications and professional support and integration services. Sun provides world leadership in Internet commerce, distributed computing, Java technology and professional services. TSYS brings world-class Internet commerce services, transaction processing and large-scale payment account management operations expertise. In addition, TSYS is the commercial card market leader, processing 86 percent of all Visa and MasterCard commercial products issued in the United States.

“Our combined capabilities will make it easier for companies around the world to connect with one another and directly access the data and information that trading partners need — anywhere, anytime and from any device,” said Geoffrey Shaw, president and CEO, Global Commerce Systems, a leading provider of Internet commerce software products and services that enable seamless integration of trade cycle sourcing, procurement and payment systems management and administration over the Internet.

“No single entity can provide the full suite of trade cycle integration solutions demanded by large customers that want to conduct business-to- business Internet commerce in the networked world,” said Rob Hall, vice president, global financial services, Sun Microsystems. “The Global Commerce Alliance represents a very advanced implementation, and it leverages our SunConnect(TM) architecture to offer a highly scalable, resilient enterprise solution for business-to-business e-commerce.”

The Alliance is committed to providing card processing, settlement and secure services through participating issuing banks over the Internet.

“We believe that by leveraging our large-scale credit card transaction processing and customer self service over the Internet with other Global Commerce Alliance companies puts us in a position to better serve our clients around the world,” said Philip W. Tomlinson, president, TSYS, one of the world’s largest processors of electronic payments of credit, debit, commercial and private-label card accounts. “This differentiates the Global Commerce Alliance from other commercial account management alternatives. We think this alliance will enhance the partnerships we share with our other commercial card issuers and propel them into the business-to-business Internet commerce game.”

“Our goal is to help customers more efficiently manage their purchasing process through value-added card programs and information products,” said Jeffrey R. Dye, senior vice president, GE Capital Corporate Expense Management Services. “The Global Commerce Alliance integrates our payment products and services with other industry leaders to provide an increasingly rich trade cycle management and operations capability to the industries we all serve.”

“The Global Commerce Alliance is about combining the core competencies of Internet commerce technology, business and service industry leaders to meet the needs of large businesses to more efficiently manage their trade cycle activities and practices over the Internet,” said Shaw. “We look forward to adding Alliance members as we move forward.”

About GE Capital

GE Capital Corporate Expense Management Services offers Corporate Purchasing and Fleet card programs to help companies manage travel, procurement and vehicle expenses. Accepted at 16 million locations, these MasterCard products are backed by 24-hour service, sophisticated controls, comprehensive reporting and GE “best practices” to support customer policy and process objectives. For information, call 800-554-0581.

About Global Commerce Systems Inc.

Global Commerce Systems Inc. (GCS) is a leading provider of Internet commerce software products that enable seamless integration of trade cycle sourcing, procurement and payment systems management and administration over the Internet. GCS’ suite of products enable real-time management and administration of commercial and consumer credit card payment accounts, automated commercial communications campaign management, targeted marketing and comprehensive customer self service over the Internet. The distributed nature of GCS software technology enables real-time access to distributed sources of data and just-in-time creation of value-added information products that can be broadcast directly to targeted individuals and populations. GCS is focused on the financial services, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. For more information on GCS, visit the company’s Web site at or call 303-583-5000. Corporate headquarters are located in Boulder, Colo. at 4840 Pearl East Circle, 301-W, Boulder, Colo., 80301.

About Sun Microsystems Inc.

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, “The Network Is The Computer,” has propelled Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of high quality hardware, software and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet. With more than $11 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at .

About the SunConnect Framework

SunConnect is a Java technology-enabled architecture providing a complete, robust and secure foundation for building and deploying financial services applications that allow organizations to exploit many powerful channels and to reach a new range of customers. SunConnect has a certification and alliance model promoting best-of-breed implementation of the various architectural components for mission-critical environments. Products developed to the SunConnect framework are foundation-services independent, run on any hardware and support all industry leading specifications for online transactions.

About Total System Services Inc.

Total System Services Inc. (NYSE: TSS) is one of the world’s leading information technology processors of data transactions and payments for domestic and international users of credit, debit, commercial and private-label cards. TSYS’ sophisticated systems offer online accounting, data processing, electronic commerce services, portfolio management, account acquisition, credit evaluation, risk management and customer service. Through its family of companies, TSYS services the entire life cycle of card accounts, making it possible for more than 188 million cardholders to use their cards at the point-of-sale or over the Internet. Headquartered in Columbus, Ga., TSYS is an 80.8 percent-owned subsidiary of Synovus Financial Corp. (NYSE: SNV), , named the Best Company to Work for in America by FORTUNE. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at .

Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Java, SunConnect, “Write Once, Run Anywhere” and “The Network is the Computer” are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems Inc. in the United States and other countries.

All other brand names, trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.


GetSmart Gets FiNet (), the online marketplace for consumer and business borrowing, Wednesday announced a strategic relationship with, Inc. to provide GetSmart loan shoppers with web-based mortgage approval options. This alliance pairs the biggest producer of Internet loan inquiries with the premier online mortgage originator.

Qualified visitors who wish to complete a home loan application online will now be linked to’s web site where they can receive an automated loan underwriting analysis and approval in just minutes. For those consumers who prefer to speak directly with a professional, they can now immediately connect by phone to a loan counselor via [][1].

“We chose to align with because they are a proven technology leader and have shown a unique grasp of what consumers are looking for in the mortgage space,” said James Rowe,’s CEO. “The addition of’s services helps fortify’s position as the leading, unbiased online marketplace for borrowing. This alliance expands consumer choice to additional products and lenders. Now there are even more reasons for consumers to utilize online processing.”

“We think’s competitive business model, with its focus on the borrower, is ideal given the consumer-centric nature of the Internet,” said Mark Korell, Chairman and CEO of “The marketplace will enable us to efficiently reach the surging number of loan shoppers who are using the net to make critical financial decisions.”

About is the borrower’s marketplace, providing loan information and lender connection, all in one location. In 1998, over 8.1 million visitors to its popular site resulted in over 458,000 loan inquiries for various products including home loans, credit cards, debt consolidation products, auto loans and leases, student loans and small business financing. Founded in 1996, is based in Burlingame and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Providian Financial Corporation (NYSE:PVN).

About, Inc., formerly Finet Holdings Corporation, including its wholly owned subsidiaries (the “Company”), operator of, “America’s Home Finance Network” is a leading edge provider of e-commerce home financing services that facilitates home ownership through a variety of technology-based products and automated services for consumers and real estate service providers. The Company offers automated financing solutions to electronically enabled mortgage brokers through Monument Mortgage and to consumers directly through its Internet sites:, an on-line home financing site; and, a Smithsonian Award-winning on-line automated consumer loan analysis service with access to multiple lenders. Internet distribution channels include Internet financial sites, Internet home listing sites, financial lead aggregators and local and national Internet portals.



PlastiCard Enterprise Presentation

First Data Resources introduced a new, advanced plastic card delivery system yesterday that will enhance card issuers’ marketing efforts by enabling them to customize card mailers to individual cardholders. The new system leverages the print, document management and inserting technologies from industry leaders Bowe Systec, ISIS Papyrus, and Xerox Corporation, offering flexible, customized printing, card attaching and mailing. FDR’s ‘PlastiCard Enterprise Presentation’ system accesses more than 300 variable data elements from account information to produce a card mailer that is targeted to an individual cardholder. Convenience and balance transfer checks, coupons, and selective messages can also be printed on the mailers to help issuers’ increase card usage and boost revenue. FDR says card issuers also realize cost savings by using a variety of forms with variable template applications and two-sided printing.


AmEx – Netscape

AOL’s Netscape subsidiary and American Express inked a two-year multi-million dollar sponsorship agreement to promote AmEx financial services to small businesses through the ‘Small Business Channel’ on Netcenter. Small businesses represents a third of Netscape 15 million NetCenter registrants. American Express will be a premier sponsor within the Netscape ‘Small Business Channel’ giving American Express exposure through premier placements, banners ads and ad impressions. Among the American Express services that will be featured on the Netscape are the company’s small business charge cards, credit cards, financial advisory services, small business lines of credit, equipment financing and card acceptance services.



The card industry’s first range of smart cards to be based on ‘Java Card 2.1 API’ was announced yesterday by Gemplus. ‘GemXpresso 210’ will provide card issuers with multi-application capabilities and built-in security, including public key encryption support. The ‘GemXpresso 210’ range provides a unique platform that allows a choice in solutions that best meets the requirements of a particular application. The range also enables seamless integration into existing infrastructures and innovative development tools making it possible for companies to quickly bring smart card-based solutions to market. The range incorporates the ‘Java Card secure Virtual Machine’ , an on-board interpreter that makes it possible to download new applications to the smart card and upgrade smart card applications even after the card has been issued. Gemplus also announced Tuesday that ‘GemXpresso210PK’, a version that supports the RSA public key infrastructure for secure transactions and the ‘VISA Open Platform’ architecture for secure applet downloading, has been certified by VISA International for the ‘VisaCash’ applet, becoming the first ‘Java Card’ in the world that has successfully passed this rigorous certification.


Primus Joins AirMiles

PRIMUS Telecommunications Group, Inc., a global facilities-based voice, data, and Internet telecommunications provider, announced that its PRIMUS Canada subsidiary has been named a Sponsor of the Consumer AIR MILES Reward Program, Canada’s largest and most popular affinity program.

Joining more than 100 other leading Canadian businesses, PRIMUS Canada will award AIR MILES reward miles to customers who use its long distance, Internet and calling card services. New subscribers who switch to PRIMUS Canada services will receive an initial lump sum of reward miles, as well as reward miles for usage on an ongoing basis.

As a result of its recent acquisition of AT&T Canada’s consumer business, PRIMUS became the second largest alternative residential long distance carrier in Canada and now has over 650,000 residential, business and Internet customers. This leading position was instrumental in the decision for The Loyalty Group, owner of the Consumer AIR MILES Reward Program, to honor PRIMUS Canada as a Sponsor.

The significance of partnering with the AIR MILES Reward Program is the ability for PRIMUS Canada to now reach 5.5 million active reward mile Collectors, or over 50% of all Canadian households.

“The reputation and popularity of the AIR MILES Reward Program among Canadian consumers and the opportunity to work with the Coalition of AIR MILES Sponsors were important factors in our determination to join Canada’s premier affinity program,” said Ted Chislett, President of PRIMUS Canada.

“For telecommunications companies, similar affinity programs in the US ushered in a trend of increased spending among consumers. We are very encouraged that our AIR MILES Sponsorship status will enhance PRIMUS Canada’s visibility in the Canadian marketplace. The immense popularity of the AIR MILES Reward Program in Canada and cross promotional opportunities between Sponsors will strengthen PRIMUS Canada’s traditional advertising and marketing campaigns to increase our Canadian long distance/Internet market share.”

Commenting on their new Sponsor, Bryan Pearson, President of the Consumer AIR MILES Reward Program, said, “We are delighted that we now have a strong, aggressive national partner in the Canadian residential long distance, Internet and calling card marketplace. PRIMUS Canada and its customers should benefit greatly from the AIR MILES Reward Program’s high-value offers and breadth of free rewards from flights to movies to sporting events and more.”

The Loyalty Group launched the AIR MILES Reward Program in March 1992, offering Canadians the opportunity to obtain reward miles while shopping for everyday goods and services. There are over 100 participating AIR MILES Sponsors with more than 10,000 Sponsor locations across Canada.

In addition to PRIMUS Canada, key Sponsors include American Express, Shell Canada, The Bay (Canada’s oldest department store), Bank of Montreal, Bank of Montreal MasterCard, Goodyear, Canada Safeway, and A&P/Dominion. And there are now over 100 rewards offered nationally from companies that include Canadian Airlines, American Airlines, National Car Rental and Canon. The Loyalty Group has more than 600 employees in offices in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

PRIMUS Telecommunications Group, Incorporated is a global facilities-based telecommunications company providing domestic and international long-distance voice, data, Internet, private network and value-added services.

The Company provides services through an extensive global network of owned and leased transmission facilities, including ownership interests in over 30 undersea fiber optic cable systems, 19 international gateway and domestic switches, a satellite earth station and a variety of operating relationships that allow the Company to deliver traffic worldwide.

PRIMUS serves corporate, small- and medium-sized business, residential, ISP and telecommunications carrier customers located in the North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions of the world.

Founded in 1994 and based in McLean, VA, the Company is on a trajectory to meet its $1 billion revenue run rate goal by year end 1999 — one year ahead of plan — while tripling its customer base to almost 1,500,000 since the beginning of this year. News and information are available at the Company’s Website at

The Loyalty Group is a privately-owned subsidiary of Alliance Data Systems, Dallas. Alliance Data Systems is the second largest, third-party private label processing provider in the United States and the leading provider of network services to the petroleum industry. News and information about The Loyalty Group can be found at .

The statements in this release that are forward looking statements are based on current expectations and are not strictly historical statements, which may differ materially from actual results. Not strictly historical statements include, without limitation, those regarding management’s plans, objectives and strategy for future operations, product plans and performance, management’s assessment of market factors, and future financial performance.

Among factors that could cause actual results to differ materially are changes in business conditions, changes in the telecommunications industry and the general economy; competition; changes in service offerings; risks associated with PRIMUS’s limited operating history, entry into developing markets, and managing rapid growth; and risks associated with international operations (including foreign currency translation risks), dependence on effective information systems, and development of the network.

These factors are discussed more fully in PRIMUS’s filings, including its 10K and 10Q filings and the prospectus dated May 6, 1999, with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Debit SET

Dutch consumers will be the first in Europe to use debit cards for secure shopping over the Internet when a new service goes live later this week. Operated by Interpay, a cooperative owned by Holland’s banks, the ‘I-Pay with SET’ system uses an enhanced version of the international SET protocol to authenticate Internet merchants and customers to each other, and to protect both debit and credit card numbers. The standard protocol supports only credit cards. The new payment system, which is enabled by PKI security technology provided by Entrust Technologies, is expected to have as many as two million users by the end of 2000. Participating merchants will advertise on a special Web site. SET has had a patchy start in Europe, however Interpay executives believe that by supporting both debit and credit card transactions, Interpay is going to be a real catalyst for growth. Merchants in 18 European countries are already SET-enabled.


NextCard Makes Index

NextCard, Inc. creator of The First True Internet Visa, became a component of the Nasdaq Financial-100 Index last week. With a market cap of over $1 billion, NextCard joins 100 of the largest financial companies listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market.

“NextCard is pleased to be listed on the Nasdaq Financial 100 Index so soon after our initial public offering,” said Jeremy Lent, chief executive officer of NextCard. NextCard began trading on the Nasdaq National Market May 14, 1999.

NextCard, Inc., creator of The First True Internet Visa, is considered the industry’s leading issuer of consumer credit on the Internet. Since its launch in December 1997, over 2 million people have applied for the NextCard Internet Visa(R), making it one of the premier online credit cards. The Company continues to innovate with a Double Rewards program, complete GoShopping! tools, original PictureCard design, a one-click digital wallet and exceptional online customer service. NextCard was recently named a “HOT 100 Company” by Upside Magazine. ()

The Nasdaq-100 Index, launched in January 1985, rose more than 80 percent in 1998, although past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. The Nasdaq Financial-100 Index consists of 100 of the largest financial companies listed on the Nasdaq National Market tier of The Nasdaq Stock Market. The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group(SM), which operates The Nasdaq Stock Market(R) and the American Stock Exchange(R) (Amex)(R), is a subsidiary of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD)(R), the largest securities-industry, self-regulatory organization in the United States. The union of Nasdaq(R) and Amex creates a Market of Markets(SM) — the world’s first financial market that brings together central auction specialist and multiple Market Maker systems.


It’s Titanium, Baby!

The most hyped movie of the decade now has a credit card to support it and it’s everywhere you want to be baby!. First USA and New Line Cinema announced Tuesday the new ‘Austin Powers Limited-Edition Titanium VISA’ credit card. The program is the first VISA credit card to be associated with the launch of a blockbuster comedy. The no-annual-fee card is available in two shagadelic designs: “It’s Titanium, Baby!” features Mike Myers as cheeky Austin Powers, and “Groovadelic” is a psychedelic ’60s swirl design. The card is available through direct mail, on-site marketing at Loew’s cinemas and via a special toll-free number. Following the first use of their ‘Austin Powers Titanium VISA’ card, cardholders will receive a special complimentary widescreen edition of “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” which includes extra scenes never before seen on VHS. The card offers the current First USA pricing of 2.9% intro APR and 10.99% go-to APR.