Wave Direct E-Commerce

Hauppauge Digital Tuesday announced the launch of an updated broadcast receiver board that incorporates the ‘Wave Direct’ secure client-side e-commerce transaction system. This updated model enable uses to purchase everything from software to music online. It also has the ability to securely meter transactions down to a fraction of a cent. The customer only has to go the Wave System’s Website, load their receiver board with electronic cash using their credit card and they are ready to make online purchases.


HNC and ShopNow.com Join

HNC Software Inc., the world’s leading provider of Predictive Software Solutions Tuesday announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with ShopNow.com Inc., a rapidly growing e-commerce company.

Through the partnership, HNC has made a minority equity investment in ShopNow.com and will provide ShopNow.com with a broad range of real-time e-commerce solutions including pre-sales target marketing, during-the-sale fraud detection and post-sale customer support. “HNC’s partnership with ShopNow.com signifies a move toward Web-based commerce support,” said Michael Thiemann, president and chief executive officer of HNC Internet Solutions. “HNC has over a decade of credit card fraud detection experience and is trusted with more transaction data than any entity in the world. Companies like ShopNow.com are choosing HNC’s superior suite of personalization, fraud detection and customer support services to support their mission-critical online commerce transactions.”

ShopNow.com, one of the Internet’s largest shopping portals, houses over 20,000 diverse merchants and companies and hosts more than 1 million visitors each month. HNC will provide ShopNow.com with a complete suite of Internet solutions including:

— eFalcon, for real-time e-Commerce fraud protection

— SelectResponse, for intelligent email routing and response

— SelectCast for Commerce, for personalized, targeted offers and promotions

— SelectCast for Content, for individually personalized content

— SelectCast for Advertising, for direct, targeted banner ads.

This offering will provide ShopNow.com with real-time prevention of credit card fraud on the Internet, powerful case management strategy tools to boost overall order acceptance, flexible customer service tools to help “rescue” high-value orders identified as high-risk and precision offer targeting. ShopNow.com customers will benefit from enhanced security and protection when making online purchases, as well as responsive, personalized service that delivers individually tailored products and promotions and real-time customer service.

“We are excited to be partnering with HNC,” said Dwayne Walker, president and CEO of ShopNow.com. “HNC’s predictive software solutions and superior fraud detection technology will offer a better and more secure shopping experience for our customers.”

About HNC Software

With headquarters in San Diego, HNC Software Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Predictive Software Solutions for service industries, including financial, retail, insurance, Internet and telecommunications. HNC’s suite of Predictive Software Solutions can provide real-time insight into customer relationships based on transaction-level data, helping business-to-consumer companies manage their relationships with individual customers.

By accurately predicting customer behaviors, these companies can create initiatives to mitigate risk and attrition; improve customer service; develop marketing programs to enhance profitability; optimize store replenishment activities, and detect fraudulent customer transactions.

For more information, visit HNC’s Web site at or contact Jane Leonard, HNC Software Inc., 5935 Cornerstone Court West, San Diego, CA 92121, 619/799-3880. For the investor relations hotline, call 800/396-8052.

About ShopNow.com

Established in 1994, ShopNow.com () is a leading electronic commerce company dedicated to making e-commerce a reality for all businesses. Through its full suite of e-commerce solutions, ShopNow.com helps customers and merchants safely and easily buy and sell merchandise online. With offices in Seattle, Wash. Sausalito, Calif., ShopNow.com provides electronic commerce technology services to thousands of companies.


Visa & Trintech Align

Visa U.S.A. yesterday announced a new relationship with Trintech to develop Visa’s new Internet Payment Gateway service offering Acquirers and merchants secure and rapid real-time processing of online payment card transactions. The relationship was created to enable Acquirer banks to supply their merchants with a cost effective and secure bank branded e-commerce transaction processing package. Built with Trintech’s ‘PayGate’ NetAcquirer software, the Visa Payment Gateway will authorize, capture, route and settle all Internet-originated financial transactions and will support both SSL and SET security protocols. Trintech’s ‘PayWare’ Net solution is an additional enhancement which will allow for quick and easy merchant account set-up, bank branding and customization.


Frisco Bay Provides

Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. , an international provider of automated financial transaction and integrated security systems for financial institutions, government agencies and major industrial corporations, Tuesday announced that it has received a contract to supply thirty (30) ATMs to the Societe de transport de la communaute urbaine de Montreal (STCUM) subway stations. The order will be installed and serviced through Frisco/ATMS, Frisco Bay’s recently announced joint venture, and is scheduled for completion by the end of June 1999.

“With annual foot traffic exceeding 72 million people passing through the subway system, we anticipate these machines to generate in excess of several thousand transactions each per month,” stated Greg Mitelman, President of Frisco/ATMS.

By providing on-going support and processing facilities for its ATM network, Frisco Bay generates a recurring revenue stream based on the transactions at each machine. Upon completion of this contract, Frisco Bay anticipates that its ATM network in Canada will be producing in excess of 5 million transactions annually. Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. markets its products throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America where it is recognized as an integrated solutions expert.



Edify Corporation, a leading global provider of Internet and voice e-Commerce portal solutions, announced yesterday that SAFECO has achieved an important milestone using an e-Commerce interactive voice response (IVR) application built on Edify’s Electronic Workforce. The application enables SAFECO’s customers to pay their personal lines insurance policy premiums over the phone using their credit card. SAFECO is one of the first insurance companies to offer its customers an IVR-based e-Commerce application. The number of customers using this application has tripled since the application was fully rolled-out nationally in Aug. 1998, validating the use of IVR for e-Commerce. In March 1999, the application was responsible for approximately 19,000 credit card transactions amounting to $6.5 million in premiums. The application, which is part of SAFECO’s e-Commerce initiative, has accelerated cash flow at SAFECO, and has helped reduce some of SAFECO’s payment handling costs, as well as the number of cancellation notices it sends to customers who are delinquent on their payments. This application is one of several SAFECO has successfully deployed leveraging the application development and multi-channel capabilities of Edify’s Electronic Workforce.

“The number of SAFECO customers using our Automated Payment Line has exceeded our expectations,” said Lisa Brogden, assistant director of SAFECO Property and Casualty Administration. “This is a clear message that our customers appreciate the convenience of using their VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card to pay their Personal Lines policy premiums. SAFECO’s Automated Payment Line enables our customers to make a payment without the bother and expense of writing and mailing a check. In addition, it gives our customers peace of mind knowing precisely when their payment will post to their policy.

Customers also enjoy taking advantage of promotions offered by their credit card company. We see trends that many customers choose to pay their premiums in full with their credit card rather than in installments, which help reduce the number of billing statements we print and mail. Overall, we feel this is a win-win payment option for both our SAFECO customers and our internal operations.”

SAFECO queried customers before developing the credit card application and found strong interest in electronic payment options. In the next six months, the company plans to leverage Edify’s multi-channel capabilities to enable customers to pay via the Web.

“We are seeing an increasing number of companies use IVR for e-Commerce and we anticipate this trend to accelerate with innovations such as speech recognition,” said Francisco Kattan, product line manager for voice e-Commerce at Edify. “The broad spectrum of self service applications at SAFECO is a testimony to their corporate vision of using technology to build strong and enduring relationships with their customers. Edify is in the business of leading the pack with powerful Internet, voice and telephone-based e-Commerce solutions for consistently higher customer satisfaction.”

SAFECO is using Edify’s software for Web-based and IVR customer service applications for its life insurance and retirement products. These applications enable customers to get quick answers to a variety of commonly asked questions such as prices, rates and account balances, as well as allow customers to make transactions and move money between accounts any time of day. Because the applications were built on Edify’s platform, SAFECO customers experience consistent service when using either IVR or the Web.

A second Edify-based application enables prospective employees to call the SAFECO jobline to hear about jobs currently available at any SAFECO office. Callers can request a fax with a map and directions to any of SAFECO’s offices.

Edify’s Electronic Workforce is a robust, application development and runtime platform that allows enterprises to create and deploy e-Commerce applications for building stronger relationships with customers. These applications can be delivered through multiple channels such as the Internet, telephone, e-mail, fax, pager and personal financial management software. With support for natural speech recognition, Electronic Workforce offers the convenience of Web e-Commerce applications to telephone users. Electronic Workforce provides exceptional connectivity to back end mainframe and client/server applications as well as databases. The built-in COM support eases integration with COM-compliant applications and is a distinctive capability of Edify’s open systems, software-only architecture. This approach gives enterprises the flexibility to take advantage of best of breed innovations providing superior cost of ownership over proprietary solutions. Electronic Workforce is designed for Microsoft Windows NT and is scaleable, secure and Y2K compliant.


SAFECO, the premier company selling insurance and financial products through independent agents, was founded in 1923. Its operations include property and casualty insurance, life insurance, surety, commercial credit, asset management and financial services distribution operations. SAFECO employs more than 12,000 people nationwide and is represented by more than 8,000 independent agencies and brokerages across the country. Additional information about SAFECO may be found on the World Wide Web at .

About Edify

Edify Corporation is a global leader providing Internet and voice e-Commerce portal solutions to intelligently manage customer relationships. The company’s software offers organizations the means to automate, integrate, and personalize interactions with customers through multiple channels, yielding stronger, more profitable relationships. The company’s software has been licensed to more than 1,250 organizations worldwide. Edify software is distributed directly and through leading solutions providers, application partners, and distributors around the globe. With more than 470 employees, Edify Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with international headquarters in London, England. On May 17, 1999, Edify Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Security First Technologies of Atlanta, Georgia. Additional information about Edify may be obtained by calling 408-982-2000 (USA) or +44-181-263-2710 (Europe, Middle East, Africa) or via the World Wide Web at .



Late payment fees and over-limit fees continue to climb while other fees moderate according to CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]) Late payment fees are now approaching the $24.00 level. Among the top issuers late payment fees average more than $26.00 with $29.00 the most common late payment fee charged by major issuers.

(as of April 30, 1999)

Late Payment Fees: $23.84
Over-limit Fees: $23.07
Standard Card Annual Fees: $18.44
Gold Card Annual Fees: $36.20
Platinum Card Annual Fees: $74.33

annual fees excludes no annual fee programs
SOURCE: CardData (www.carddata.com)

[1]: http://www.carddata.com



PHH Vehicle Management Services announced today that a definitive agreement has been signed by which PHH Vehicle Management Services will join Avis Rent A Car, Inc. (NYSE: AVI) as a wholly owned subsidiary. Avis acquisition from Cendant Corporation includes PHH, PHH Europe (which includes Cendant Business Answers and the Harpur Group Ltd.), and Wright Express Corporation in a transaction valued at $1.8 billion. The transaction is subject to standard regulatory review and approval, which is expected to proceed quickly toward a closing in 30 to 45 days.

![][1] Commenting on Avis acquisition of PHH, Mark Miller, PHH Chairman and CEO, said, We have an extraordinary opportunity to build a powerful new enterprise focused on fulfilling the total automotive transportation needs of our clients. We believe we can capitalize on a host of major synergies offering significant new revenue growth — synergies that will have a great appeal to our clients and shareholders. In addition, we will retain the high-value PHH brand name in both North America and Europe, as well as our people, locations, management and culture. Our leadership position in the fleet management, card services and related industries will not only be strengthened but expanded.

Avis annually completes approximately 15 million rental transactions with a fleet averaging approximately 200,000 vehicles, generating about $2.3 billion in total revenue. The newly expanded company will purchase over 350,000 vehicles per year and provide over three million commercial cards, surpassing the size and scope of any competitor. The total combined fleet will exceed one million units worldwide.

Other areas of synergy include leveraging of information technology capabilities, cross-sales of short- and long-term vehicle- and transportation-related services, used vehicle sales, maintenance management, and front-line strategies for promoting card services in the travel and transport sector. Joining Avis also enhances PHHs global presence and ability to reach new client groups and offer new services to existing clients.

Joining forces with Avis will have tremendous positive impact on the future growth of our business, says Mark Miller. There are no competitive obstacles to overcome only great opportunities for even better service to our clients, expanded career development for our employees, broader opportunities for our suppliers, and increased earnings for shareholders.

Founded in 1946, PHH Vehicle Management Services is a leading global vehicle management company. PHH manages the vehicles of nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies, and its total fleet exceeds 700,000 vehicles across North America and Europe.

[1]: /graphic/avis/avis.jpg


Y2K Card

First USA has already pounced on the Y2K issue to market its ‘Titanium MasterCard’ according to CardWatch ([www.cardwatch.com][1]). The nation’s second largest issuer is also bumping up its interest rates with the latest round of solicitations hitting mailboxes this week. First USA’s latest ‘Titanium’ offers a 4.9% intro rate and fixed 10.99% go-to rate. In the current ‘Titanum’ solicitation First USA suggests consumers check utility/tax bills for errors, check personal computers, get copies of loan payment histories and double check direct deposits or ATM payments as part of ‘Y2K’ readiness. The solicitation promotes the security of its card and First USA’s year 2000 readiness.

[1]: http://www.cardwatch.com


Gemplus Supplying AMG

Gemplus announced it is providing loyalty programmes to Access Management Group (AMG), a newly set-up business unit by National Computer Systems Pte Ltd (NCS). AMG recently introduced its concept of providing merchants with a business infrastructure through the “NEW” (Never Ending Wishes) card platform that aims to reach a potential of 2.4 million adults in Singapore. Gemplus is supplying AMG with its recently launched GemClub Memo smart card, a high performance memory card aimed at the loyalty market. More than 450,000 cards will be provided to the initial phase of the NEW card project. GemClub Memo is the first memory card compatible with the PC/SC (Personal Computer/Smart Card) standard. The GemClub Memo card features distinct counters on its chip, allowing multiple applications to run on the card either independently and secure of each other, or interactively. Gemplus is also providing an initial 1,000 GCR500 card readers to AMG for this project.


First Data Announces New Director

First Data Resources confirmed that Roger D. Van Scoy, 42, has been named managing director of its European card business.

In his new role, Van Scoy will oversee First Data’s card processing operations in Europe, including locations in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. He will report to David P. Bailis, executive vice president, First Data Corporation.

“With more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry, Roger has extensive knowledge of the card business. Under his leadership, I am confident that First Data Resources will continue to enhance and expand our presence in Europe,” said Bailis.

Van Scoy most recently served as managing director of First Data’s international efforts in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining First Data in September 1996, he held several executive positions in sales, marketing and customer service with Electronic Data Systems.

Van Scoy will relocate from Omaha, Neb. to Basildon, England.

FDR Limited (FDRL) is Europe’s largest independent third party processor, whose services center around card transaction processing and related information services. With 2,500 employees, FDRL serves over 40 clients who include major high street banks, building societies and other financial institutions, both in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

Atlanta-based First Data Corporation is a leader in payment systems, electronic commerce and transaction management products and services. First Data and its principal operating units process the information that allows millions of consumers to pay for goods and services by credit, debit or smart card at the point-of-sale, over the Internet, by check or by wire transfer. For further information about First Data, please visit the Internet at http://www.firstdatacorp.com.