ICSA TruSecure

Less than a year after leading the move to independent verification of transactional web site security, First Data Direct Banking is making the industry-leading ICSA TruSecure? web site certification available to its client banks.

“While the exponential growth of e-commerce demonstrates that Internet users are more comfortable with online financial transactions than they were as recently as a year ago, security concerns are still among the most pervasive impediments to the growth of Internet banking,” said Randy Kahn, president of First Data Direct Banking. “Enabling our financial institutions to offer their customers a `security blanket’ with their practices verified by a respected, independent agency, is one more way we’re helping them to increase consumer acceptance and usage of Internet banking services.”

Because the core systems where financial transactions take place at First Data Direct Banking’s data center have already been certified and are continuously monitored to ensure compliance with ICSA’s rigorous security standards, the time, effort and cost required to extend that certification one step further, to a NetPrecision financial institution’s web site, are reduced significantly. For a fee that is just a fraction of the cost of a complete ICSA TruSecure security service, NetPrecision clients will be able to certify their own sites and display the ICSA TruSecure logo, Kahn said.

“While online banking offerings continue to grow, so do security concerns. First Data Direct Banking has demonstrated a true commitment to security as well as privacy for its clients. Building on its TruSecure? Web certification, First Data Direct Banking has developed a program to extend independent validation of security requirements based on ICSA’s stringent standards to its clients,” said Peter Tippett, founder, chairman and chief technologist at ICSA. “This program contributes to a company’s ability to ease customer security issues and help its clients attain TruSecure certification. ICSA is pleased that First Data Direct Banking recognizes that security requires continuous effort.”

“Extending ICSA certification service to NetPrecision clients is just one more leading-edge service that demonstrates First Data Direct Banking is serious about partnering with its clients to provide the most complete Internet Banking solutions available today,” Kahn said. “By taking advantage of ICSA TruSecure verification and our free Privacy Policy Program, financial institutions can demonstrate a commitment to protecting the security and integrity of their customers’ information that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry.”

First Data Direct Banking pioneered use of the ICSA certification standard in the financial services industry in May of 1998, when it became the first industry vendor to obtain Web Host certification. A year later, financial services firms represent about 50 percent of ICSA’s new business development.

About First Data Direct Banking

First Data Direct Banking builds and hosts customized Internet financial service solutions for banks, credit unions, savings and loans, non-bank credit card issuers and brokerage houses of all sizes.

Using the NetSpeed(superscript: SM) process as a template, financial institutions can have fully functional, branded web sites up and running in just 30 business days with the NetPrecision system. First Data Direct Banking ties leading-edge online financial services partnerships and template, custom-built or existing web sites into transaction processing provided by electronic payments processing leader First Data Corp.

First Data Direct Banking can be found on the World Wide Web at [www.netprecision.com][1].

Atlanta-based First Data Corporation (NYSE: FDC) is a leader in payment systems, electronic commerce and information management products and services. First Data and its principal operating units process the information that allows millions of consumers to pay for goods and services by credit, debit or smart card at the point of sale or over the Internet; by check or wire money. For further information about First Data, please visit the Company on the Internet at [www.firstdatacorp.com][2]. About ICSA, Inc.

ICSA, Inc., a Gartner Group affiliate, is the world’s source of objective, independent, Internet security assurance services. Through ICSA’s TruSecure suite of services, businesses are managing their information security risks and expanding their usage of Internet technology. For the past 10 years, ICSA has collected data on security tools, best practices, and the industry at-large to become the central authority on information security. ICSA has used its leadership and expertise to support the growth of Internet business and commerce worldwide. Information Security is the official publication of ICSA and is dedicated to the needs of all security-conscious professionals. ICSA is headquartered in Reston, Virginia and has additional offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Contact ICSA at (888) 396-8348.

[1]: http://www.netprecision.com
[2]: http://www.firstdatacorp.com


AT&T Cards for PNC

PNC Bank announced Thursday the availability of ‘AT&T PrePaid Cards’ through its network of ATMs. The cards will initially be available from ten PNC Bank branches in the Pittsburgh area. As the program rolls out, however, it is expected the cards will be available through ATMs at many PNC Bank branches in the Pittsburgh area as well as at select malls and convenience stores. The ‘AT&T PrePaid Card’ is available at PNC Bank locations as a 60-minute card and costs $20. The cost is debited from the purchaser’s bank account, and the transaction is not subject to any surcharge from PNC Bank.


Cardservice WebApp

Cardservice International Thursday announced the release of its next-generation online application called Cardservice WebApp, the industry’s first online application developed for CSPs that instantly approves and activates merchant accounts.

Cardservice WebApp allows Cardservice International partner ISPs and hosting providers the ability to offer e-merchants and businesses real-time account submission and approval, giving merchants the flexibility to apply for and accept credit cards in as little as one hour.

Cardservice International released the Internet’s first online application in January of 1998, which was quickly implemented by dozens of leading ISPs and CSPs and has been instrumental in Cardservice achieving a portfolio of more than 30,000 Internet merchants over the last two years.

According to Chuck Burtzloff, president and chief executive officer of Cardservice International: “We have built our business on a foundation of unparalleled service and leading-edge technology. Cardservice WebApp is the next evolution in providing our partners and merchants with solutions that give them a decisive advantage in the marketplace.”

Cardservice WebApp is designed to integrate into a CSP’s e-commerce solution and can be readily branded by a partner. If a partner is also utilizing the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway (LSPG) for real-time authorization and processing, then Cardservice International can provide an added level of service by simultaneously approving and activating the merchant on the LSPG.

The basic philosophy is that most merchants that are embracing the Internet for commerce are small- to mid-sized. Often small merchants initially run their stores part-time. Offering rapid deployment of a merchant I.D. and a means of accepting online payments can greatly enhance their ability to compete and succeed.

Barry Friedman, director of product management at EarthLink, said of the Cardservice WebApp, “Because we’ve targeted the small-business market, it’s imperative that we provide our TotalCommerce(tm) merchants with the tools to design their site, get their merchant account approved and start taking orders quickly.

“Cardservice WebApp is a critical component of executing on that strategy, because it will allow merchants to process credit cards on their e-commerce sites in a fraction of the time.”

About Cardservice International

Cardservice International is a technology-driven, customer-focused company that provides both merchant account services and secure transport of financial transactions for businesses in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Cardservice International has headquarters in Agoura Hills, with 200 field offices throughout the United States. For additional information, visit .


Greenland Deal

Greenland Corp. announced the signing this week of a ‘Master Distribution Agreement’ with SmartCash ATM, an affiliate of ATM International, Inc., and the receipt of a 1999 purchase order for $9.24 million. The agreement makes SmartCash ATM, LTD., the exclusive distributor for the ‘Check Central Automated Check Cashing ATM’ in the USA and Canada. Under terms of the contract SmartCash ATM is required to order 1,200 Check Cashing ATMs in the year 2000 and 2,000 Check Cashing ATMs in the year 2001 to maintain their exclusivity. SmartCash ATM is a Dallas-based national distributor of ATM machines and a nationally registered ISO for many ATM networks including Plus, Cirrus, American Express, Star and Honor. The firm has installed 2,100 machines in 41 states.


E.ID Multicard

San Jose-based Secure Computing Corporation unveiled the ‘e.iD’ multicard Wednesday. The ‘e.iD multicard’ is the first and only mobile identity device to bring together the technologies for user identification, authentication and authorization, namely. ‘Public Key Infrastructure’ based digital certificates, encrypted secret key based dynamic passwords, and physical identity badging. The ‘e.ID’ multi card, which will begin shipping in the 2nd quarter can also be customized to target business applications such as authorization of financial transactions and system management access.



Capital One Financial Corp. reported this morning its chargeoff rate has declined for sixth consecutive quarters and is now at the lowest in three years.Managed net charge-offs for first quarter 1999 declined to 3.93% compared to 4.51% for the fourth quarter and 6.04% for the first quarter 1998. The managed delinquency rate (30+ days) also decreased, slipping to 4.56% as of Mar. 31 compared with 4.70% as of Dec. 31. During the first quarter of 1999, Cap One added 1.3 million net new accounts, bringing total accounts to 18.0 million. The managed net interest margin increased to a record 10.59% in the first quarter of 1999 versus 9.48% in the fourth quarter of 1998 and 10.40% in the same period of 1998. For the quarter, Capital One’s managed consumer loan balances increased by $49 million to $17.4 billion. For more details on Cap One’s 1Q/99 please visit CardData (www.carddata.com). Cap One also announced this morning plans to hire an additional 800 associates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


NPC Sells Unit

National Processing Company signed a definitive agreement Wednesday with International Payment Services, Inc. for the sale of NPC Check Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NPC and part of NPC’s Merchant Services Division. The transaction is valued at approximately $38 million and is expected to close this quarter. NPC says the sale will allow NPC to focus its efforts on selected business lines, including merchant credit card processing, imaging and travel-related business lines. IPS is a newly formed company by Stephen Kane and GTCR Fund VI, L.P.


Zinn Joins LifeMinders

James M. Zinn has been appointed vice president, finance & administration and chief financial officer of LifeMinders.com, Inc., the leading provider of free personalized, e-mail reminders, according to Stephen R. Chapin, Jr., the company’s president and CEO.

Mr. Zinn will be responsible for effectively positioning LifeMinders.com with its members, associates and investors. He will also lead the company’s financial and infrastructure growth.

Until recently, Mr. Zinn served as CFO of Capital One Financial Corporation since 1994. In this position, he was a key member of the executive team that transformed the company from a bank division to a financial services company that was one of the largest providers of MasterCard and Visa credit cards in the world, with a market capitalization of over $8 billion at the time of his departure. Prior to that Mr. Zinn was a partner with Ernst & Young, LLP. He brings 24 years of financial management and accounting experience to LifeMinders.com.

Mr. Zinn is a 1975 graduate of The Ohio State University, where he received a B.S. degree in Business Administration. He is a member of several professional organizations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

About LifeMinders.com, Inc.

Founded in 1996, LifeMinders.com, Inc. delivers 4,000,000 personalized e-mail messages to approximately 1.3 million member profiles every month as of March 31, 1999. These e-mail “minders” provide users with pre-requested information for different aspects of their lives such as home improvement, entertainment, car care, parenting, personal finance management, important dates and pet care. The LifeMinders free, opt-in service enables advertisers to achieve effective and measurable results. Key advertisers include Blockbuster, a unit of Viacom Inc., The Home Depot, Kimberly-Clark, First USA, a subsidiary of Bank One Corp., and Jiffy Lube, a subsidiary of the Pennzoil Company.

LifeMinders.com and the LifeMinders.com logo are trademarks of LifeMinders.com, Inc.


Winners Update

Winners Internet Network, Inc. announced the placement of additional key people to facilitate a major direction change.

Mr. Skinner, CEO, stated that the company has successfully completed the first operational 90 days with the full implementation of its processing technology. This was the beginning for its venture into the Internet for long range goals and objectives.

The company undertook a massive effort to be one of the first direct processors of Internet Transactions in world commerce in Europe by providing the catalyst for transactions in all major world currencies.

Mr. Skinner stated that the system has successfully uncovered and tracked users of stolen, lost and false credit cards in different areas of the world in cooperation with Visa and other Card Companies. Processing of the financial transaction is the key according to WINR accomplishing its objectives. The WINR System will protect its vendors from being victimized with false or stolen cards. WINR feels that its initial phases have adequately demonstrated the safeguards it initially represented.

WINR is now announcing the following additions to its capable staff in the USA and Europe. WINR has hired a System Administrator formerly with the USAF with a top-secret clearance who had direct responsibility for satellite communication and mainframe computer systems. He is an expert in systems and control for networking environments, is knowledgeable in four languages and is relocating to Europe this month to become the Systems Director and to implement new changes to facilitate the company’s new goals and objectives.

In addition, WINR has hired a Computer Design and Graphics Manager for Europe who has an extensive background in marketing and design to coordinate the company’s new direction. This staff member will also relocate to the facilities in Europe.

Dr. Reinhard Proksch, a Fulbright Scholar with doctorates in both Information Systems and Law, has also agreed to become an advisor for the Corporate Board of Directors. In addition to being the Managing Director of the CyberLink Trust, Dr. Proksch is a founder of P&A Corporate Services and Mutual Fund Administrators in Europe and has offices in Vienna, London, Zurich and Liechtenstein. Dr. Proksch is an Austrian native who is admitted to practice law in New York, Switzerland and Austria. He is also a registered and licensed Asset Trust Manager. He is supplemented by coordinating the appointment of the CyberLink Marketing Director for International Sales, Ms. Kimberly Stein, to the Board of Directors of Winners and Secretary of the Corporation.

Ms. Stein stated that it is her goal to bring the Shopping Downtown site of CMS into reality with emphasis on the processing coordination and the on-line shopping. She is very aggressive in establishing sites for women. Ms. Stein brings her expertise and has obtained extensive command of the WINR European operations including systems, customer service and processing to enhance the WINR shopping network.

Mr. Skinner said this reorganization of the Board is to provide the expanded vision of the company in the global market. Former Board Members Kristine S. Coalson and Sandra K. Varney, who also served as Vice President/Secretary, have agreed to resign in order to accommodate the new Board. Mr. Skinner thanked them for their dedicated and faithful service. They are vital and well seasoned corporate employees who will be managing the home office administration and customer relations.

Mr. Skinner stated that WINR is targeting on-line trading including all forms of e-commerce. WINR feels that the industry has categorized the company as a Casino. WINR is not a Casino and its emphasis is going to change with the staff the company has put into place. WINR is now moving to become an on-line site provider. Dr. Proksch is going to guide WINR into on-line trading with the financial and trust expertise he possesses and WINR will be shifting to different categories for Entertainment, Shopping and On-Line Trading as well as other areas. Mr. Skinner said, “We feel that in-house processing, which allows customers to feel safe with their credit cards on the Internet will help develop our corporate image. The ability to accept and transfer deposits in most world currencies and the collection and payment procedures offered by the CMS Western Union Quick Cash is a major step towards fulfilling the aforementioned corporate goals.


MBNA Chip Deal

GO-RACHELS.COM, manufacturer of Rachel’s Gourmet Potato Chips and distributor of Y2K and Millennium Chocolate Coins, Wednesday announced an arrangement with MBNA America to offer Rachel’s Gourmet Potato Chips to all the MBNA INDY RACING LEAGUE credit card holders.

MBNA America, with $59.6 billion in managed loans and more than $15 billion in deposits, is the largest independent credit card lender in the world. MBNA also provides consumer financing options and insurance products and offers a variety of superior deposit accounts. MBNA has more than 19,000 people working to provide top-quality Customer service in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada.

James M. Garlie, Chairman, Pres, & CEO of GO-RACHELS.COM, stated, “As you need a credit card to purchase products through the net, I can’t think of a better way to build our e-commerce business. While other internet companies are spending million’s of dollars on advertising, MBNA is affording GO-RACHELS.COM this opportunity for the mere cost of an insert in a monthly statement. All MBNA is asking for is that their customers purchase Rachel’s Gourmet Potato Chips with their MBNA credit card. This could also lead to other companies wanting to advertise on our web site and is one of several opportunities that has come from sponsoring the PEP BOYS INDY RACING LEAGUE’S 1998 Indy 500 Winner, and two time Disney 200 Winner, Eddie Cheever. Jr. The snack food industry is a 60 billion dollar industry and GO-RACHELS.COM is well positioned for accelerated growth! This truly is a Win, Win situation for everyone involved!”

GO-RACHELS.COM (OTC BB: RACH), is a full service e-commerce company that manufactures, distributes, and markets eight flavors of Rachel’s Gourmet Potato Chips and name brand confectionery products that include Sour Simons, Gummy Guys, and Loonies, Toonies, Y2K and Millennium Chocolate Coins throughout North America and the WorldWideWeb:

GO-RACHELS.COM’S products are marketed by some of the largest retailers and distributors in North America, including: Wal-Mart, Target, Dominick’s, Costco, Loblaw, SYSCO, and U.S. Food Service. GO-RACHELS.COM’S products are also marketed over the World Wide Web using Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) as it’s e-commerce Web Site Host.


Bank One Online Bills

Bank One this morning became the nation’s first company to introduce fully-integrated online bill delivery through Integrion Financial Network. The new bill delivery service from Bank One connects the scalability of the Integrion Interactive Financial Services platform with the network of billers in the CheckFree electronic bill delivery and payment system. The new service will enable Bank One’s 300,000 online customers to both receive and pay bills online through the Bank One website. Initially, 15 companies have agreed to deliver their bills online through CheckFree to Bank One customers. To date, seven are actually listed on the Bank One website: American Electric Power, BellSouth, Boston Edison, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Consumers Energy, HomeSide Lending and MCI WorldCom. E-billing is a free feature of the ‘Bank One Online Bill Payment’ service, which allows consumers to make electronic payments anywhere in the U.S. for $4.95 per month.


FU Data Warehouse

First Union revealed plans Wednesday to triple the capacity of its customer data warehouse to 27 terabytes, a banking industry record, in its quest to deliver customized marketing to its 16 million customers. The amount of disk storage in the data warehouse will be equal to 27 million floppy disks. The data warehouse, an IBM ‘RS/6000 SP’ running on Informix Corp.’s relational database, stores up to 24 months of customer transactions with First Union. The system will Analyze customer behavior, such as how often they contact the company in person, by phone or ATM. Thousands of reports can be customized by users at the corporate level or by state, city, or branch, by customer segment, or product. First Union exited the national credit card business last year to focus on developing deeper customer relationships in its core marketing footprint.