Payment Network Profts

Second-Quarter Payment Network Profits Rise Nearly 24%

Second-quarter payment network profits among the global U.S.-based Major 4: Visa [V], Mastercard [MA], American Express [AXP] and Discover [DFS], soared 23.8% year-on-year (YOY), and now growing at an 12.80% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), based on the past five years. The Major 4 reported a combined second-quarter (2Q/19) (after tax) profit of $7663 million,…

90+ Card Delinquency

Second-Quarter 90+ Card Delinquency Hits 5+ Year High

Second-quarter 90+ card delinquency climbed to its highest level in more than five years for a second-quarter, jumping 25 bps (basis points), signaling higher charge-offs in the near-term and possibly well into 2023. After hitting a seven-year record of 1.29% for the past two quarters, the late-stage delinquency rate seasonally nudged down by 11 bps…

credit card delinquency

Top 100 Credit Card Delinquency Trendline Upward

U.S. credit card delinquency among the Top 100 U.S. issuing banks in the second-quarter edged down 2 basis points (bps) sequentially, and up 8 bps YOY (year-on-year). Nonetheless, the seasonally adjusted (SA) delinquency ratio is the highest since the first-quarter of 2013, according to the Federal Reserve. Second-quarter card delinquency among the nation’s Top 4…

Credit Card Charge-Offs

Credit Card Losses for Top 100 Hit a 7-Yr Q2 High

Consumer credit card losses, or charge-offs, among the Top 100 U.S. banks, are continuing to rise to levels for a second-quarter not seen since 2013. Meanwhile, delinquency, the precursor of charge-offs, is also hovering at six-year highs. The trends are concerning to card issuers as it adds more evidence the U.S. economy is headed into…

Credit Cards CIF

Second-Quarter Credit Cards CIF Grow at Bottom and Top

Second-quarter credit CIF (cards-in-force) continue to grow despite a saturated U.S. market driven by an expanding sub-prime marketplace and the aggressive marketing of high-end rewards cards. Over the past year, the total CIF is up by more nearly 24 million, and growing more 300 basis points (bps) over the prior twelve-month period. Mastercard is blowing…

Second-Quarter PDV

Second-Quarter PDV Declines 200 bps YOY U.S. CAGR 8.78%

Second-quarter PDV (purchase dollar volume) for the U.S. payment cards (credit+debit+charge+prepaid) grew 9.1% YOY (year-on-year), compared to 11.1% one-year ago. Mastercard picked up 90 bps (basis points), while Discover declined 440 bps during the same period. The Major 4 U.S.-based payment card networks: Visa [V]; Mastercard [MA]; American Express [AXP]; and Discover (DFS) collectively posted…

Second-Quarter Card Charge-Offs

Second-Quarter Card Charge-Offs Stabilize at 7 Yr High & Reserves +7%

Second-quarter card charge-offs among the Top 4 U.S. bank credit card declined slightly from the prior quarter, a historical pattern, but up double-digits from one-year ago, remaining the highest for a second-quarter in seven years. Credit card charge-offs among the nation’s Top 4 credit card issuers dipped 2 bps (basis points) sequentially in the second-quarter…

Second-Quarter Global Cards

Second-Quarter Global Cards +6.5% U.S. Debit +11% YOY

Second-quarter global cards among the Major 4 U.S. payment networks expanded by 347 million credit and debit cards-in-force (CIF) over the past twelve months. The Major 4 (Visa [V], Mastercard [MA], American Express [AXP], Discover/Diners [DFS]), global payment cards grew 6.5% year-on-year (YOY) in the second-quarter (2Q/19). Second-Quarter Global Cards Growth Analysis The Major 4…

second-quarter card loan growth

Second-Quarter Card Loan Growth Falls Off the Cliff +3% YOY

Second-quarter card loan growth, among the Top 4 U.S. issuers, grew a paltry 2.6% year-on-year (YOY), compared to 3.4% YOY in the prior quarter, and compared to 4.8% YOY one-year ago. Among the nation’s Top 4 credit card issuers (Chase [JPM], Capital One [COF], Bank of America [BAC], and Citibank [C]), the annual growth rate…

Second-Quarter Global Volume

Second-Quarter Global Volume FX Down 10 bps & CAGR Slips

Second-quarter global volume on a currency adjusted basis (FX) for the Major 4 U.S. based networks was essentially flat year-on-year (YOY) down by 10 basis points (bps), compared the prior year. American Express posted the only YOY FX gain in global gross dollar volume (GDV) of nearly 200 bps. Global payment card (credit+debit+charge+prepaid) GDV for…