Cap One – Europe

Capital One Financial Corporation announced Monday that Dominic Allen has joined the Company as Director of International Business Development.  In this capacity, Mr. Allen will be responsible for actively exploring and developing new lending business opportunities for Capital One, and its affiliated companies, in continental Europe, and ultimately other markets.  Mr. Allen will report to Alan Wolfson, Capital One’s Managing Director, International.

“We are exporting our Information-Based Strategy worldwide.  Many countries are prime opportunities for Capital One,” said Nigel Morris, Capital One’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “More than 13 million customers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada already benefit from our mass- customized, competitively priced products.  By joining Alan and our International team, Dominic will enable us to introduce Capital One and our quality products and services to a wider global audience.”

Mr. Allen joins Capital One after managing Trans National’s French, German and UK operations for seven years.  Previously, Mr. Allen consulted for Bain & Company in Paris, as well as managed numerous multinational projects for Schlumberger Oil Well Services and a French construction company.  He is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford University in Engineering and Economics and was awarded his MBA with distinction from Insead.

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Capital One Financial Corporation () is a financial services company with more than 7,000 associates worldwide, whose principal subsidiaries, Capital One Bank and Capital One, F.S.B., offer consumer lending products.  Capital One subsidiaries are among the largest providers of MasterCard and Visa credit cards in the world.


Bull Forms XIRING

Bull announced yesterday that it has created a new U.S. company — XIRING — as a parity-owned joint subsidiary with InfoRealite Group, Strasbourg, France. XIRING has been formed to design, develop and market innovative, low-cost and user-friendly smart card-related products for broad worldwide markets. The new company, based in France, also has bought the corresponding assets of the OKI Advanced Products division of the Japanese company OKI. XIRING leverages the complementary strengths of Bull’s smart card technology and InfoRealite’s expertise in telecommunications. Initially focusing on pocket-sized personal smart card readers, XIRING, with the addition of assets and products made by OKI, claims the top spot in the worldwide pocket reader market for electronic purse applications, with more than three million readers in use. XIRING’s products facilitate and develop the use of smart cards by providing a variety of functions:

–Read and display information contained in various types of cards, ranging from telephone cards and electronic purses, to health care cards and loyalty cards

–Load money onto electronic purse cards using innovative communication technologies

–New smart card-based applications using various communications methods, such as telephone lines, hertzian broadcasting, television and radio, and

–Euro conversion, a basic function on the XIRING products.

“Fueled by the growing acceptance of smart card applications, XIRING will capitalize on the consumer market for personal card readers, forecasted to generate revenue of more than $300 million by 2003,”said David Levy, general manager of Bull’s Smart Cards & Terminals Division. “The number of electronic purse smart cards will multiply ten-fold by 2003, surpassing over 500 millions units worldwide. Portable file applications, such as health, driver license and loyalty, will have generated at this time an equivalent number of cards. Mass transit, lotteries, and security applications will also increase this number.

“InfoRealite Group offers technologies that are complementary to those of Bull, especially in the field of telecommunications,” Levy said. “Furthermore, we are interested in the consumer products developed by InfoRealite such as `Tags,’ which are marking products that use contactless technology.”

Michel Schott, president of the InfoRealite Group, said, “By combining new consumer-oriented communications and smart card technologies, XIRING opens up an extraordinary range of new applications that are practical and attractive to consumers. By combining the expertise of both principal companies, XIRING achieves a market position that gives it a competitive edge and added value for customers.”

XIRING will continue the product lines already marketed by Bull’s Smart Cards & Terminals Division. These include the pocket readers such as the VisaCash electronic purse used at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996; more than one million units of this kind of product have already been sold. XIRING also will offer hand-held calculator-type devices that allow health professionals to obtain information contained on the Vitale 1 French health card. InfoRealite’s technologies will provide communications features for XIRING products, such as electronic purse reloading devices based on acoustic coupler techniques or electronic coupon devices using RDS radio wave receptors.

“It was only logical that we bring together, in a separate company, all of these products, which are in complete synergy with Bull’s cards and terminals products and InfoRealite’s communication division, but which are another line of business,” Levy and Schott said. “Separately from XIRING, however, Bull’s line payment terminals and professional readers and the communication devices division in InfoRealite will continue to experience exceptional growth in their current organizations.”

Already, XIRING has gained the support of leading international payment operators. “The development and evolution of payment facilities, such as the advent of electronic commerce, the development of electronic purses, and multi-application payment systems, generates a need for consumers to be equipped with personalized readers,” said Bernard Morvant, vice president of Visa International.

“The support provided to bankers and operators by strong and competent industrial partners dedicated to this business will be a key factor in the success of these new payment facilities,” Morvant said.

According to George Liberman, who is managing the creation of the newly-formed company, XIRING has several key assets. “Markets involving smart cards are in the process of opening up everywhere in the world, not only for payment facilities, but also for transportation, healthcare, loyalty and games,” he said. “The associated companies have decisive qualities, in terms of both mastered technologies and the strength of their respective businesses.

“In addition,” Liberman said, “XIRING reaps the immediate benefits of an existing base of roughly 80 large clients, including banks, payment operators and distributors, who have already made more than three million XIRING products available to consumers in 18 countries. These key assets will contribute to the success of XIRING, whose ambition is to develop and consolidate its worldwide leadership in this market.

About Bull Smart Cards & Terminals

Bull designs and markets a wide range of contact and contactless microprocessor cards, payment terminals and automatic points of contact including cash dispensers and multimedia kiosk POS terminals. In 1997, these activities generated revenue of $237 million, an increase of 32 percent over 1996. The history of smart cards at Bull goes back to 1979 when Bull’s Michel Ugon, in collaboration with Motorola, invented the world’s first microprocessor card (CP8 technology). Today, all of the world’s roughly 210 million microprocessor cards use Bull CP8 technology, either for the micro-electronic part (SPOM – Self-Programmable One chip Memory) patent or for Bull operating systems. Bull is world leader in the electronic purse segment with more than 27 million cards in use in ten countries. Approximately 60 percent of bank cards used in the world today have been designed by Bull. In addition, Bull is a leader in electronic payment terminals, with 650,000 machines installed worldwide. More information on Bull Smart Cards & Terminals can be found at [][1], on Groupe Bull’s Web site, , and at the company’s U.S. Web site, .

About InfoRealite

InfoRealite is a high-tech industrial group based in Vendenheim, near Strasbourg, France. The company designs, manufactures and markets innovative products mainly in the field of telecommunication. The know-how of its 360 people covers all the activities of research and development, manufacturing, project management and marketing of a high technological value-added range of products. InfoRealite’s main technologies and product lines in the field of communication include:

— Paging terminals using FM sub-carrier (RDS)

— Digital modems (ISDN)

— 433 MHz radio communication modules (meter-reading, remote control, etc.)

— Electronic shelf labels (radio-transmission)

— Contactless identification devices (DSC)

Sales in 1997 for the InfoRealite Group were 301 million FF, an increase of 50 percent compared to 1996 results. InfoRealite is listed at the Paris stock exchange. More information is available at .



First Omaha Offers Talento

First of Omaha Merchant Processing became the first U.S. acquiring bank yesterday to offer the Dassault ‘Talento’ processing terminal. The Dassault ‘Talento’ processing terminal provides state-of-the-art technology in a fully integrated terminal, enabling merchants to complete multiple types of transactions with one unit. ‘Talento’s’ smart card capabilities and memory expansion to 4.5MB will enable merchants to build value added applications. ‘Talento’ offers four models to choose from.  Each model comes as an all-in-one compact EFT POS terminal that includes a fast thermal printer, large 88 character back-lit display, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader, and optional smart card reader.  Models range from a credit only version, to a version that provides an integrated or external PIN pad for debit and EBT applications.  Other versions offer a smart card reader and optional integrated PIN pad.  Talento’s biggest feature is its simple lead-through and ability to handle several tasks simultaneously, thus reducing the overall transaction time to a few seconds, resulting in quicker customer transactions. Dassault AT has 700,000 terminals installed worldwide making it the fourth largest installed base of EFT POS terminals in the world.



To help small business owners avoid these kinds of credit card fraud losses, Internet ScamBusters, the premier publication on Internet fraud, has published an article called “Eight Sure-Fire Strategies Any Business Owner Can Use to Reduce Credit Card Fraud.” It is available free by sending an email to [][1].



AXI Takes Off

American Express has scheduled a news briefing this morning at its world headquarters to review the success of its online corporate travel reservation system, ‘AXI’. The interactive channel features a quick implementation time and the ability to customize the system to an individual company’s network and culture. The number of companies using ‘AXI’ has grown from ten to 100 in only six months. And the number continues to grow, with up to 300 companies expected to be on board by the end of 1998. By creating a whole suite of travel management tools, including automated expense reporting and electronic ticketing that work seamlessly with ‘AXI’, American Express expects that 30% of its corporate travel business will be conducted over AXI(SM) by year 2000.


Entegrity to Use ValiCert

Entegrity Solutions Corporation, the leading provider of rapidly deployed Public Key Infrastructure-based  security solutions into the enterprise, announced yesterday that its Security Development Platform (SDP) and Notary Certificate Authority will incorporate cutting-edge technology from ValiCert, Inc. to manage the validation of digital certificates.

Entegrity Solutions’ SDP, a standards-based platform for creating security-enhanced applications, is designed to incorporate best-of-breed technologies from multiple vendors as they become available. By embracing industry standards and pursuing cross-certification with other vendors, Entegrity is able to offer the most open security architected platform on the market today.

“ValiCert recognizes the value and convenience of Entegrity’s SDP,” said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Marketing at ValiCert. “Enterprises, system integrators and application developers now writing to the Entegrity platform can easily SDP-enable digital certificate validation technology into their products.”

“With the integration of the ValiCert Universal Toolkit, we have further expanded the power of the platform for our customers. They will now have an easy way to rapidly add validation services to their security-enhanced applications,” said John Weinschenk, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Entegrity. “The ValiCert Global Service is an added bonus for our large multinational customers with worldwide applications spanning organizational and global boundaries. They will now have a central location to validate their digital certificates.”

By integrating ValiCert technology with Entegrity’s SDP, revocation data from a certificate system will be sent to a ValiCert validation engine — either the ValiCert Enterprise Server (for validating intranet transactions) or the ValiCert Global Service (for validating extranet/Internet transactions).

Entegrity users will also be able to take advantage of ValiCert’s Global Service field trial that involves more than a dozen Certificate Authorities and leading electronic commerce vendors. Through the ValiCert Global Service, enterprises can check the validity of digital certificates across company boundaries and around the world.

In addition, Entegrity customers will have access to other ValiCert products, including:

*  The ValiCert Universal Toolkit’ that provides developers with comprehensive off-the-shelf software components for easily building Internet/intranet applications that validate digital certificates using an array of established validation mechanisms.

*  The ValiCert Enterprise Server for creating and issuing verifications for digital certificates within an intranet environment, and which provides a link between an intranet and ValiCert’s service. The server works with any certificate issuance system to enable high performance, interoperable certificate validity confirmation.

Digital Certificate Validation

Digital certificates are being used increasingly as electronic credentials for identification, payment and other communications and business transactions conducted over the Internet or corporate intranets. As with the credit card industry that developed a way to electronically validate the millions of credit card numbers issued by any bank in the world, the use of digital certificates requires its own clearinghouse network for certificate confirmation so that individuals and businesses can assure the current validity of a certificate.

A pioneer in the emerging area of digital certificate validation, ValiCert’s software and services deliver the only universal, high-performance solution available today for validating digital certificates. ValiCert’s products and services enable organizations to securely and rapidly manage the validation of digital certificates, and provide enterprise developers and ISVs with the tools to build applications that incorporate certificates.

About Entegrity Solutions Corporation

Founded in 1996 and privately held, Entegrity Solutions is dedicated to ensuring the rapid deployment of secure applications, cost-effectively. The company’s product suite, consisting of PKI-based Security Development Platform (SDP), AssureWeb, Notary, AssureMail and Entegrity-SSL, combined with professional consulting services, ensures the integrity of information throughout the enterprise. Entegrity’s fully integrated security solutions are deployed in over 12 countries worldwide in a variety of private sector and government projects. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company’s research and development facility is in Sweden, with regional professional services and sales offices in London, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

For more information on Entegrity Solutions, call 408-487-8600 or visit the company Web site at .

About ValiCert

ValiCert was established in 1996 by a group of leading cryptographers and executives from the Internet services industry to build a broad validation infrastructure for the net economy. Utilizing a best of breed suite of technologies, including all traditional methods for certificate validation as well as ValiCert’s own innovative cryptographic technique called certificate revocation trees, ValiCert delivers a highly efficient, scalable and transparent solution for checking the validity of digital certificates in any Internet or intranet transaction. ValiCert is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. and is available on the World Wide Web at or by e-mail at [][1].



MC MLB  Summer

MasterCard will launch a Major League Baseball summer promotion tomorrow to heighten brand awareness and increase card usage by offering consumers a chance to win a decade’s worth of All-Star Game tickets and $50,000 in cash as the grand prize. Consumers will also receive instant ‘Value Card’ savings by using their MasterCard at Foot Locker, RadioShack,  Sam Goody/Musicland and SunCoast Motion Picture Company. ‘MasterCard’s Major League Summer’ includes a donation program, tied to card usage, benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. MasterCard also announced yesterday it is broadening its eight-month relationship with Major League Baseball by signing multi-year sponsorship and marketing agreements with seven teams. Under terms of this week’s agreements, MasterCard will serve as the preferred card and will work with its member banks to build affinity card programs for the Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals. MasterCard signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement last October, making it the preferred card of Major League Baseball. As part of the original agreement, MasterCard was granted rights to the collective use of Major League Baseball marks in advertising, merchandising and promotions.  The agreement also provided MasterCard with exclusive category rights to utilize Major League Baseball trademarks including the World Series, League Championship Series, Division Series and All-Star Game logos and established MasterCard as the national affinity card for Major League Baseball.


New Fingerprint Patents

Advanced Precision Technology Inc., a San Francisco based developer of innovative personal authentication systems using biometrics, today announced that it has received notice of allowance on an additional patent application covering their innovative holographic fingerprint capture optics. Advanced Precision received Notice of Allowance on June 19, 1998, from the US Patent Office, on a continuation-in-part patent application, Miniature Fingerprint Sensor using a Trapezoidal Prism and a Holographic Optical Element, filed August 8, 1996. APT was previously issued a U.S. Patent on May 13, 1997 for Prism Fingerprint Sensor Using a Holographic Optical Element, filed July 7, 1995.

“These patents reflect our commitment to continue to put the science into the art of fingerprint imaging and help make real-time fingerprint identification a cost-effective, reliable, and acceptable way for you to protect and verify your identity,” stated Bruce A. Pastorius, President/CEO of Advanced Precision.

Advanced Precision has already incorporated this technology in their previously announced APrinT HoloPass which already has multiple installations in the government and commercial sectors. The company is planning volume production of the HoloPass to support the anticipated demand from system integrators, channel partners, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

APT is planning to release multiple packaging options ranging from a small integratable unit, to larger desktop or wall mount versions with built in smart card readers as an option. The company has been demonstrating the successful implementation of using fingerprints as unique “PIN” codes to protect smart cards at major trade conferences. The new HoloPass family of devices are targeted for September 1998.

“The addition of the smart cards stored value and information capabilities along with our HoloPass offerings will allow Advanced Precision to offer cost-effective, forensic quality fingerprint identity verification solutions to meet the many needs of the personal identification, banking/financial services, security, and access control marketplaces,” concluded Pastorius.

For more information, contact Advanced Precision Technology, Inc., Bruce A. Pastorius, President/CEO, via telephone at 415/397-1545, fax at 415/397-1546 or visit their web site at [>][1].



Interac Debit Card Tips

Cardholders whose cards have been compromised under circumstances beyond their control are at no financial risk. The compromised cards will be canceled and new cards issued and any fraudulent transactions will be reversed and the money refunded to the customers’ accounts.

Card issuing members adhere to the Canadian Code of Practice, which protects consumers in their use of debit card services in Canada.

Fraud detection and monitoring

In the event of suspected debit card compromises, the financial institutions’ fraud detection teams — working with Interac Association — compile a detailed analysis of the fraudulent use of cards and where it occurred. With this information, they are able to identify the source of the criminal activity and provide the police with the evidence they need to make an arrest. Both Interac members and staff work closely with policing agencies to ensure that any criminal activity is immediately stopped.

Keep your eye on your card

Contrary to reports about double swiping leading to fraud, cardholders should be aware that it is sometimes necessary for a card to be swiped through both the cash register and a debit terminal. However, when making a purchase with Interac Direct Payment, a debit card should remain within the cardholder’s sight at all times.

Cardholders must notify their financial institution immediately if they have reason to believe the confidentiality of their card or account has been breached.

Debit cards are very secure

In light of recent media reports, it is important for debit users to know that incidents of fraud are very rare when compared with the volume of transactions. This is because it requires both a card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain access to a banking account. This makes debit the most secure payment method available today. Debit card fraud cannot occur without both a card and a cardholder’s PIN–which is a cardholder’s electronic signature and the key to his or her account.

You can protect your PIN

It is important that cardholders take their responsibility for PIN confidentiality very seriously and not reveal it even to close friends and family members. Most card compromises have been the result of a cardholder telling someone their PIN. For this reason, you must keep your PIN secret.

Interac Association advises cardholders to exercise care at all times and use their hands or bodies to shield others from observing them entering their PINs. If the PIN number remains confidential and these steps are taken, there is no reason to expect that fraud can occur. It is also recommended that cardholders change their PINs from time to time.

Interac services have an excellent security record thanks to the safeguard of a PIN.

With any type of financial transaction, security is important. The attached safety tips will help cardholders protect themselves against debit card fraud.

Interac Direct Payment (IDP) Safety Tips

1.  Keep your card in a safe place and never `lend’ it to anyone.

2.  Protect your PIN; it is your electronic signature. Don’t write it down–memorize it.

3.  Never disclose your PIN to anyone.

4.  Change your PIN regularly

5.  If you are selecting a PIN, always avoid the obvious–e.g. address, phone number, birth date.

6.  Use your hand or body as a shield to prevent others from seeing you enter your PIN–don’t worry about appearing too cautious.

7.  Make sure your debit card is always within sight during a transaction

8.  Conduct IDP transactions only where you feel secure–if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t use it.

9.  After a transaction, remember to take your card and your transaction slip.

10. If your card is lost or stolen, notify your financial institution immediately.

For further information: Andrew Cogan, Hill & Knowlton, (416) 413-1218


SCA Enters Retail Mail Order

In its initial move into the retail catalog/mail order industry,  Shoppers Charge Accounts Co. announced Monday it has acquired Lew Magram Ltd.’s private label credit card program.  SCA will also be starting up a separate card for Magram affiliate Brownstone Studio. Brownstone Studio, whose catalogs feature upscale women’s fashions, will be launched during July. Under terms of the agreement, the NJ-based SCA acquired the receivables in Magram’s portfolio and will administer all facets of the women’s apparel cataloger’s private label card program on an ongoing basis. The receivables were purchased from Bank One.  Magram, which launched its private label credit card in 1992, publishes over 50 million catalogs annually.


Gasper & Triton

Gasper and Triton Systems announced Monday they will jointly offer products that enable large ATM deployers to fully integrate the service and support of Triton dial-up ATMs in their networks.  For its role in the partnership, Triton is providing Gasper with an enhanced version of Triton Connect, an advanced software package for dial-up ATM management that provides complete remote data retrieval and monitoring of the Triton Series ‘miniATM Cash Dispenser’.  Gasper, in turn, will integrate the ‘Triton Connect’ package with its ‘Gasper Manager’, an automated ATM service management system for mission critical retail delivery environments. Gasper will market the combined solution to shared customers. Over 50% of the ATMs in the U.S. and 20% of worldwide ATMs are monitored by Gasper systems.


Discovery Card

The Discovery Channel will unveil a MasterCard Wednesday to protect endangered species and the environment as well as offer cardholders special savings on merchandise. The ‘Discovery Channel Platinum Plus MasterCard’ and ‘Discovery Channel Preferred MasterCard’ offers coupons for savings at The Nature Company and Discovery Channel Stores and on merchandise from Discovery Channel catalogs. In addition, Discovery Channel will contribute a percentage of revenue from the cards to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International. Cardholders will also receive a quarterly newsletter with news on Discovery Channel products and services, Discovery Networks programming highlights, and behind-the-scenes features. MBNA America, the bank-issuing partner, is offering a 5.9% intro rate for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. Starting tomorrow, customers may apply at Discovery Channel and The Nature Company stores or online through the shopping page at Discovery Channel Online.