Payment Conferences COVID-19

Payment Conferences COVID-19 Compliant

Some of the payment conferences for March and April have been rescheduled, postponed, or under review due to COVID-19, most are going forward, according to PYVNTS. However, expect extensive sanitation practices with all events inside or outside the U.S. for the next several months, notes CardTrak. Even those events going forward, especially outside the U.S.,…


Perfect Storm Coming

Perfect Storm Coming to Banking & Payments

A perfect storm is brewing for the banking and payments business as the impact of the coronavirus-driven spending collapse and the sharp rise in unemployment pushes consumer loan defaults to new heights. Adding to these two components is the unprecedented decline in oil prices, likely producing massive defaults on oil-related loans and the layoffs it…


Payments Performance Covid-19

Payments Performance Facing Huge COVID-19 Impacts

Payments performance for both networks and issuers are poised to face the profitability challenges of 40 years ago as the coronavirus impacts rage through all levels of life. The likely impact of the first two quarters of this year will wipe out profitability for 2020 and if COVID-19 extends into the third quarter, the impact…


Global Card Spending

Global Card Spending Plummets via Covid-19

Global card spending growth started to unwind in the fourth-quarter but the catastrophic worldwide impact of the coronavirus will be stunning for the first-quarter and far beyond. Business spending on travel could fall by more than $150 billion in the first three months. Consumer spending on travel will likely decline by $300 billion in Q1.…


Payments Forecast RAM Research

Payments Forecast Thru 2025 – U.S. Erosion & Saturation

The payments forecast between 2020 and 2025 is not pretty. Top-line and bottom-line performance metrics will likely weaken as a global slowdown drives down U.S. payment card purchase dollar volume (PDV) and pre-tax profits. The outlook is exclusive of the global COVID-19 pandemic impact and its potential major impact on the global payments in the…


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services the Word

Artificial intelligence in financial payments will be explored fully in March by the AI In Financial Services event and the AI In Finance Summit event in March. The AI In Financial Services event is scheduled for March 17th at the America Square Conference Centre in London. The AI in Finance Summit is slated for March…


Sub-Prime Cards

Sub-Prime Cards Consumer Debt Soar – Rate Caps?

Sub-prime cards are gathering more steam as a major deal closes. Credit card debt skyrocketed in December by a record 14%. Majority of Americans want a 36% rate cap. Women in Payments recently recognized exceptionally talented leaders and rising stars in Fintech and Banking. Despite years of warnings, those computers inside your computer remain disturbingly unprotected.…


Loan Delinquency

Loan Delinquency to Face Big Waves

Loan delinquency across the board is projected to rise sharply in the next five years. The outcome of the 2020 U.S. election cycle will have a unprecedented and profound impact on the U.S. economy, the global economy, and the payment card industry through 2025. Solid projections point to early stage credit card delinquency among the…


Card Yield

Card Yield Sinks for Top 4 After Record 2019

Card yield, as an average for the nation’s Top 4 credit card issuers, reversed course in the fourth-quarter after posting new records throughout 2019 All of the issuers, except Chase, posted significantly lower yields in the fourth-quarter from the prior quarter. However, this is fifth consecutive quarter wherein all of the Top 4 exceeded 10%.…


Discover LGBTQ

Discover LGBTQ Scores – Retailers Go Used – Curve

Discover LGBTQ scores a perfect 100 score alongside almost 700 other companies as “Best Place to Work” for equality. Nordstrom, Macy’s, J.C. Penney and Madewell are shifting retail to preloved clothes, shoes and handbags. GOP wants to revamp the Volcker Rule and continue gutting the CFPB. The Curve Mastercard with Apple Pay app takes shape.…


debit & prepaid cards

Debit & Prepaid Cards for Visa MC 5.78% CAGR

Visa Mastercard payment cards (credit, charge, debit, and prepaid) cards-in-force (CIF) in the U.S., for the fourth-quarter (4Q/19) posted an increase of 5.2% year-on-year (YOY), compared to a 5.8% YOY gain in payment cards for the prior quarter (3Q/19). Visa and Mastercard U.S. credit cards increased 3.7% YOY, while CIF for debit cards rose 6.2%…


Fourth-Quarter Chargeoffs

Fourth-Quarter Chargeoffs Up a Tad as Reserves +9%

Fourth-quarter chargeoffs among the Top 4 U.S. bank credit card increased modestly from the prior quarter and up a smidgen from one-year ago. Credit card charge-offs among the nation’s Top 4 credit card issuers decreased 7 bps (basis points) sequentially in the fourth-quarter (4Q/19), and up 3 bps year-on-year (YOY). The Top 4 (Chase [JPM],…