Strong Finish

Household Bank surpassed 21 million cards-in-force at year’s end, adding more than 600,000 accounts and increasing receivables 8% during the fourth quarter. The data are based on Bankcard Barometer/CardData’s ‘Fourth Quarter 1997 Portfolio Survey’, now underway.

           HOUSEHOLD’S FOURTH QUARTER 1997 STATS (12-31-97)
          RECV      Q-VOL     YTD-VOL   ACCTS     ACTVS     CIF
HH       $17.3b     $9.7b     $34.2b    16.0m     7.4     21.2m
     recv-receivables; vol-volume; accts-accounts; actvs-actives;
cif-cards-in-force; Source CardWeb, Inc.’s Bankcard Update/CardData



IDRC (International Data Response Corporation), a leading provider of outsourced Teleservices and Internet based solutions, is pleased to announce the formation of IDRC USA and the appointment of John D. Weil as its President & CEO.

![][1] Weil’s involvement with IDRC started in the Spring of 1996 when he became a member of the IDRC Board of Directors.  He comes to IDRC USA with considerable professional experience in senior management positions in manufacturing and direct marketing.  He has had several senior management and board level assignments with McCown De Leeuw & Co. (IDRC’s principal shareholder) portfolio companies.  Weil is currently in the process of transitioning from his role at AmeriComm Holdings, Inc. where he has served as Executive Chairman for the past two years.  He has also served as a Director of publicly-held FiberMark Corporation, a converter of specialty papers and fibers and Sage Enterprises, Inc., a food service distributor.

Prior to Weil’s involvement with McCown De Leeuw & Co., he served for 13 years as the President & CEO of American Envelope Company.  Prior to this, he served for 7 years as the President of Kent Paper Company, a subsidiary of Williamhouse-Regency, Inc.  His educational background includes a BS in Economics from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Northwestern University.

In his new role as President & CEO of IDRC USA, Weil will be responsible for all of IDRC’s operations within the United States, with the ultimate goal of building a world-class organization.

“I am looking forward to the challenges of my new position and to being a part of the IDRC team that I believe will ultimately lead this industry. As a Director since 1996, I have had the good fortune to get to know my management team in advance of my appointment, so I have been able to hit the ground running.”

In conjunction with Weil’s appointment, IDRC is now organized geographically into two operating units, consisting of IDRC USA, based in Scottsdale, AZ and IDRC International, based in Toronto, ON.  ProMark One Marketing Services, IntelliSell Corporation and Telnet Systems operate as integrated business units of IDRC USA, while S&P Data Corporation is the operating unit of IDRC International. Through the combined resources of these companies, IDRC is able to offer a wide spectrum of fully integrated services to clients throughout North America.  The IDRC network of companies currently has nearly 6,800 employees, and nearly 4,500 workstations in 31 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Based in San Diego, CA, IDRC specializes in providing inbound and outbound telephone and Internet based solutions that target businesses and consumers in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, and insurance, among others. IDRC uses customized, state of the art computer and telephone based technologies in its operations.  IDRC’s focus is to work with selected business partners, helping them and to maximize the lifetime value of their customers through the effective use of telephone and Internet-based support systems.  IDRC is dedicated to developing the combined potential of all of its operating companies by offering fully-integrated services to clients throughout North America. IDRC is a portfolio investment of Menlo Park, CA and New York, NY based McCown De Leeuw & Co., a private venture-banking firm, committed to building companies that make a difference in their respective industries. IDRC USA’s headquarters are located 7272 E. Indian School Road, Suite 350, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251.

[1]: /graphic/idrc/weil.gif


IVI Checkmate

Toronto-based International Verifact and Georgia-based Checkmate Electronics agreed to merge last Friday. The transaction is valued at $50 million. The combined entity will be called IVI Checkmate Corporation and will become the third largest firm in the electronic payment solutions industry. The company will also become North America’s number one firm providing check readers and multi- lane retail payment solutions. IVI Checkmate will have four operating subsidiaries including IVI Canada, IVI Checkmate U.S., National Transaction Network and IVI-Ingenico. L. Barry Thomson, current president/CEO of IVI will become president/CEO of IVI Checkmate Corp while Gregory A. Lewis, current president/COO of IVI will become president/COO of IVI Checkmate U.S.


Gemplus’ Transparent Readers

As they operate on-line connected to a computer or terminal, transparent smart card readers from Gemplus are providing a convenient and flexible link to secure network access or electronic payment programmes. They are also proving ideal for such applications as multi-media, GSM and home banking.

The range of transparent readers offered by Gemplus, the world’s leading producer of magnetic stripe cards and smart cards, includes external readers, integrated readers and integrated couplers.

One of the external readers, the GCM336, is a smart card ready modem which is suitable for user authentication, digital signature or payment. Operating at 33,600bps, the reader is also ideal for Internet use. It is reckoned to be the first single unit device to combine network access via modem with security control using a smart card reader/writer.

By offering an effective interface between a computer and a smart card, the GCM336 can control access to databases and corporate computer networks. With the use of a smart card access key, the unit is ideal for electronic commerce and home banking.

Other products in the range include the GCR400 universal smart card reader. Designed to offer maximum autonomy and ergonomic operation, this unit includes a separate power supply and is capable of reading, writing and deleting data. It is particularly suited to such applications as testing and electrical card personalisation. In addition, the GCR400 can be hooked up to a desktop workstation, either as a fixed unit or placed horizontally or vertically on the desk.

The GCR400-FD is a smart card reader designed for integration into a PC- compatible microcomputer. Ready for installation into a 3 ” floppy disk drive bay, the device includes a smart card reader based on the GCR400 and an extension card which is installed in the PC. The unit can also be installed in 5″ drive bays using an adapter.

Especially suited to logical access control applications, the GCR400-FD can be augmented with a plug-in format security module which upgrades application security and makes the unit ideal for use as a dedicated reader for this function.

Another reader in the Gemplus transparent range, the GCR410 is designed for use linked to a PC by RS232 serial connection. Powered on the keyboard port, this external reader is reckoned to combine low cost with high capacity while minimising time to market. It communicates with the PC at up to 38,800 bauds and is capable of reading from and writing to all ISO7816- 1/2/3 microprocessor smart cards.

For users of information systems equipped with a PCMCIA port, the GPR400 compact smart card reader/writer is a lightweight device which offers high performance.

The first smart card reader in PCMCIA type II format, the GPR400 can tackle such applications as computer security, information highways, healthcare, banking and telecommunications. When used for access control for local and wide area networks, for example, including the Internet, the GPR400 enables the operator to control access to databases and corporate computer networks. It can also be used for payment systems on the information highways.

Other features of the GPR400 include the ability to identify the computer user when he inserts his smart card. Also, with a smart card access key, the unit offers protection against unauthorised software copying by limiting the use of a software package to one person.

At the heart of the Gemplus transparent readers product line is the GCI400 mini- coupler. This modular, upgradeable device allows users to implement and manage the interface between smart cards and computers.

Essentially, the GCI400 is an all-purpose coupler which can be used for integration into payphones or in payment terminals for all payment or electronic purse applications. It can also be used as the central component in dedicated access control environments. As well as card management, the coupler is ideal for controlling hardware peripherals, display, keyboard, buzzer, data memory, program memory and so on.

Common to all Gemplus readers is the GemCore operating system, which is designed to ensure efficient use of memory and high levels of security and reliability. GemCore is a component kit for manufacturers of electronic hardware which enables the smart card function to be integrated into any type of electronic equipment. This could include keyboards, public payphones and vending machines, or portable devices such as phones or computers.

All Gemplus smart card readers in the range are compatible with international current electro-magnetic standards. In particular, they comply with PC/SC standards which ensure that smart cards, readers and computers made by different manufacturers can work together. They readers are also supplied with a development kit which includes all the tools needed, eg C drivers and documentation, to develop software applications.

Gemplus Group is the world’s leading producer of magnetic stripe cards and smart cards. Gemplus manufactures and sells memory cards, microprocessor cards (both contact and contactless), and magnetic stripe cards, as well as electronic tags. It also designs and markets software, terminals and systems and provides personalisation, consultancy and training services to offer its customers comprehensive solutions.

In 1996, Gemplus’ total sales were GBP 288 million. In 1997, the company boasts a production capacity of 900 million plastic and smart cards. Gemplus sells its products worldwide for such applications as public and cellular telephony, financial transactions, loyalty, transportation, education, healthcare, gaming, identity, access control, pay TV, security for computer networks and electronic commerce.

Information about Gemplus’ products and services can be found on the World Wide Web at [http//][1]

Gemplus will be exhibiting it’s range of readers at Smart Card 98, 17-19 February, Olympia 2, stand B4



VISA Biz Card Ed Program

Visa U.S.A. is ringing in the New Year by educating small business owners about the diverse Visa Business portfolio, including Time To Cash In!, the largest-ever national promotion for Visa Business cardholders.

The free program, launched on October 15, 1997 and running through October 14, 1998, joins Visa’s other successful small business programs – including Instant Visa Rewards and Visa Hotel Savings Program – to provide entrepreneurs with a complete range of benefits from traditional travel and entertainment merchants to suppliers used in the daily operations of a small business.

“With Time To Cash In!, we’ve looked past travel and entertainment purchases to create a program that delivers more of the products and services that small businesses seek. This should ultimately have a greater bottom-line impact for cardholders,” said Bruno Perreault, senior vice president, Commercial Card Products, Visa U.S.A.

Upon meeting minimum monthly purchase requirements with the designated national suppliers, cardholders who use their Visa Business card to pay for their purchases will receive cash back on a percentage of the total dollars they spend — in addition to any existing in-store sales or special offers. Quarterly cash rewards will be sent to cardholders in the form of a check.

National merchants participating in Time To Cash In! were selected based on their universal appeal to small business owners and include Alamo Rent-A-Car, Barnes & Noble, Insight – America’s Discount Source for Computers, Hardware and Software, Shell Oil Company and Sir Speedy. Visa Business cardholders can enroll free-of-charge in Time To Cash In! and can check the status of their award levels at any time by calling 1-800-520-VISA (8472).

Time To Cash In! joins Visa’s successful roster of programs, such as Instant Visa Rewards, which offers Visa Business cardholders immediate savings on services and resources designed for small business owners. By logging on to Visa’s web site at, Visa Business cardholders can receive exclusive discounts from merchants featured on the site, including 1-800-Flowers, Epson, Franklin Covey and Home Office Computing, among others.

Time To Cash In! and Instant Visa Rewards build on Visa’s long-standing Hotel Savings Program, which provides small business owners with access to savings of up to 60 percent at more than 11,000 hotels, motels and resorts in 146 countries. By calling Visa’s toll-free hotel discount information service, Visa Business cardholders receive information on properties that meet their specific location, budget and hotel preferences, the Visa Discount Code and a reservations number for the property.

Thanks to preferred rates negotiated by Visa, the Hotel Savings Program gives small business owners the travel advantages that large corporations typically enjoy. Visa Business cardholders can lower their travel expenditures free-of-charge by calling 1-800-VISA-616.

Visa offers a range of commercial card products for companies of all sizes. In addition to the Visa Business card, the company also offers the industry’s most widely-used purchasing card and the Visa Corporate card.

Visa is the preferred payment brand and the largest consumer payment system worldwide. It plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions, their cardholders, and the global economy.

Visa is the only consumer payment system to facilitate $1 trillion worth of purchases of goods and services in a fiscal year. Visa’s nearly 600 million cards are accepted at more than 14 million worldwide locations, including 380,000 ATMs in the Visa/PLUS global ATM Network. Visa’s small business Internet address is [][1]



Streamlined P-Card

Credit Card Solutions, Inc. (CCSi), a leading provider of innovative client/server software solutions, announced a new version of their award-winning software for management of purchasing cards, The P-Card Solution. The new version, entitled SI (for streamlined installation), is designed primarily for smaller organizations who don’t need the complex mapping and customization required by larger firms.

SI includes all the functionality of the standard version, such as: the On-Line Order Log; allocation to multiple line items and charge codes; loading of cost data directly into the general ledger; advanced supplier and cardholder management; accurate receiving and delivery of purchasing card shipments; and the ability to configure the application to conform with a company’s specific business rules.

Where SI differs is in the capability for customers to perform their own mapping and installation. By simplifying the process, the need for on-site installation by CCSi is not required, reducing the total price for the customer.

“The SI version allows those smaller customers who may not have a large IT budget to realize the benefits of The P-Card Solution,” says Jim Carroll, Director of Product Development at CCSi. “Just because an organization is relatively small doesn’t mean they don’t face the same reconciliation difficulties experienced by the large corporations. We’ve designed the SI version to enable these customers to affordably solve their purchasing card challenges.”

Pricing for SI starts at $6,995. As customer surveys confirm The P-Card Solution reduces purchasing card administrative costs by an average of 57%, the software will typically pay for itself in three months or less.

The P-Card Solution SI will be available for demonstration at the California Association of Public Purchasing Officials (CAPPO) conference in Glendale, CA, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 1998.

About The P-Card Solution

The P-Card Solution is a robust client/server software designed specifically for use with purchasing cards (VISA, MasterCard, or Amex). It functions in any LAN environment utilizing DB2, Oracle, Sybase, or Microsoft SQL Server databases (adaptable to other databases) and operates on both Windows and Macintosh personal computers. It integrates with all popular (and legacy) accounting software packages and E-mail systems. For more information about The P-Card Solution, contact CCSi at 509-943-7998, via E-mail at, or on the internet at .


DC Card Installs Falcon

HNC Software Inc. has reached an agreement with DC Card, a major bank-affiliated credit card issuer, to install Falcon, the world’s leading fraud detection solution.

Falcon is the flagship product of HNC’s line of real-time, transaction-based, predictive software solutions. It is currently under contract to monitor over 220 million payment card accounts and is generally credited with helping to slow the meteoric rise in bank card fraud losses of recent years. DC Card will apply Falcon to its portfolio of seven million cardholders.

“DC Card has a commitment to customer satisfaction and a customer base that does a great deal of traveling,” said Shozo Komori, director and general manager of Security at DC Card. “Our use of Falcon will enable us to guard their interests and ours by minimizing fraud loss in the least obtrusive way possible.”

DC Card selected Falcon over other systems based on its strong reference base worldwide. Other important selection criteria included Falcon’s real-time detection capability, the availability of the HNC Fraud Consortium, the Falcon Expert rules subsystem that links with Falcon to streamline fraud prevention operations, and the client/server architecture.

Robert North, president and chief executive officer of HNC Software, said “We are delighted to start the new year by adding an important client in the Japanese market. DC Card and its mother bank, The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, are world renowned, and HNC can be proud that Falcon meets their needs.”

With headquarters in San Diego, HNC Software (NasdaqHNCS) is a world leader in the development and delivery of predictive software solutions in client/server environments. HNC provides innovative predictive software systems in the financial services, retail, insurance information, and electronic commerce markets.

For more information, contact Patsy Campbell, director of marketing, HNC Software Inc., 5930 Cornerstone Court West, San Diego, Calif. 92121, 619/546-8877. For investor relations hotline, call 800/396-8052.


Triton Heads North

The largest U.S. manufacturer of nonbank cash-dispensing Automated Banking Machines, Triton Systems, Inc., has hired Brian J. Kett to head operations in Canada as the Director of Canadian Operations, announced Triton’s president Mr. Ernest Burdette.  Mr. Kett will work with several recently-appointed Canadian distributors to meet the growing demand for merchant-based ABMs in Canada, including Direct Cash ATM (Calgary, Alberta), Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. (St. Laurent, Quebec), Haliburton & White Group (Toronto, Ontario) and Starburst Coin Machines Inc. (Etobicoke, Ontario).

Canadian regulatory agencies have recently certified Triton Systems’ CAN 9600 Model ABMs for use in Canada and the first eight units were installed in nonbank locations last month, according to Mr. Kett.  “The Canadian population is demanding convenient, reliable access to cash and other dispensed items, just like our neighbors across the border,” he said.

Changes in Canadian regulations over the past year have opened the doors to nonbank merchant-based ABMs, which are currently seeing record sales in the U.S.  “We are setting the pace for the ABM industry in the United  States, and expect to do so in Canada too,” said Mr. Burdette.

Triton Systems, one of America’s fastest-growing privately-held companies, has installed 17,000 of its cash-dispensing ABMs in the U.S., where they are known as ATMs or Automated Teller Machines.  The low-cost machines are popular for a variety of retail locations, Mr. Burdette said, because they use dial-up telecommunications technology and can be fitted with an add-on peripheral for vended products such as gift certificates, money orders, phone cards, and various types of tickets (including ski lift tickets, concerts, theater performances, and special events).

Mr. Kett spent 18 years with Shell Canada Limited, most recently as Vice President of Finance, Administration and Information Services for their marketing subsidiaries, prior to his position with Triton.  In this role, he was responsible for the management of Canadian Turbo, PayLess Gas and Beaver Fuels, which are retail fuel and convenience food outlets with combined sales of $800 million/year.  “Brian Kett brings to Triton his extensive knowledge of the major players in Canada’s banking community, plus a deep understanding of the needs of retailers and consumers,” said Mr. Burdette.

Mr. Kett said the demand for ABMs in Canada has been growing at a rapid pace since regulations changed in mid-1997 to allow retailers to own and operate nonbank ABMs and to institute surcharges for their use.  “The phones have been ringing off the hook from retailers who want these machines,”  said Mr. Kett.

The first Canadian Triton units were installed in December 1997 at convenience stores and hotel lobbies in Alberta, British Columbia, and Atlantic Canada, Mr. Kett added.

The Triton CAN 9600 series machines have been certified for use in Canada and carry a certificate of safety compliance from the Canadian Standards Association.  The units incorporate appropriate security modifications for compliance with the SCD (shared cash device) acquire provisions of Interac, a network primarily owned by five major banks.

“Retailers and financial institutions are excited because Triton ABMs offer a lot more functionality than just cash dispensing; they are essentially an electronic kiosk,” Mr. Kett noted.  “Triton is giving Canadian merchants and bankers an opportunity to participate in the growing revenue stream associated with ABMs, and is giving Canadian consumers quick access to cash and a variety of vended products at more convenient locations.”

About Triton Systems

Triton Systems is the United States’ leading manufacturer of cash- dispensing ABMs for nonbank, off-premise locations, the fastest growing segment of the ABM market.  As one of the “Big Three” manufacturers of ABMs and ABM management software, Triton Systems was named the 30th fastest growing company in the U.S. by Inc.  Magazine in its October 1997 “Inc. 500” ranking of privately-held companies.

Triton’s product line includes the 9600 series cash-dispensing ABMs, Triton Connect Software Package for accessing and controlling ABMs from a centralized location, ATMjr Demonstrators and Card Activation System for financial institutions, miniATM Scrip Terminal and the new VendMate(TM) sidecar, which dispenses vending items such as tickets, certificates, and phone cards.

Triton ABMs are in use in 17,000 locations in the U.S., with recent expansion into Mexico as well as Canada.  The company is headquartered in Long Beach, Mississippi.  For more information, visit the Triton Systems website at or contact Mary Edith Dressel,, 800-367-7191 or Brian Kett at 403-239-3101.



The Global Chipcard Alliance (GCA) today announced that it has added another principal member to its growing roster of global smart card industry leaders.  ORGA, the Smart Cart Integrator, is the GCA’s 18th member, joining other smart card leaders from multiple industries to create an open infrastructure for chipcards and to create global interoperability for multiple application smart cards.

“Our growing membership continues to demonstrate the support for the GCA’s efforts to achieve worldwide smart card interoperability,” said David Anastasi, president and a member of the board of the GCA as well as vice president and general manager at U S WEST Public Services.  “The Global Chipcard Alliance is working to provide consumers a worldwide, cross industry smart card network as well as an easy way to identify the devices where those cards will be accepted, serviced and protected.  The GCA wants to ensure that a customer’s needs are met whether he/she is just around the block or in another part of the world.  ORGA’s industry experience and commitment adds great value to the already significant list of GCA members and their accomplishments,” Anastasi emphasized.

Jurgen Kempe, Group Sales & Marketing Director, stated, “Our involvement in a decision making role with the GCA confirms ORGA’s status as the leading global mobile communications smart card company.  We have been involved in the majority of the smart card and systems initiatives for over 15 years,” said Kempe.  “ORGA celebrates its 25th anniversary next year and looks forward to developing further innovative product platforms with its fellow partners in the GCA.”

ORGA, one of the founders of the smart card industry, is at the forefront of the diverse and rapidly expanding smart card market.  They have a long history of developing some of the first multiple application schemes via a single card.  The company’s products include smart cards, card readers, personalization systems, application development services and kits, consultancy and associated services.

For further information browse ORGA’s Web site at .

The Global Chipcard Alliance was established in 1996 and is now 18 member companies strong.  The GCA’s mission is to create an environment which accelerates the development of multi-functional smart/chip technology and related applications through business alliances that have a commitment to 1) worldwide open interoperable networks, 2) public advocacy, 3) endorsing of standards and specifications, and 4) promoting communications-enabled applications and solutions.  For more information on the Global Chipcard Alliance visit their Website at .


ScanMaster/PayMaster EFT Certified

NCR Corporation, a market leader in retail store automation systems, and Plourde Computer Services, Inc., a leading supplier of electronic payment system software, announced today that NCR’s ScanMaster point-of-sale software, with Plourde’s PaymentMasterNT 1.5 software, is certified with BUYPASS Corporation’s transaction processing switch for electronic funds transfer (EFT).

The BUYPASS certification is the second EFT certification NCR ScanMaster and Plourde PaymentMasterNT have received together – providing retailers with a comprehensive set of EFT interfaces to communicate with a greater number of credit, debit and electronic benefits transfer networks.

“The greater the number of EFT interfaces with which NCR and Plourde can provide retailers, the more payment options retailers can offer the consumer for better customer service,” stated Dan Bogan, NCR’s vice president of marketing. “Together, NCR and Plourde provide a total front-end to back- office electronic payment solution for retailers.”

The BUYPASS certification confirms that ScanMaster and PaymentMasterNT successfully communicate accurate financial information between the point- of- sale terminal and the BUYPASS transaction processing switch.

“We are pleased to have certified these products,” stated Scott Plumbee, BUYPASS’s senior vice president for supermarket/major retailers. “By certifying with BUYPASS, NCR and Plourde are positioned to offer retailers reliable access to all major payment options.”

NCR ScanMaster and Plourde’s PaymentMasterNT are currently certified by Store Transaction Systems’ transaction processing switches for EFT.

“The partnership between Plourde and NCR represents a committed effort by both companies to provide retailers with the greatest flexibility to access major credit, debit and electronic benefits transfer networks around the country,” stated R. Lee Paulson, Plourde’s president and chief executive officer.

About BUYPASS Corporation

BUYPASS Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a major third- party POS processor and debit transaction acquirer with annual transaction volume of over 1 billion. BUYPASS provides processing for 50 of the top 200 grocery store chains in the United States. One out of every ten debit POS transactions performed in the United States is processed by BUYPASS. BUYPASS also has electronic benefits transfer (EBT) programs in 25 states and provides gateway access to over 46 credit, debit and EBT gateways. Electronic Payment Services, Inc., headquarted in Wilmington, DE, is the holding company for BUYPASS and MONEY ACCESS SERVICE INC., operator of the MAC ATM network.

About Plourde

Plourde Computer Services Inc., headquartered in Dublin, Calif., specializes in software development services for the retail industry, with an emphasis on providing in-store electronic payment systems software that facilitates electronic tendering between point-of-sale systems and financial networks. Plourde currently provides EFT software to more than 5,000 U.S. grocery supermarkets and is actively expanding its presence in chain drug and general merchandise stores.

About NCR

NCR (NYSENCR) is the leader in delivering commercial open computer systems for transaction processing and decision-support solutions to customers in all industries. The company, with headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, has 38,000 employees in more than 120 countries. NCR solutions help improve businesses by turning customer information into results, protecting existing information technology investments, reducing risks and ensuring success. More information about NCR can be found at

NCR’s Retail Systems Group, headquartered in the greater Atlanta, Ga. area, is a leading provider of store automation and data warehousing solutions to retailers worldwide.

NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation. All brands and product names appearing in this release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.


More 4Q Numbers

Like a steady ship Wachovia keeps piling it on as card receivables grew 11% in the fourth quarter. Star performer People’s Bank increased actives by more 500,000 accounts during the fourth quarter. After spinning off its Bell Atlantic portfolio, First Omni remains a significant player with nearly 700,000 accounts. United Missouri experienced a 13% jump in card volume for the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter. Rock solid Zion’s added nearly 9,000 accounts during the fourth quarter to top $120 million in receivables at year’s end.

               4Q 1997 STATS  (EOP 12-31-97)
          RECV      Q-VOL     YTD-VOL   ACCTS     ACTVS     CIF
WACHOVIA  $6.0b     $2.3b      $7.9b    4.0m      2.2m      5.6m
PEOPLE’S  $3.2b     $1.5b      $5.3b    2.3m      1.9m      2.9m
FRST OMNI $587m     $194m     $2.0b     690k      241k      696k
UMB       $153m     $ 99m     $355m     238k      142k      299k
ZIONS     $121m     $ 38m     $332m     185k       93k      178k
     recv-receivables; vol-volume; accts-accounts; actvs-actives;
     b-billions; m-millions; k-thousands
     Source CardWeb, Inc.’s Bankcard Update/CardData