NetGrocer Certified by Excite

NetGrocer Inc., the first nationwide interactive grocery store on the World Wide Web (, today announced it has qualified for Excite’s Certified Merchant Program and will participate in the newly launched, comprehensive electronic commerce initiative and the Excite Shopping Channel. NetGrocer is one of the first companies and the only online grocery shopping service to qualify for Excite’s Certified Merchant Program at launch. The program offers shoppers access to a group of online vendors recognized for implementing the highest levels of security, reliability and customer service. Transactions with Certified Merchants are backed by an Excite guarantee against credit card fraud.

The Excite Shopping Channel offers a safe and convenient online shopping location for purchasing and obtaining information on goods and services. It features the most complete Certified Merchant Program on the Web requiring vendors such as NetGrocer to provide secure transaction technology, while adhering to strict customer service standards in email verification, order processing, customer support and stock inquiry response. The service also provides an Internet first — the Excite Safe Shopping Guarantee — through which a user is reimbursed for any credit card fraud liability not covered by the issuing company (within the card’s legal limits) should fraudulent use occur from a transaction with an Excite Certified Merchant.

“The greatest issue facing the future of e-commerce is security and how it relates to consumer confidence,” said Daniel Nissan, NetGrocer president and CEO. “Since NetGrocer’s inception we have felt it essential that our superior pricing and convenience be matched by attention to security and trust. Excite has recognized our commitment to security, qualifying us to be part of a pioneering effort which delivers the absolute assurance consumers need in order for online shopping to live up to its full potential.”

“The Excite Certified Merchant Program recognizes merchant sites offering the highest levels of security, reliability and customer service online, and we are pleased to recognize NetGrocer as an Excite Certified Merchant,” said David Williams, Excite senior producer of Electronic Commerce.

NetGrocer enables shoppers throughout the United States to purchase non- perishable groceries online at or below retail supermarket prices and have them delivered to homes and offices within 2 – 4 days using FedEx(R) delivery services. Competitively priced brand name products are offered, along with an assortment of value brand items often 30 to 60 percent lower than national brands. NetGrocer offers an extremely affordable shipping rate, starting at $2.99 for the first 10 pounds and 99 cents for each additional 10 pounds. It is the first online grocery shopping service to cover cities, towns and rural areas nationwide and charges no membership fees.

NetGrocer, Inc.

Founded in 1995, NetGrocer is the first nationwide provider of low-cost interactive grocery shopping services, shipping low-priced groceries and other dry goods directly to homes and offices using affordable direct shipping. The company is privately held and maintains corporate offices in New York, N.Y. For more information, visit NetGrocer’s Web site at or call 212-980-4770.


Wachovia Promotes Card Head

Beverly Wells was named head of Wachovia Corp.’s Consumer Credit Division Monday. Charles Hegarty will succeed her as head of Wachovia Bank Card Services. Ms. Wells will assume overall responsibility for Wachovia’s credit card, sales finance, mortgage banking and emerging businesses groups. At mid-year Wachovia held $5,369,354,698 in receivables with a total of 3,987,340 gross accounts, according to CardData.


CyberCash-Microsoft Online Commerce

CyberCash, Inc., (Nasdaq: CYCH) the leading enabler of secure financial transactions on the Internet, and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) today announced the availability of two new CyberCash payment components for the Microsoft Wallet and Microsoft Commerce Server. These new components offer consumers and merchants extended flexibility and greater security for online commerce. A new version of the CyberCash CashRegister integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Commerce Server, version 2.0, and enables merchants to accept credit card payments over the Internet. Also a Microsoft Wallet Adapter Kit for the CyberCash CashRegister allows CyberCash merchants to accept credit card payments from the Microsoft Wallet, even if they do not use the Microsoft Commerce Server. Merchants may download these components for free from CyberCash’s Web site at

![][1] The Microsoft Commerce Server and Microsoft Wallet are part of Microsoft’s enhanced Internet commerce strategy. They are designed to help companies and developers of commerce solutions reduce the cost and development time required to create and manage business-to-consumer and business-to-business Internet commerce sites. By introducing a series of payment services for the Microsoft Wallet and Commerce Server, CyberCash adds its leading payment services to the offerings of a trusted brand in commerce-enabling software. The CyberCash-Microsoft relationship brings to market, integrated solutions that simplify electronic commerce for all parties involved. As part of their commitment to facilitating Internet commerce, the two companies will continue their joint efforts to develop and support the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol. The SET protocol is expected to increase financial transactions on the Internet by tightening security and ensuring interoperability.

“We created the Microsoft Wallet and Commerce Server with an open payment architecture to give consumers freedom of choice in how they pay for goods and services online. Working with CyberCash, soon we will be able to offer consumers, merchants and financial institutions a complete Internet commerce solution, including innovative payment services like micropayments and electronic checks,” said Anthony Bay, vice president, general marketing, Microsoft. “We’ve chosen CyberCash as a premier partner in the payments area because, among other reasons, they’re the only vendor offering a complete suite of services.”

“CyberCash’s services are a perfect complement to Microsoft’s Internet commerce strategy,” said Denis Yaro, executive vice president, products and operations, CyberCash. “Microsoft’s open architecture makes it possible for the leader in software to work seamlessly with the leader in payment services, together taking a giant step towards the promotion of widespread Internet commerce.”

“CyberCash’s achievements in deploying electronic payment systems complement Microsoft’s vision for the industry. CyberCash is unique among our payment partners,” said Rich Tong, vice president, marketing, Internet services, Microsoft, “because they provide the broadest set of popular payment types. Now, Microsoft’s solutions will incorporate into a wider array of Internet commerce applications.

“Microsoft is building a very impressive solution for Internet merchants that we think will really spur more innovative shopping experiences and ultimately more electronic commerce,” said Scott Eisenberg, product manager, CyberCash. “CyberCash is committed to being the leading payments partner for the Microsoft solution.”

CyberCash CashRegister for Microsoft Commerce Server, V2.1.2

The latest version of the CyberCash CashRegister allows merchants to establish storefronts that seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft Commerce Server, enabling the merchant to offer CyberCash’s advanced payment options, including credit cards and the innovative CyberCoin(R) service. The product includes all the benefits of the standard CyberCash CashRegister including access to all of CyberCash’s processors — First Data Corporation, Vital, MAPP, First USA Paymentech, Novus, NDC, Wells Fargo and Sligos. The product also comes with storefront integration in a point-and-click installation package, integrating in minutes using Installshield and the visual Pipeline Editor.

Microsoft Wallet Adapter Kit for the CyberCash CashRegister, V2.1.2

This adapter kit allows CyberCash-enabled merchants who do not use the Microsoft Commerce Server to accept credit card and CyberCoin(R) payments from the Microsoft Wallet. To date, more than 1,200 merchants use CyberCash technology for their financial transactions, and with the Microsoft Wallet Adapter Kit, they will also be able to accept the Microsoft Wallet.

About CyberCash

CyberCash, Inc., of Reston, Virginia, founded in August 1994, is technology-driven company that provides software and services to enable secure financial transactions on the Internet around the world. CyberCash works with virtually all financial processing institutions, and is currently working with VISA and MasterCard to implement the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol for online credit card transactions. The company offers a complete suite of Internet payment solutions including the company’s initial service, which handles payments using major credit cards; the company’s innovative micropayment service that enables cash transactions; and PayNow(TM) Secure Electronic Check Service which allows consumer-to-business and business-to-business funds transfer via checking accounts. The company is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol CYCH.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

[1]: /graphic/microsoft/microsoft.gif


Merchant Services Picks DataCard Products

DataCard Corporation announced today that Merchant Services International (MSI), a leading independent sales organization (ISO) headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., will begin marketing the DataCard Jigsaw modular POS system and the DataCard SilentPartner receipt printer.

The Jigsaw platform can be configured as a transaction terminal or PIN pad. It offers both magnetic stripe and smart card capabilities in one, low-cost platform. SilentPartner is one of the fastest, quietest and most compact receipt printers on the market.

“Jigsaw and SilentPartner provide everything our merchants want in a POS solution,” said Fred Armstrong, president of MSI. “They’re fast, quiet, compact and extremely easy to use. Plus, they offer excellent value at an affordable price.”

Armstrong said Jigsaw and SilentPartner provide his organization with a strong point of difference when competing for new merchants.

“Competitive rates are only part of the package. Merchants also want new solutions that help them process transactions faster and create a more pleasant environment for their customers,” Armstrong said. “Jigsaw and SilentPartner deliver on both accounts.”

Merchants also like the Jigsaw terminal because it provides them with cost-effective smart card capabilities, according to Armstrong.

“When merchants see a Jigsaw demonstration, they realize they can acquire smart card capabilities for the same price as a magstripe-only terminal,” Armstrong said. “They like that dual capability, because they know smart cards are just around the corner. Jigsaw allows them to prepare for smart cards without spending any extra money.”

Armstrong also said merchants like Jigsaw’s design, which recently won the prestigious Essen Red Dot Design Innovation Award.

“Most terminals look the same_they’re boxes,” Armstrong said. “But Jigsaw is an attractive, well-designed platform. It’s simply more aesthetically pleasing than most other POS devices.”

John Mamalakis, senior vice president for DataCard’s financial systems business unit, said the agreement with MSI holds tremendous potential for both companies.

“MSI is one of many new customers who have switched to DataCard POS solutions,” Mamalakis said. “We believe they’ll be extremely successful with the Jigsaw platform and the SilentPartner printer.”

DataCard Corporation, a privately held company based in Minneapolis, Minn., is a world leader in innovative plastic card solutions. The company offers a spectrum of card-related products and services, including transaction terminals, card personalization systems, systems integration services, digital photo ID systems and badging services. [(][1]



Contactless VISA Cash

The world’s first combined ‘swipe-free’ commuter-cash smartcard will be issued by Visa Spain, and is based on a unique new microcontroller developed by Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector. The commuter card will act as a combined travel pass and electronic purse, and can be read both by insertion into card readers and in ‘swipe-free’ contactless mode via sensors at ticket barriers. The new card will be launched by the Madrid Transport Consortium and will replace existing throw-away paper tickets with reloadable smartcards. Initial trials will begin by year’s end..


New Post Office Terminals

PenWare and IBM said Monday they are teaming up to provide thousands of U.S. Post Offices and U.S. Postal Service Stores with PenWare3000 Interactive Transaction Terminals. The terminals will capture customers’ signatures electronically display advertisements, conduct customers surveys, and accept ATM/debit cards and credit cards – all with a single device. The terminals feature backlit, pressure-sensitive screens. The PenWare terminals are part of a new, automated system called POS ONE that IBM has developed for the U.S. Postal Service.


Chase Goes Platinum

Chase has joined the Platinum card war to compete with MBNA, First USA, Banc One and Citibank. The Chase Platinum Visa and MasterCard features credit lines up to $100,000, automatic enrollment in ‘Chase’s Flight Rewards’ program and $1 million in travel accident insurance. Chase Platinum has no annual fee, and an introductory fixed rated of 5.9% for nine months on purchases and balance transfers. After the intro period the rate for relationship customers is prime +6.4% for balances under $2500 or prime + 4.4% for balances over $2500. Other cardholders will pay prime + 7.4% and prime + 5.4%, respectively.


AmEx Student Loan Program

American Express and Chela Financial USA today announced the launch of one of the most affordable private student loans available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Marketed by American Express(R) Educational Loans, funded by Chela Financial USA, and guaranteed by The Education Resources Institute (TERI), the loan complements American Express’ federally guaranteed loan products.

The low interest-rate loan is available to students attending accredited 4-year colleges and graduate schools and is designed to meet students’ individual financial circumstances. Flexible loan features include:

Low variable interest rate currently at 8.75 percent, adjusted quarterly Lower guarantee fee for undergraduate students who make in-school interest payments Lower guarantee fee for graduate students applying with a co-borrower; may also apply without a co-borrower In-school and residency deferment options Repayment terms for up to 25 years

“The American Express/Chela Financial private loan makes education more accessible,” said Mark K. Webb, Vice President and General Manager of American Express Educational Financing. “This loan is a great option for students who need to supplement their federal loans.”

In the 1995-96 academic year, nearly $30 billion was borrowed under various federally guaranteed education loan programs, according to a report published last year by The College Board. It is estimated that a further $1.3 billion was borrowed through private loan sources. The growing need for flexible alternatives to the traditional sources of funds spurred the development of this private loan product.

“We are excited to work with American Express,” said Carol L. Coffman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Chela Financial. “This partnership gives us the opportunity to combine American Express’ world-class customer service with Chela Financial’s experience of nearly 20 years in education finance to create a product that offers students a choice.”

The American Express/Chela Financial private loan is credit-based and school-certified. Financial Aid Administrators who want more information on offering this product through their schools should contact their American Express Regional Academic Representative or call 800/987-7770.

Founded in 1850, American Express Company is a diversified, world-wide travel and financial services company. It is a leader in charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques, travel, financial planning, investment products, insurance, international banking and educational lending. To learn more about American Express’ education loan products and services, visit their Web site at [ .][1]

Chela Financial USA, Inc., a San Francisco-based non-profit corporation with over $1.3 billion in assets, was created specifically to offer financial access and assistance to students pursing a higher education. Since its inception, Chela Financial has made more than $2.0 billion in financing available to parent and student borrowers. Visit Chela Financial’s Web site at for more information.



GERS to Showoff Stuff

On Sept. 10-12, 1997 GERS Retail Systems’ Consumer Electronics and Wireless Division will present their latest product enhancements for their open systems computer solutions software at PCS `97 in booth #28007 at the Dallas Convention Center.

The newest features include Serial Number Tracking, Credit Authorization, Automated Purchase Order Generation/Replenishment, Written Business Query, On-Screen Cash Drawer Balancing, Cellular Phone Customer Lookup, and Off-line Polling POS. These systems features greatly assist wireless, computer, mobile electronics and other retailers with the entire automation process.

Following is a description of each of the new GERS product enhancements.

Serial Number Tracking. This enhancement enables vastly improved handling of cellular telephone inventory and sales processing by providing for scanning and tracking of items by individual electronic serial numbers. Benefits include pin-point accuracy in managing cellular mobile telephone directory, improved ease of use, and efficiency in distribution operations involving cellular telephones.

Credit Authorization. This feature provides real-time, online communications with a credit card authorization service for authorization and settlement. Benefits include improved customer service, presents a state-of-the-art image to retail consumers, faster processing of credit card sales, and faster receipt of funding of credit card sales.

Automated Purchase Order Generation/Replenishment. This enhancement creates purchase orders quickly and efficiently by processing and presenting the recommended order quantity to an editable screen form prior to initializing the purchase order generation process. Benefits include facilitating better customer service through improved delivery time for custom orders, reduces data entry, and reduces data entry errors.

On-Screen Cash Drawer Balancing. This enhancement provides an online close-out screen, used by cashiers to capture beginning cash drawer status such as cash, checks, bank cards, and over/shorts. The amounts are then posted to the general ledger. Benefits include tighter cash management, reduction in the work required to balance each cash drawer, and detailed reporting for researching discrepancies.

Written Business Query. This enhancement offers accurate up-to-the-minute sales figure reporting to be viewed throughout the day. An option to show the ranking of the salespeople by store or store group, sales dollars, gross margin dollars, gross margin percent, warranty volume, or warranty percentage will be available optionally. This screen also provides an option for printing information. Benefits include less research time and more up-to-date information.

Cellular Phone Customer Lookup. This enhancement enables you to find a customer by their cellular phone number.

Off-line Polling POS. The Off-line Polling POS system allows for retail sales functionality at the store without the cost of a dedicated phone line.

Other enhancements include major modifications to the Tiered Cellular Activation Report, enabled UPC Code entry in many inventory movement screens, interface to the Windows-based POS system, and remote store Inventory/Receiving scanning enhancements.

GERS vice president Dennis Conforto commented: “GERS is excited to bring this new technology to the growing Consumer Electronics and Wireless Industry. We are confident that retailers will be astonished by the benefits that these enhancements will do for the productivity and performance of their company.”

GERS Retail Systems provides fully integrated, open systems computer solutions — software, hardware, and comprehensive training — for the general/specialty, big ticket home furnishings, consumer electronics, wireless, and major appliance retail industries.


Gemplus Exec to Head Java Forum

Gemplus’ Michel Roux, General Manager of the company’s Multimedia Business Division, has been named Head of the Java Card Forum’s Business Committee.

The Java Card Forum is a users group started by Gemplus and Schlumberger in February 1997 to promote the Java Card API as an industry standard platform for smart cards, and to allow the exchange of technical information between participants.

Mr Roux’s responsibilities will include managing the Strategic Partners Program, overseeing the development of marketing requirements for input to the technical committee, and establishing and maintaining a strong communications link between the vertical segments in the market and the Forum.

Gemplus has been integrating open standards into smart cards for information systems since 1993 when it released its first card with an interpreter and query language.

Gemplus is the worlds’ leading producer of magnetic stripe and smart cards. It manufactures and sells memory cards, microprocessor cards (both contact and contactless), magnetic stripe cards, as well as electronic tags… It also designs and markets software, terminals and systems; and provides personalisation, consultancy and training services to offer its customers comprehensive solutions.

In 1996, Gemplus’ total sales were $440 million (equivalent to GBP 284 million on 2 September 1997). By the end of 1997, the company will have a production capacity of 900 million plastic and smart cards.

Gemplus sells its products worldwide for such applications as public and cellular telephony, financial transactions, loyalty, transportation, education, healthcare, gaming, identity, access control, pay TV, security for computer networks and electronic commerce. Information about Gemplus’ products and services can be found on the World Wide Web at: [][1]