First-Quarter Charge-offs

First-Quarter Losses for Top 4 Card Issuers Marching Towards 4%

First-quarter charge-offs among the Top 4 U.S. bank credit card Issuers are on a path to top 4.00% within the next 12 to 15 months. Charge-offs among the major domestic credit card issuers rose sharply as loan loss reserves build. Credit card charge-offs among the nation’s Top 4 credit card issuers rose 34 bps (basis…


Citibank Retail Cards Gather More Steam in the First-Quarter

Citibank retail cards for North America posted its strongest first-quarter in more than five years as outstandings and purchase dollar volume rose sharply, coupled with a very high yield and moderate delinquency. Citibank’s retail credit card portfolio includes ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Shell, Staples, Best Buy, Home Depot and many others. Citi’s average yield for its North…

First-Quarter Credit Card Yields

First-Quarter Credit Card Yield Surges to Record 12.22%

First-quarter credit card yield set records for all the largest U.S issuers with Citibank’s yield skyrocketing 145 bps (basis points) over the past twelve months. Average credit card yield, among the nations’s Big 6 bank card issuers, rose by 16 bps sequentially to 12.22% and up 56 bps year-on-year (YOY) for the first-quarter (1Q/19), compared…

International Card GDV

International Card GDV +9% FX YOY Driven by Debit & MA

International card GDV (gross dollar volume) for Visa [V] and Mastercard [MA] payment cards (credit+debit+charge+prepaid) rose 8.7% YOY (year-on-year) on a currency adjusted basis (FX) for the first-quarter (1Q/19). On a nominal basis (not currency adjusted) international payment cards GDV decreased 0.4% YOY. Visa and Mastercard reported US$2732 billion in international payment card GDV for…

First-Quarter Credit Card PDV

First-Quarter Credit Card PDV for Top 4 Slows 7% YOY & 11% CAGR

First-quarter credit card PDV (purchase dollar volume) for the Top 4 U.S. issuers edged down to 7.5% year-on-year (YOY), compared to 12.5% YOY for the year ago quarter (1Q/18). The four-year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) currently sets at 12.13%, however excluding the shift of American Express cobranded cards to Citibank in 2016, the CAGR…

First-Quarter Card Marketshare

First-Quarter Card Marketshare Solid Among Major 4 in U.S.

First-quarter card marketshare, including credit, debit, charge and prepaid card products, among the Major 4 networks shows Mastercard picking up 10 basis points (bps) over the past twelve months at the expense of Visa, in the U.S. market. Based on gross dollar volume (GDV) Visa’s U.S. marketshare peaked in 2017 at 61.2%, when Mastercard held…

Switched Processed Transactions Globally

Switched Processed Transactions Globally +12.5% YOY & 16% CAGR

Switched processed transactions (TX) in the first-quarter (1Q/19), for Visa and Mastercard combined, globally, remains in double-digits year-on-year (YOY), hovering above a 12% growth rate for five consecutive quarters. MasterCard posted a 410 basis points (bps) spread over Visa in 1Q/19 for global processed switched transactions. Combined Visa and MasterCard processed 51,749 million transactions in…


First-Quarter Credit Cards Increased 5% YOY Growing 3% CAGR in U.S.

First-quarter credit cards in the U.S. market will likely top 700 million in 2019. Mastercard is leading the charge growing credit/charge cards at least twice as much as the other three. U.S. credit/charge cards-in-force (CIF) in the first-quarter (1Q/18) for the Major 4 (Visa [V], MasterCard [MA], American Express [AXP] and Discover [DFS]) was up…

First-Quarter U.S. Card PDV

First-Quarter U.S. Card PDV Rises 8% YOY & Running 10% CAGR

First-quarter U.S. card PDV (purchase dollar volume) for the U.S. market rose 8.1% year-on-year (YOY) for the Major 4 U.S.-based networks. The Major 4 U.S. payment card networks: Visa [V]; Mastercard [MA]; American Express [AXP]; and Discover (DFS) collectively posted $1544.5 billion in 1Q/19 U.S. payment card PDV, compared to a revised $1623.1 billion for…

U.S, Credit Card Accounts

First-Quarter Credit Card Accounts + 6% YOY & 3.89% CAGR

First-quarter credit card accounts in the U.S. market posted a strong 6.1% year-on-year (YOY) gain topping 550 million. The growth rate is the highest in more than five years, and comes on the heels of sluggish growth in the prior year. Currently, the U.S. general purpose credit card market is growing at a five-year compound…

First-Quarter Global PDV

First-Quarter Global Purchases Up 9% FX & 12% CAGR

First-quarter global purchases for the Major 4 U.S.-based payment networks payments cards (credit + charge + debit + prepaid) increased 9.4% year-on-year (YOY) on a currency adjusted basis (FX). On a nominal dollars basis (NFX) for the first-quarter (1Q/19), global payment card purchase dollar volume (PDV), rose 4.4% YOY. The Major 4 U.S.-based global networks:…

First-Quarter Global CIF

First-Quarter Global Cards +7% YOY +9% CAGR Major 4 Networks

First-quarter global cards among the Major 4 U.S. payment networks expanded by 369 million credit and debit cards-in-force (CIF) over the past twelve months. The Major 4 (Visa [V], Mastercard [MA], American Express [AXP], Discover/Diners [DFS]), global payment cards grew 7.0% year-on-year (YOY) in the first-quarter (1Q/19). First-Quarter Global CIF Growth The compound annual growth…