“V+M International Payment Card Quarterly Gross (Open) Accounts” is based on reports from Visa, Mastercard. Figures shown represent the most recent quarter, publicly reported, and all revisions to prior reported data. If applicable, the report includes the most recent calculations and analysis prepared by RAM Research. Historical data up to 10 years is displayed and/or available to all CardData clients. However, prior monthly, quarterly and annual data, as far back as 1986, may be available upon request for an additional fee.


  • Visa + Mastercard International Payment Card GAC

  • Visa + Mastercard International Credit Card GAC

  • Visa + Mastercard International Debit Card GAC

  • Visa Asia-Pacific Payment Card GAC

  • Visa Canada Payment Card GAC

  • Visa Europe Payment Card GAC

  • Visa Central Europe Middle East Africa (CEMEA) Payment Card GAC

  • Visa Latin America Caribbean (LAC) Payment Card GAC

  • MasterCard Asia Pacific Middle East Africa (APMEA) Payment Card GAC

  • Mastercard Canada Payment Card GAC

  • MasterCard Europe Payment Card GAC

  • Mastercard Latin America Caribbean (LAC) Payment Card GAC


  • GDV: Gross Dollar Volume (US$)

  • PDV: Purchase Dollar Volume (US$)

  • CDV: Cash Dollar Volume (US$)

  • GTX: Gross Transactions Volume

  • PTX: Purchase Transactions Volume

  • CTX: Cash Transactions Volume

  • GAC: Gross (Open) Accounts

  • CIF: Cards-in-Force

  • YOY: Year-on-Year (%)

  • FX: Foreign Currency Adjusted

  • NFX: Not Foreign Currency Adjusted

  • SA: Seasonally Adjusted

  • NSA: Not Seasonally Adjusted

  • US$ (U.S. Dollars)

  • bps: Basis Points

  • VS: Visa

  • MC: Mastercard

  • AX: American Express

  • DS: Discover

  • CHSE: Chase

  • BOFA: Bank of America

  • COF: Capital One

  • CITI: Citibank

  • WF: Wells Fargo

  • USB: U.S. Bank

  • NA: Not Applicable

  • NM: Not Meaningful

  • NR: Not Reported

  • e: Estimated


CardData, a data collection service of, has been tracking the payment card business on a monthly, quarterly and annually basis for more than 30 years. (CardData was preceded by RAM Research’s Bankcard Update and Bankcard Barometer.)

CardData statistical coverage includes the largest U.S.-based global payments networks, largest U.S. issuers, most significant payments-related companies, and general consumer-related payment metrics.

CardData is the source data of payment reports regularly published in CardFlash, a daily news service of

CardData features peer group data analysis prepared exclusively by RAM Research, a private consulting firm providing intelligence, surveillance, among other proprietary research services, to the payments business worldwide.

CardData and RAM Research have provided data and analysis exhibits for more than 70 litigation cases including two multi-billion-dollar antitrust trials: Visa vs Discover and U.S. DOJ vs Visa & Mastercard. Additionally, data and analysis has been furnished to the U.S. GAO, Federal Reserve, BEA and dozens of State and Federal legislators.

CardData is available per report, annual individual subscription, annual group subscription and enterprise license. (CardData partners and RAM Research clients receive complimentary CardData access.)